Decisions made today

N came home soon after I had fallen asleep last night, so his coming home woke me up. And then Kitty scratched again to get someone’s attention at about 2am (we left a door closed so she scratched at it to let us know that she wanted it open – argh!); and then again in the wee hours of the morning, this second time because she wanted food. So basically the whole fam woke me up a few times throughout the night πŸ˜” I am not having much luck getting a good night’s sleep at the moment!

I spent quite a fair bit of time on social media today. I don’t normally go on social media for that long, as I tend to prefer to unwind by watching Asian dramas now, after having discovered this whole new world that I never even knew existed πŸ˜† But today, I spent over 1.5 hours scrolling through my feed on Facebook 😲 I must’ve been feeling quite social today πŸ˜‚

Speaking of Asian dramas, I decided to abandon my current Korean drama, The Beauty Inside. It hasn’t really drawn me in, and the episode that I was watching today was particularly uninteresting, so I stopped it and decided to read instead. I have to look for a new drama now… It’s going to be hard, I reckon, after having just watched Sky Castle! πŸ˜† Maybe I’ll choose a Chinese drama, to work on my listening skills again… I’ll see what I can find…

I also finally decided to sign up to Scribd. It’s pretty good so far! Slowly building up my reading list in the app 😊 I’ve set a goal to read one fiction book and one non-fiction book each month, have I mentioned this already? I think Scribd will help me quite well with this goal πŸ‘


Day #2 of back-to-reality week

The sun was out today β˜€οΈ It makes such a huge difference to my mood when the sun comes out. It just makes me smile πŸ˜€ It doesn’t seem to come out during winter here in HK, so its appearance is always a pleasant surprise. We’re coming to the end of my least favourite season, so hopefully I can start to enjoy my time in this city now πŸ˜†

Day #2 of back-to-reality week, and I’m getting into the swing of things already, which is great πŸ‘ I would like to start getting back into my gym routine too, but I’m still coughing (wth!), so I’m waiting until it’s fully gone before I go back. It’s been lingering around for over a week now, it’s just so ridiculous. I’m otherwise fine, which makes it all the more annoying having it being the only remaining symptom of my cold that is staying behind. So I’m still taking my bajillion cough medicines in the evening, to make sure I (and in turn, N) get a decent night’s sleep and not be woken up by this stupid cough.

There are all these ads for cold and flu medicine on tv at the moment, since it is that time of the year (another reason why I don’t like this season πŸ˜‘). This one is really cute and is pretty much exactly how I feel: a hairball constantly rubbing itself at the back of my throat! So I want to buy this πŸ˜† It’s actually not one of the bajillion ones that I’m taking right now, so it won’t hurt to add yet another one to the mix! πŸ˜†

Speaking of tv, they were showing a Cantonese drama tonight called Love in Time (ι‚„δΎ†εΎ—εŠε†ζ„›δ½ ). The acting was pretty bad, but the story seemed interesting enough to want me to watch it: a guy with superhuman powers and a woman with a cat tail were two of the characters… πŸ˜† But I couldn’t follow it because it was in Cantonese, and the subtitles were also in Chinese and I can’t read that fast (nor know enough vocab to follow with ease). So I went looking online to see if I can find a version with English subtitles. Can you believe it, YouTube has come to the rescue! 😲 So I have now added yet another drama to my ever-growing list πŸ˜† I still can’t believe that I never even knew this whole world of Asian dramas existed before we moved to Asia! Blissfully ignorant. And now I waste hours watching them! πŸ˜‚

Books and movies

I actually felt worse this morning, isn’t that great πŸ˜’ So much for getting rid of this damn cold by this weekend. And of course that meant I didn’t do much around the house today, either πŸ˜”

We went to the library this afternoon, and even N borrowed a few books today. He is feeling quite motivated to do some more cooking at the moment, so he borrowed a few cookbooks, including one or two that is entirely in Chinese 😲 Not sure how much he can get out of those ones! πŸ˜† But he did go through the books once we got home, and then decided to go to the supermarket soon after to buy some ingredients, so he’s definitely motivated, at least! πŸ‘

I, on the other hand, borrowed some more picture books in that Chinese-English bilingual series 😊 I’m really liking those books! Easy to read, yet enough new words to keep me interested and learning, and with the English translation right there too, if I need it πŸ‘

We watched Iron Man Three this evening. I enjoyed this movie too! I like the Iron Man movies. I think I’d rank #1 and #3 equally, I thought they were good for different reasons. Thor: The Dark World is up next. Out of the eight movies so far, prior to embarking on this quest to watch all the Marvel movies, I’d actually only seen the first Iron Man. So watching them in timeline order and understanding the different characters as we go along is pretty cool 😊

Not quite the day that I had planned

I wanted to take it a bit easy today to try and get better, but instead I spent the day cleaning around the house, in preparation for Chinese New Year πŸ˜‚ I always try and clean the house in time for New Year, and now I get to clean up two times each year, one for the end of the Gregorian calendar year and a second time for the end of the lunar year πŸ˜† I still didn’t get to finish all that I wanted to do today, but I was just getting quite tired and I didn’t want to over exert myself, so I’ll just leave the last few bits for tomorrow.

