Life imitating art

I watched more episodes of Gossip Girl tonight 😂 It’s a bit cheap looking, to be honest. It feels like I’m watching one of those dramas like The Bold and the Beautiful or Home and Away or something, even though it’s supposed to be all about the rich and well to do in New York City. Most of the time, it just feels like they’re on a set and not actually in some fancy schmancy hotel or apartment on the Upper East Side. So that sorta loses the glamour for me. So I’m trying not to focus on that and just watch it for entertainment and not for the cinematography 😆 And it’s delivering on that, at least. I’m now about halfway through season one. I now know all the main characters, and things are now starting to get interesting 😊

Speaking of interesting, apparently there was a little bit of drama at the Thanksgiving dinner that I pulled out of tonight. I don’t have all the details yet, that’s all I know so far. I’ll give you more goss when (if) I find out more 😂 Gosh, they sound like they’re straight out of Gossip Girl 🤣 You’d think they were 16 🙄 But I won’t judge. Yet 😜


I have pulled out of tomorrow night’s dinner. The number of cases in HK continue to climb, with 92 cases today 😱 The seven-day average now sits at 75. I am really not comfortable going out again. HK is a densely populated city, and maintaining a safe distance from others is next to impossible. I’d much rather stay healthy and be stuck at home than go out for a bit of fun and risk catching this virus. And with my weak immune system, chances are that I’ll have more severe symptoms than the average person 😒 So, um, no thanks!

This also means that I am not willing to go to the Wan Chai Computer Centre, one of my favourite places these days. So buying our Christmas presents will just have to wait – even if that means I get my present after Christmas.

And it also means that I’ve cancelled all the research on staycations. What a fantastic way to end the year. Thanks again, Rona, for everything 😒

Early Christmas presents

I’m turning into a bit of tech geek. I am watching techy YouTubers talk about the specs of different tech gear that came out last month – and I’m being tempted to buy them! 😱 This is all so weeeird…. 😳 Before, it was always N who was interested in tech stuff, and I had no interest whatsoever. And I definitely wouldn’t be watching YouTube videos on new gear that’s just come out – because I wouldn’t have even cared about the old stuff that’s already available! Now I’m the one seeking out the info, knowing the improvements they’ve made to the previous model, and I’m the one telling N about it! What. The. Hell!

But he’s still techy, don’t get me wrong. I’m the one who’s jumped on the same bandwagon. He’s probably thinking, “Finally!” 😂

The problem with this, though, is that tech stuff costs money 💲💲💲💲 Moolah. Dough. Cash. Whatever you want to call it 💵💴💶💷 So it starts becoming a rather expensive hobby 😑 But now, since it’s a shared hobby, we can at least sorta share the gear. OK, so at the moment, it’s all about me using his existing gear: I use his tripod, his cables, his SD cards, his camera bag…. But he’s more than welcome to use my stuff too, if he wants! 😆

So I think we will be getting each other techy stuff for Christmas this year 🤣 But we’re going for dinner with a bunch of people on Saturday, and we both want to buy our tech toys before that so we can play with them at the dinner. Now why do we want our toys specifically for this particular dinner? Because it’s up at The Peak, and there is an awesome view of Victoria Harbour from up there. And we want to have some fun capturing the view with our toys 😆

So we might be getting our Christmas presents early this year 😜

A food weekend

We continued what turned out to be a food weekend 😆 It was completely unintentional! It just happened to turn out that way 😳

For lunch, we finished off our hot pot leftovers from last night; and then in the evening, we went to Causeway Bay and had all-you-can-eat hairy crab with some friends. I’m telling you, buffets are a big thing here in HK! The rest of their offering was a bit limited, the highlight was definitely the hairy crab. They had Peking duck, though, so those two dishes were fine for me 😊 And their Chinese desserts were pretty good too 😋

Our table’s effort tonight 😜

Doing something creative with the shells of all the crabs that everyone on the table ate seems to be the thing to do. The table next to ours created this flower with their crab shells 😱

The creative design made by the table next to us

We felt rather lacking in comparison to some of the other tables, both in terms of number of crabs eaten, as well as in creativity 😆

HK and YouTube

I saw some school kids today, and they were wearing this cool school uniform. It was in the style of the traditional Chinese dress, the cheongsam or qipao. And then the school emblem is worn as a badge right under the collar, along with the student’s house. It was a cool idea. In reality, though, the uniforms didn’t have any shape, so the uniform didn’t look all that flattering 😔 And the high collar is probably terribly uncomfortable during the sweltering HK summer 🥵 But the idea is pretty cool 😊

It’s been a bit cooler lately, so we decided to go for a bit of a walk around our neighbourhood. N was looking for a basketball court near home, but we didn’t come across any places where he could shoot some hoops. We had a nice walk, though 😊

And it allowed us to think whether we want to move from where we are. The end of our lease is coming up any day now, and I’m guessing we’re just going to sign on for another two years. We haven’t really found anything that has blown us away. Despite the 2019 protests and now the rona, prices haven’t really changed much in the areas that we’re looking at 😔 A few of N’s colleagues found some really good deals in Happy Valley near Causeway Bay (and the racecourse!), but that’s not really an area that suits us. So unless something mind-blowing becomes available in the next week, we’ll probably continue on in our current place for another two years.

