The complete opposite to yesterday

It was a pretty damn good day for a Wednesday, and perhaps the complete opposite to yesterday! πŸ‘

Trading: I was totally in sync with the market. I missed a few entries, but even then, I didn’t dwell on missing out, I actually just moved on. I followed my plan consistently probably for the first time ever. If only every day was like today!

Dancing: We worked on Waltz and Quickstep in our lesson today. Even our teacher agrees that our Quickstep is atrocious πŸ˜‚ Although he would never actually say that, it wouldn’t be very professional! But we can read between the lines… πŸ˜‰

And then we spent two hours afterwards practising mainly Quickstep and Jive, my two “favourite” dances 😩 I asked for a Jive song that I liked, and so we had Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off on repeat 🀣 It makes such a difference for me when I like the song. It’s like the song gives me energy, and it makes it that much more enjoyable to dance.

Mum’s birthday: Unfortunately I couldn’t get through to her today when I tried to ring her, but apparently they went out tonight to celebrate her birthday, which I thought was really nice. I’m glad that they went out and did something nice for her birthday πŸŽ‚

Chinese: A friend replied back to something I asked her on Facebook – in Chinese. I thought it would take me forever to read it, but when I actually focussed and gave it a go, I was pleasantly surprised that I could make out what she was saying, even though I didn’t know each and every word in her message. My basics are getting strong enough that I can start to get a feel for the meaning of new words now! Plus I could read about 90% of the characters! 😲 I was very surprised. Some stuff is apparently seeping into the grey matter, after all πŸ˜‚

Time out: And we finished off the day with another episode of Game of Thrones. Halfway through season two now.

It was an awesome day πŸ‘



I went and did a few errands this morning, but I didn’t time it well, though: I missed a trading setup while I was out πŸ˜” Argh, that’s what happens when you step away from the screen…

I was walking around the apartment getting ready, and I think Kitty thought we were heading over to the vet again. She looked a bit timid and was sitting in a corner of the house that she normally doesn’t sit in. Poor little one!

And then of course when I was back at my desk, EVERY trade went to sh1t. It’s like I can’t do anything right whatsoever. WTH man… I know all wannabe traders go through this, but it’s very frustrating!! 😩

We finished the evening off on a “brighter” note with another episode of Game of Thrones. Brighter being a relative term, of course, given the gruesome storyline of that series! πŸ˜†

β€œClosed for the day”

Not much happens on Mondays for me, and today was no different. I should just have a “sign” on my blog saying “closed for the day, nothing to see here” on Mondays hahaha

Kitty and I went to the vet, as per usual, and I spent the day working on my trading. All rather uneventful, really. No major improvements on Kitty’s health nor on my trading, but nothing is getting worse either, so I guess that’s not a bad thing: nothing is going off keel by too much! I’m grateful for that, at least 😊

A new Singaporean drama started today, though. That was perhaps the most exciting part of my day πŸ˜† I like watching these dramas because it helps me with my Chinese listening skills – when I wish to do some listening and not just take the easy way out and just read the English subtitles! πŸ˜† Or sometimes I even read the Chinese subtitles, as my reading can, at times, actually be better than my listening, believe it or not! It’s one of the good things about Singapore: for Chinese shows, they have both English AND Chinese subtitles, which is great for people learning either language. But today’s episode had more spoken English anyway, so there wasn’t much learning happening for me (except maybe improving my reading speed of the Chinese subtitles!). Hopefully they’ll speak a bit more Chinese in the later episodes 😊

A nice Sunday

We did Jive again in our lesson today. Even though we spent the entire lesson on my worst and least favourite Latin dance, it was still a good lesson. Maybe I just need to find good Jive songs to dance to, and I may start liking it more 😊 Coz music plays such a big role for me, I can get my energy from the music if I really like the song. We danced to Billy Joel’s The Longest Time today, so that was pretty cool. It’s a very slow Jive, which is good for when you’re learning or working on stuff, but I still need to find a few Jive songs at pace, coz that’s when things fall apart for us! πŸ˜‚

We then headed over to watch a Japanese martial arts and traditional arts demonstration. They had a sumo wrestling demonstration, and that one surprised me the most. These guys are flexible as, and their legs are strong! I still want to watch a sumo wrestling match one day. I was hoping we’d get to see one during our last trip to Japan, but it didn’t quite happen. Maybe next time 😊

These guys are flexible!

We then had some local food for dinner with some friends, and then ended the day with a few episodes of Game of Thrones.

It was a nice Sunday 😊

Trading and β€œpets”

I went to that same seminar on FX trading today in the CBD. They’re really good! Very informative. The presenter today had a ton of energy, which in turn rubbed off on me. It was great, coz I was then all pumped up to trade when I got home this afternoon. Not that it translated into a profitable day, though πŸ˜” Arghhh! Will I ever get this, for crying out loud?!? The frustratement!! Hahaha I love that word πŸ˜‚

N had another crazy early start this morning, so we decided to skip dancing tonight and just stay home and relax – by watching another episode of Game of Thrones 😊 I want their “pets”! They have the best creatures! They’re still small at the moment, but once they’ve grown to full size, they’re going to be amaaazing! (If you are up to date with the series, you probably already know how awesome they are as full grown adults – assuming they have survived and haven’t died or been killed along the way, as – I have quickly discovered – happens quite frequently in this series! I hope they do become full grown, I can’t wait to see them in later episodes!)

So probably not the most productive of days, but at least I learnt a thing or two at the seminar 😊

Uneventful day

Not much happened today. Just our usual trip to the vet, some trading, some reading for my trading and also for leisure, and an episode of Game of Thrones. Ok GoT was probably the most eventful part of my day hahaha I’ve just started watching the series, and surprisingly – as the genre is not one I usually watch/read – am rather enjoying it! 😊 I’m just seven seasons behind the rest of the world. I’m always a tad behind hahaha I haven’t even finished reading the Harry Potter series, let alone watched the movies. I’m slowly working my way through the books… I’m up to book #5, so it’s the home stretch! 😊

Oh and Kitty swiped at me again tonight – while I was filling up her bowl of water! What a little cow! I don’t know why she gets into this attacking mode sometimes. She actually drew blood, faaantastic. Grrr!

So that was pretty much it to my day. Excitement to the max hahaha Hope your day was more interesting than mine! 😊

A Quiet Start to the New Year

Happy New Year!! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰

We had a pretty quiet start to the year: N bought some groceries (yes, the supermarket is open on New Year’s Day! πŸ‘) and then we watched a bit of tv. I watched a very short Korean drama called Splash Splash Love, which only had two episodes – surely that’s a record?! And he’s busily trying to catch up with Game of Thrones.

I also started planning out how I will get closer to my goals this year. As I’ve mentioned before, consistency was lacking last year, as well as a clear process, so I plan to tackle that head on right from day one. I am yet to whip out my Bullet Journal for 2018, which will help me even more, but I have written down some ideas, at least, so I’ll solidify them once they’re in my BuJo. Such excitement! 😊

I read a text this morning from our Chinese teacher. He wrote 万事如意 (see dictionary screenshot below). I had to look that up (yes, he’d prob be ashamed that I didn’t know what this meant πŸ˜†) but I typed it incorrectly in the dictionary and instead wrote ζˆΏδΊ‹ε¦‚ζ„. Here are the dictionary entries:

What our teacher wrote


What I inadvertently looked up instead πŸ˜‚

HAHAHAHAHA 🀣🀣 I don’t think that’s what he meant…

So that was an amusing start to the year πŸ˜‚Β Here’s to a happy, healthy and prosperous 2018! 😁