I decided to learnt the Korean alphabet today πŸ˜‚ Just in case learning Chinese wasn’t enough to keep me occupied πŸ™„ I’ve been wanting to learn it for aaages, as I see it pretty often, but I just can’t read any of it. And even though I can now read it (albeit really really slowly and with numerous errors, but hey, I just learnt it!), it just means that I can sound it out, but not know what any of it means πŸ˜‚ Although I can now read the name of my current Korean drama! I thought that was pretty cool 😊 And surprisingly, it’s just “Who Are You” written phonetically in Korean! Anyway, it was pretty exciting when I could read it, though 😊

And in the evening, we watched The Avengers, the next movie in our Marvel movies. It wasn’t baaad, but I’d definitely rank it pretty low out of all the ones I’ve seen so far. Just above Captain America: The First Avenger, I think. Next up is Iron Man Three. Let’s see how this one stacks up against #1 and #2 😊

Not quite the day I had planned, but nonetheless happy with how it turned out 😊

Good stuff and not-so-good…

I actually felt better today, which was good. I got to do some more trading related stuff, and I also got to read some more of my books too.

I decided to buy Pimsleur Mandarin today through Audible, Level 2, lessons 1-5. I wasn’t sure what level I would be on their program, but I figured I would be past Level 1, as I’m pretty comfortable with the basics of the language. So I decided to start at Level 2 and give it a go. Pimsleur focuses more on speaking and listening at first, much like how kids learn, so it’s actually really good for me since my listening is so poor, as I’ve mentioned before.

I worked my way through the first lesson, and it turned out that even though I knew about 95%+ of it, there was still stuff that I didn’t know, and the stuff that I did know, I still got to review. And because it’s all about speaking and listening, it was still good practice for me. The time it takes me to form sentences is still a bit slow, so it was definitely not a waste of time starting at Level 2! And the pace of the lesson is also a tad fast, so even though I already knew almost all pof the course material, I still found it pretty fast going. So I think there will come a point where I will have to repeat a lesson a few times! I’ll see how these lessons go and how far they will take my listening and speaking skills…

N went out for drinks tonight, so I just watched my current Korean drama, Who Are You, freaking myself out in the process πŸ˜† It’s a good series, though, which is why I’m sticking it out. It’s a short one too, with only 16 episodes, so I’ll finish it in no time 😊

N came back with maccas for dinner, as I had requested πŸ˜‚ Probably not the best thing for when I’m feeling a bit under the weather – probably not the best thing, regardless πŸ˜‚ – so let’s see how I feel tomorrow… 😏

Learning, friends and food

YouTube has unexpectedly become a good source for Chinese songs. I am currently working my way through δ½ ι‚„θ¦ζˆ‘ζ€Žζ¨£ (What do you want me to do), learning all the new words, trying to translate the lyrics, and trying to read the Chinese fast enough to sing along. It’s actually quite a challenging song, with a lot of new words, and the pace of the song can be quite fast at times. But YouTube is helping, giving the pinyin (the romanisation system of the Chinese sounds) and the English translation. So I can look up the new words much more quickly (although I really should just listen to what’s being sung, since listening is my primary focus this year πŸ˜†) and also get the translation if I’m struggling to translate it on my own. Plus I like the song, so I’m also ok with having it on repeat πŸ˜‚

I started reading The Motivation Myth today. It’s written in a rather entertaining way, and has been really easy to read so far. Excluding my Chinese children’s picture books and my trading textbooks of sorts, this is my first book for the year. My first non-fiction book for the year. It’s perhaps a good one to start off with, to kickstart my motivation for 2019 😊

We caught up with a friend from SG today, who’s in HK for the next few days for work. He brought us some pandan cake! It is so light and fluffy πŸ˜‹ I could eat the whole cake on my own! πŸ˜† There are some foods that I miss from SG; food was something that I took for granted while we were there. And now I’m missing some of them, like pandan cake. And chilli crab πŸ˜”

But now, I’m enjoying YUM CHA!! They didn’t really do yum cha in SG, so having it so prolific in HK is just too good! πŸ˜† Shame our friend is busy with work the entire time he’s here, though. He doesn’t even have one evening to himself to spend time with us, so we can’t even take him out for a meal πŸ˜” Busy busy bee 🐝

Another productive day

I got up really early this morning, which is always such an amazing feat for a night owl like me. So again, I had a very productive day! This is becoming a good habit that I’d like to maintain for as long as possible! 😊

I returned my bilingual Chinese/English picture book today, and went searching for another one in the same series, since I’m really enjoying them. It took me forever to find them, as they were on the shelf! They have sooo many children’s books that some books just sit on nearby trolleys. I couldn’t quite figure out if there was any sort of order to the trolleys, and even some semblance of order to the books on the trolleys, as the books weren’t always in order either. But luckily I decided to go through the half a dozen or so trolleys scattered around near the shelf where the books were supposed to be, and finally found the series. I decided to borrow “I am Punctual!” today. I figured I could learn a thing or two from it, and not just Chinese πŸ˜‚

I went to the gym again today. I decided to do some dance basics on the treadmill, something I haven’t done in months. I was halfway through a slow fox song, and my calves were already sore! I am obviously so out of training! πŸ˜” We really need to get back into it asap. Or at least go back to the gym on a more regular basis and just continue doing basics and also to keep up the stamina. But first things first, we need to find a new studio and new teachers … πŸ˜”

I needed to buy some cat litter today, so I went to virtually all the supermarkets near home. Only one stocked the cat litter that we have now switched to – and, wouldn’t you know it, it was the last supermarket on my list! So typical. But I have recently started turning annoying things into times of gratitude – in this instance, for example, instead of being feeling inconvenienced by having to wander around to various supermarkets, I’ve decided to view this as being fortunate enough to have a few different supermarkets so close to home for me to be able to choose from. It feels like such a more positive way to view it! I’m liking this new technique, I’m going to try and do it more often whenever I start getting annoyed at something; turn it around and be grateful that I have the problem in the first place! 😊

And in the evening, I watched another episode of my Korean drama, About Time. I’m getting close to the end of the series, so I need to find my next drama soon. I need to create a watchlist, so I can just go straight to that for ideas 😊