Lazy, convenient

It was a nice, lazy day today 😌 The weather was shite, and the number of new cases has been in the triple digits for 12 consecutive days now, so I was even less inclined to go out today.

I watched a few episodes of the Chinese drama All is Well. I don’t remember if I’ve talked about this drama before, but let’s just say that I was not terribly impressed with the first two episodes when I first started watching it about a week or two ago. I’ll just leave it at that in case you want to watch this show, I don’t want to spoil anything for you! I pretty much told my teacher this, but she suggests that I continue watching because it supposedly gets better. I have now watched five episodes in total, and I’m still not all that impressed. But it was very popular in China when it came out last year, and it’s a relatively good show for working on my listening skills, so I’m persevering. But it better improve soon, otherwise I don’t know if I’ll have the patience to stick it out!

One of N’s workmates likes to bake, and she baked some cakes today and gave us some 🍰 Notwithstanding the fact that HK is so densely packed, expats tend to live close to one another, and so she actually just lives a street down from us, about a 5min walk away. I think four of his colleagues live within a 500m radius from us 😂 Actually, there are 5 (five!) supermarkets within that same radius 😱 I think I will miss this convenience when we move.

Yum! 😋

Not that we’re moving any time soon, don’t jump to conclusions! I’m just sayin’ 😉

Trying CBD

N decided to go and eat out for lunch today – which we can do again, after the all-day ban on dining lasted for a measly 48 hours! On the way back home, I stopped by a cafe and picked up a hot chocolate – and added 10mg of CBD to it 😂 Apparently CBD is legal in HK, hence why this cafe had it on offer to add to one’s coffee (or in my case today, hot chocolate 😊).

I don’t have any of the symptoms that CBD is being touted as helping to alleviate, but I figured it might help to relax me anyway. Not that I felt any different this afternoon / tonight, so I don’t know if one ‘hit’ is enough to see a difference 😆 Although I did record my next YouTube video while I was drinking the hot chocolate, so maybe I’ll be able to see a more relaxed version of me in today’s recording! 😆 And hopefully I get a good night’s sleep tonight as well 🤞

And then in the evening, one of N’s friends came over for dinner. That was nice. We cleaned the house up a bit before she arrived – it’s amazing just how much cleaning I can get done when guests are coming over! We should just pretend that guests are coming over every weekend. The place would be so much cleaner then! 😂

A depleted battery that wasn’t full to start off with

Let me just start off by saying that my day was very productive, the type of day that I wish I had more of 👍

But I didn’t have a very good night’s sleep, so I didn’t quite start the day with a full battery. So the full-on day just depleted whatever juice I did wake up with🔋

So by the evening, I was completely exhausted. All I wanted to do was just sit in front of the TV and mindlessly watch whatever light-hearted show took my fancy tonight.

But that’s when l I discovered that our TV wasn’t connecting to the internet for some stupid reason 😒 And so I wasted probably about an hour trying to figure out how to get it to reconnect – with no success 🙄

N was using the wifi for a social Zoom call, so I couldn’t reset it to see if that’d help. I decided to just give up on the TV tonight and try again tomorrow.

But when he finished Zooming and turned the TV back on, it somehow magically reconnected 🙄 At least it’s connected again. I’m trying to focus on the good news and not on the hour that I wasted trying to get it to connect! 😒

Remember the all-day ban on dining in at restaurants that was introduced two days ago? Well the government changed their mind about that decision. The all-day ban only lasted for 48 hours 😂 We can go back to eating breakfast and lunch at restaurants again 😅 I can go back to having my brunches. That’s all I need so I’m happy 😄

Our surreal world right now

After just one day since the HK government introduced an all-day ban on dining in at restaurants starting from yesterday, they have just changed their mind about that and from tomorrow, we can resume dining in for breakfast and lunch again 🤣🤣 My next YouTube video is actually about the coronavirus situation here in Hong Kong, but I recorded it last Tuesday, so it already contains old news! 🤣 I will have to write an update somewhere in the description to my video, and I’ll probably also give an update as part of my intro of my next video. Hilarious 😆

Anyway, apparently they changed their mind because of a public backlash against the all-day ban. And they still changed their mind despite the record number of new cases that we had today (149 😱). Sighhh…

Apparently Victoria in Oz is suffering big time as well. They saw a record 700+ cases today, along with 13 deaths. Their total numbers are now around the 10,000 level, and the next affected state is NSW with ‘just’ over 3,500. I hope today’s numbers were just a one-off… 🤞

Back in March, I estimated that May-June would be when we see the peak globally. It doesn’t seem like we are anywhere near that peak 😔

So unless someone comes out with a vaccine soon, I think we will be living in this surreal state until at least the end of the year…

One last hurrah

I actually got a pretty decent night’s sleep last night, which is increasingly rare now, with Little Miss constantly scratching at whatever door strikes her fancy in the middle of the night these days 😒

So I almost jumped out of bed this morning – a little after 7am! 😱 As you can imagine, I had a very productive morning 👍 It must be sooo good being a morning person!

Today is the last day before the new, tighter restrictions kick in. From tomorrow, restaurants will only be able to offer takeaway, no one can dine in 😔 So I went out for lunch today. I figured we won’t be able to do this for a while, at least until the numbers drop dramatically, so lunch today was sorta the one last hurrah 😂

Let’s see how long these new restrictions last. The government is really trying not to implement a full lockdown, but if these stupid numbers still won’t go down, this may be where we’re headed. We’re already at the strictest level of restrictions that we’ve had ever since this pandemic started, so it will be so upsetting if we have to go all the way to a full lockdown 😔

New cases today were lower than yesterday, but there were still 106 cases. So we still have a long way to go before we can return to single digit numbers again 😔

HK tightens restrictions

The HK has tightened restrictions to the strictest it has ever been since this pandemic started. From Wednesday, dining in is banned completely, and groups (excluding family members from the same household) are restricted to just two. They recently made it compulsory to wear a mask indoors, and now that’s been extended to outdoors as well. Sighhh… But when the numbers have increased by 50-100x from what they used to be, it’s not surprising that they have to step up measures.

