Derailed plans

I was having a conversation by text (in Chinese) with our Chinese teacher yesterday, trying to arrange the start of our next lesson, which was supposed to be today. He said that he was going to send through an email to organise payment, and we left it at that.

So this morning, we got ready to go to Chinese class, even though we hadn’t yet paid for it as I hadn’t yet received his email. So as we were walking to class, ten minutes before it started, I texted our teacher asking if class was starting today, as I hadn’t yet received his email. Apparently I had misunderstood everything: there was no class today, and we’re starting back up in two weeks’ time. Argh! I should’ve just had the conversation in English and not be practising my Chinese πŸ˜‚

Anyhow, so that meant that we now had the morning to ourselves. We started wandering around a nearby mall, but that soon got boring, so we sat down somewhere and tried to figure out what to do with the rest of our suddenly empty morning. N then came up with the idea of watching Crazy Rich Asians. I checked to see when the next available screening was, and to see if there were any decent seats left. The first screening for the day at the closest cinema was at 10:45am – and the cinema was not even half full! So we got a very decent seat πŸ‘

I actually enjoyed the movie much more than I expected to. If I had done that FB challenge after having seen this movie, then this one might have made my top ten. Comedy, drama and romance all featured. It was light and whimsical, and I really liked the soundtrack. They filmed most of the movie in SG, so I spent pretty much the entire movie trying to place where they filmed any given scene πŸ˜‚ Overall it was a good, light-hearted movie, and followed the main plot of the book quite well. I think there will be movie #2 and #3 eventually, in line with the books as well, so that’s something to look forward to in the coming years.

And then we had our first Latin lesson later in the afternoon, our first lesson in weeeks, followed by Latin practice afterwards. We worked on Paso Doble in our lesson, so that routine isn’t quite in our memories yet; but the other four Latin dances didn’t fall apart too badly when we were practising afterwards. I was pleasantly surprised, given how long it’s been since we’d stepped onto a dance floor. So we’re inching ever closer to our five dances for Latin, and ten dances overall… Very exciting!

We finished practising quite late, so I suggested that we eat at one of the local hawker centres, as I was getting awfully close to the end of my 12-hour eating window, and I would definitely be well into my 12-hour fasting window if we went home and made dinner instead. Eating at the local gawker centre wasn’t going to be as healthy as cooking something ourselves at home, but my primary goal at the moment is to try to stick to this 12:12 plan (12-hour fasting / 12-hour eating windows), so that took precedence. I finished eating and drinking 10 minutes after my eating window had closed, which isn’t too bad 😊 I don’t have any plans tomorrow, so nothing should derail 12:12… Fingers crossed! 🀞



We had today to ourselves πŸ‘ No Chinese class, no dancing, no comps. It’s always nice to have these days, it feels so freeeee πŸ˜‚

N went to go pick up our F1 tickets from the post office. The Singapore Grand Prix is next month, and we bought these tickets months ago. We were supposed to go with our friends, but after we’d all bought our tickets, our friends’ life plans changed, and soon after buying the tickets, they moved back to Oz, and had to sell their F1 tickets. We’re still going to go, of course, but obviously it won’t be the same without them there πŸ˜”

I read more of that Diabetes Code book, and got up to the section with all the sobering statistics about the disease. It started freaking me out! I don’t want to eat anything now! πŸ˜† I’d like to think we eat relatively healthily already, but we can definitely do better. And the stats are making me want to try even harder on this front.

We went and had lunch in Little India, and then walked around there for a little while, before heading home and just relaxing for the rest of the evening. We went to the gym for a little while, but we didn’t really do much – I didn’t even do my dance basics on the treadmill. But at least we went and did something, even if it wasn’t as much as what we would normally do.

And then I just watched a few episodes of Downton Abbey. I’m up to the sixth and final season, and it feels like the British aristocracy era is on its way out this season. I’m getting a bit sad that I too am getting to the end. I’ve grown quite attached to all the characters. Maybe I’ll return to watching some Chinese dramas, they’ve been good to help me improve my listening skills. Let’s see 😊

Rinse and repeat

My life is feeling very merry-go-round-y at the moment. It’s vet, work, gym, tv, house related stuff, rinse and repeat. It’s all feeling a bit monotonous at the moment, I need to spice it up with something. Dancing usually does that, but that has taken a bit of a back seat, with N travelling quite fair bit lately, so I’ve been going to the gym more frequently than usual to keep up with the fitness side of things.

And Chinese class has also been put on the back burner, that usually keeps things interesting too. I should keep up my regular study anyhow, that should put a bit more spice in my day, I reckon.

Oh and I haven’t worked on my new blog project lately. I could work on another post or two on that too.

I’m really feeling a bit out of sorts this week… I haven’t had the motivation to work on any of my usual things πŸ˜”

Shopping and movies

I decided to go out to Jurong today. Apparently they have a few discount outlet stores out there, so I decided to go check them out. My app recommended one particular route, which I presume is supposedly the shortest route time-wise – even though the route requires three train changes! I wonder if the app takes into consideration the time it takes to walk to the different train lines…

Google Maps gave me a different route, with only one train change, but it had more train stops. I decided I’ll take that route on my way home and compare.