Oh, and I reached 200 subscribers on YouTube! Woohoo! 🥳 I’m so excited! It’s taken forever to get here, and I’m probably moving mega slowly compared to so many other people, publishing much fewer videos than your average YouTuber. But whatevs. This is my pace, I’m doing the best I can, and I’m happy with my progress. And that’s all that matters! 😁

Caffeinated up

We went to a friend’s birthday brunch today. Weekend brunches are a big deal in HK. Sooo many places offer them, including the hotels. And they usually come with free-flow alcohol, which of course goes down well with the expats 😆

The place we went to today, Duddell’s, was basically an upmarket all-you-can-eat yum cha 😱 with a free-flow alcohol option for an extra HK$250 (A$50) or something 😱😱 All-you-can-eat yum cha! With Peking duck on the menu! 😱 One of my favourite Chinese dishes. I went crazy 🤣

Later on in the evening, I was watching more of the US election coverage and realised that I wasn’t sleepy, despite a long day. I then realised that I had three cokes at brunch and an espresso martini 🍸 It’s now almost 1:30am and I’m only now just starting to get tired. Tomorrow might be a tough day to get through…! 😔

Rugby, friends and pets

We went to a bar restaurant in Kennedy Town today to watch a dismal game 3 of the Bledisloe Cup. It was so boring, I pretty much stopped watching soon after the second half started and just focused on eating my dinner 😆 There was just no contest. It was like the All Blacks were playing, and then some other random guys were also on the field 🙄 And it was as if they didn’t even want to be seen holding the ball. It’s like they were playing hot potato with it, that’s how atrocious the Wallabies were today 😒

And then after the horrendous game, we just headed over to our friends’ place just to hang out for a bit. The whole family had stuff to do first thing tomorrow, plus we have our own things to do tomorrow too, so we didn’t hang around for too long. They have a really cute dog, though, which made me miss Kitty a bit 😔

We had a bit of a discussion about what pet we’d like to get next. Not that I’m ready to get another pet right now, but we are currently thinking of getting a Maine Coon. We call it a lion cat 😂

Video, lunch, gratitude, video

We had a video chat with friends from Melbourne today. The restrictions there are strict. I feel so sorry for them and for Melbourne / Victoria in general 😔 I can understand that they don’t want a repeat of what happened back in July when they were seeing literally hundreds of new cases every day, but they’re now back down to single digits, so I would’ve thought more easing of restrictions would’ve been allowed. Apparently the Victorian government doesn’t see it the same way 😔 It was good to see them, though. Video chat is the best we can do during these crazy times.

We then went to Sheung Wan for lunch. N felt like laksa, so we went to this Singaporean place that we’d never been to before. It was a good choice 👍 There are sooo many food choices here in HK. I’m always amazed as to how so many can stay in business. But many do, so they must get the customers!

The restaurant made me miss SG. If I had the choice, I would definitely move back to SG in a heartbeat. I loved that city 🥰 HK, not so much 😆 But still, I’m going to make the most of our time here. I still see this opportunity to live here as a privilege that not everyone gets to experience 🙏

N then went to the gym in the evening and I filmed my next YouTube video. I would’ve liked to have filmed two videos tonight, actually, but it took so long just to film just the first one that I was too tired to film a second one! 😔 Yeah, that two videos a week idea ain’t happening 🤪

Cancer and YouTube videos

I wasn’t feeling all that great today. And then we heard that one of N’s mates has been diagnosed with breast cancer 😢 It’s stage 2, and prognosis is good, apparently. But still. She will have chemo and radiotherapy for the next 6 months. Sigh. That sorta put all my trivial complaining into perspective 😔

I then started to think of it would be possible for me to create two YouTube videos each week. I thought I’d give it a try for one month, say the month of October, and then see how I survive through it, if I die from exhaustion or if I actually come out stronger at the end of the month. But then I remembered that October has a few public holidays, so I won’t really have as many days to work on the videos. So I might leave my idea for November 😆

But with regard to today, I think I’m just going to sign out and hope for a happier day tomorrow.

Minimalist aspirations

I started getting really frustrated with all the crap in the study today. I’ve been frustrated for a while now, but it seemed to boil over today. I use the study as a dumping ground for anything paper related, so all books, notebooks, receipts, manuals etc get shoved into this room. And, of course, I don’t keep it neat and organised. If i did, I wouldn’t have this issue! 😆

I have different piles everywhere, with no logic to any of the files. And lately, these different piles have started to get really annoying. And when my level of annoyance gets high enough, it spurs me into action 😂 So I have vowed to spend a few hours this weekend to tidy up this damn room.

I also have this minimalist ideal that I have in my head, so I feel like anything less than this is just a poor attempt at keeping this room neat and tidy. We have friends whose house literally looks like no one lives there, as if it’s permanently on the market for sale – and they have two boys under the age of ten! So they’ve given me this unrealistic standard that I constantly try and live up to. I probably can’t achieve their standard, but it’s something that I always aspire to 😊 If they can do it with two boys under the age of ten, then why can’t I?!? 😜

My other problem is that I don’t have good storage solutions for this room, which makes it even harder to tidy up. I started looking at ideas on Pinterest today, but nothing has really stood out for me as a solution that could even potentially work for me 😒

But first things first, I need to purge. Get rid of whatever stuff I don’t need anymore. And I need to be ruthless. I need to summon our friends’ minimalist tendencies 😆 I’m feeling pumped (and frustrated!), so hopefully I will still feel this motivated when the weekend arrives. All the crap around me will probably keep my frustration levels high, so I should still feel the same way by the weekend – if not even more so, as the piles will have continued to annoy me throughout the week! 😂