There were 145 new cases today. Exactly one month ago, there was one new case; two months ago, there was also only one new case; three months ago, there were no new cases. So you can see why I’m so upset (and confused!) that the numbers are now where they are! 😒

Chillaxing at home

Little Miss appears to be back to normal again, which is great to see 👍 She’s being affectionate again, she’s walking around, and she ate two cans of food last night! 😱The appetite stimulant meds that the vet gave her is definitely working!

And the vet called too just to check to see how’s she’s doing. I really appreciate this follow-up call, it’s a really nice service 😊

Cats are apparently considered ‘senior’ when they’re over 7 years of age. She is sooo much older than that, I don’t even remember what she was like when she was 7! 😆 She’s 18 this year!! And despite her health problems, she is still fighting. She tried to scratch me again this morning because I was bothering her (again 😇). Gotta love her spirit 💪

The cases in HK are now going up by 100+ cases each day now. WTH. We had it under control! 😒 WTH happened?! I wanted to go to Wan Chai today, to go and visit the Wan Chai Computer Centre (again 🤪), But N convinced me not to, and to just minimise my going out during these crazy times. So we stayed home once again. N went out briefly to meet up with a friend to help her out with some stuff, and then he stopped by the supermarket to buy some groceries. But other than that, we were home all day. I just hope all this craziness will disappear soon enough 😔

A bit of a traumatic afternoon

Kitty was bleeding again this morning 😔 Luckily got an appointment at the vet this afternoon. They ran a whole heap of tests on her again, which of course cost an arm and a leg 😱 Surprisingly, though, some of her test results came back better than the ones from just a few weeks ago! This little one is a fighter, I tell you 💪 Her doctors in recent years have been surprised at her resilience. Heck, we’re surprised sometimes! 😄

But I wasn’t there with her when she saw the vet, though. As with so many places in HK now, everyone checks your temperature. And my temperature beeped a very high 38.1°C today, well above the cutoff temperature point when they’ll tell you to leave the premises (which is 37.5°C) 😱 It was a hot day (the maximum temperature was 35°C 🥵), so they gave me some cold water to see if that’d help. They took my temperature again soon after, but it was still coming in slightly above 37.5°, so I couldn’t stay at the clinic 😔 N stayed with her instead while I just went back home.

She actually peed in her carrier on the way to the vet, so we had to clean her up when she got home. We gave her a rinse while she was still in the carrier, it was the only way we could do it without her running away. As you can imagine, she was NOT happy. And this was after spending time at her doctor’s office – and having to wear an Elizabethan collar to boot! It was a very traumatic afternoon for the little one 😩

You can hear her growling 😡

So now I’m a bit concerned about my own health 😔 I checked my temperature again when I got back home and I got 37.8°C! Still high 😔 I was feeling perfectly fine this afternoon, but now I have a bit of a sore throat. I’m not sure if it’s psychological or if I genuinely have a sore throat… 🤒 And with all the COVID cases at the moment in HK, I can’t help but freak out a little bit!

The Peak (again!)

We woke up to rain 🌧 So our idea of heading up to The Peak didn’t look like a good idea anymore 😔 I’ve been up there when the weather hasn’t been great, and the view of Victoria Harbour is also just as blah, so I wouldn’t want to repeat that mediocre experience. Sighhh…

But wouldn’t you know it, after about half an hour, the weather actually cleared up! Wth! Not that I’m complaining, hehehe 🤭 And it stayed nice and sunny for the rest of the day. So by the time evening rolled around, we were back on our original idea 👍

Because no one is travelling at the moment, The Peak basically had no tourists. And the current restriction of takeaway only at restaurants after 6pm seemed to have extended to ‘closing’ at 6pm for almost all the shops up at The Peak. So by the time we got there at around 8pm, hardly anything was open 😔 There were others around, but it wasn’t anywhere near as vibrant and buzzing as it usually is, especially in the middle of summer. It’s all quite sad, really.

But with or without the rona, the view never disappoints. In a way, The Peak is now my new Gardens By The Bay. It doesn’t quite bring me the same level of happiness and joy as Gardens, but I think it’s the closest that I will get in HK.

View of Victoria Harbour from The Peak

Restrictions in HK

More COVID cases today again 😔 I really hope they start coming down soon, otherwise we may actually see a curfew imposed in the city. We’ve never had any sort of lockdown here, but if the numbers don’t improve, we may actually experience it 😔

Not that that stopped us from going out today 🤪 We went and had brunch at a local cafe, and they actually asked us to sign in online and give our details. Now that’s a first. So many firsts in this current environment. And the place was full! I’m surprised that everyone is still out and about right now.

We may go up to The Peak tomorrow night. We want to go and check out this comet if we can see it. Not that we have binoculars or a telescope or anything, I’m just going to have to rely on N’s eyesight, which is 100 times better than mine! I’m not expecting to see anything, I just want to go up to The Peak! I like it up there, it’s quite nice. I don’t go up often enough. I would’ve liked to have dinner up there, but that’s not possible at the moment with the current COVID restrictions 😔 Maybe some places still do takeaway, so we could still eat up there somewhere, just not inside an actual restaurant. I’ll let you know tomorrow 😆