The three-train-changes trip took over 45 minutes for ten train stops 😲 The one-train change trip home took just under 40mins. And I think the trip was also cheaper, because there were fewer train changes. I think I shall go with Google Maps next time 😊

Anyway, the mall that I was heading to (IMM) is in fact full of outlet stores, I didn’t realise. It’s basically like DFO in Oz. Not that it mattered, since I’m not a shopper at all, and I get bored very quickly whenever I’m out shopping. So I spent about half an hour in that mall before getting bored and started making my way home. Basically I spent more time trekking out to the mall than actually IN the mall itself πŸ˜‚ Oh well. At least I got a decent walk out of it, walking all the way to the mall from the train station and back!

I felt like watching a movie when I got home, partly inspired by a challenge that a friend nominated me for on FB. It’s one of those “name ten <movies/albums/books> that has made an impact on you in some way” type of thing. This current challenge is on movies – and I’m struggling to come up with ten movies to put on the list! I’m posting one movie per day for the next ten days, and today was day #2.

Day 1 – Inside Out

I LOVE this movie. This has to be one of my favourite movies of all time, and probably why I posted it first. It’s quite ironic, since it’s an animated film, which I’m usually not very fond of, so haven’t actually seen that many. But this one I just absolutely loved. I could watch it over and over again. In fact, I want to watch it in both Chinese and Japanese, so I can improve my listening of my two target languages by watching this film dubbed in these two languages! I’m happy to watch this film over and over again “just” for this purpose 😊

Day 2 – Color Me True

This is a Japanese movie that I watched on a flight recently. This ranks pretty much with Inside Out. I loved this movie so much that I watched it again on that very same flight! Color Me True was the English name they gave on the flight, but IMDB lists it as “Tonight, at the Movies”, which is the direct translation of the Japanese title. I don’t know why it has multiple English names! πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

So now I have 8 more to go. Let’s see what else I can think of over the next 8 days…! πŸ˜†

Oh and what movie did I watch when I got home? Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. A pretty good movie too! I don’t think it’s going to make my list of ten movies, but it was still a good one.

A few goals and some deviant art

I came across this online community Deviantart. Apparently it’s where artists can share their work with others. It’s such an awesome site! I spent a few minutes browsing the work on there, and I could’ve spent hours more! Some people are just so creative. This site is apparently 18 years old. And I’ve only just come across it today. I feel like I’ve been hiding under an online rock all this time! πŸ˜‚

I worked for way longer than I had planned to today, in similar vein to yesterday. So again, I missed out on going to the gym. I think I need to change my routine to make sure I still get to the gym. I will have to go in the morning, so then I can just work until late in the evening without having to worry about missing out on going to the gym.

But I did have a productive work day. I did say that my focus for this second half of the year is to do more on my trading, and I’m doing just that, so I’m not complaining 😊

I’ve been listening to this particular Chinese song lately. I’ve been using it as a study tool, learning some new words and also teaching my mouth to talk/sing as fast as he does. I like this song for this purpose for a few reasons: 1) He has slow and fast sections, so I get to practise my reading and singing at two speeds; 2) The lyrics are simple, and we already know most of the words, so I only had to just look up a handful of new words; and 3) I actually like the song, so I don’t mind listening to it over and over again! 😊 I feel like I’ve listened to it about a dozen times already πŸ˜‚ and only now am I getting close to being able to read the lyrics fast enough to sing along with him. And not just reading the pin yin (the phonetic representation of the Chinese characters), but actually reading the Chinese characters. It’s been a fun way to learn a foreign language, so I think I’ll do this with a few more other songs 😊



I made progress on a few goals today, so I’m happy 😊

An ordinary Thursday, with a flight thrown in

I went to bed really late last night (about 3am 😲), because I was all keen bean and full of energy. But maybe it was more nervous energy, because I just wanted to get stuff done last night before I flew out today πŸ˜‚

And then the fire alarm went off just before 6am. Whether it was in our building or the building next door, I couldn’t tell. I was half asleep! All I could think about was hoping that it was a false alarm because I really didn’t want to get out of bed and evacuate, if it was indeed a genuine fire and that it was in our building and not next door. But a few seconds later, it switched off and I breathed a sigh of relief πŸ˜… I could go back to sleep and get a few more hours’ sleep this morning.

I woke up once every hour, though, until my alarm went off at 9am, so it wasn’t the most restful of sleeps. But I knew I had things to do today, including cleaning up the last few things around the house before I flew out later tonight, so the energy still magically came from somewhere.

I did go to the vet and to the FX seminar, so it was as normal a Thursday as I could make it. Except all the house preparation and final packing. And the worst part of travelling: leaving Kitty. I was actually late to the airport because I didn’t want to leave her all alone. I was hoping to sneak out when she was asleep, but that didn’t work out as I had hoped. Instead, she watched me leave the house, looking all sad and forlorn πŸ˜”

So I didn’t have much time at the airport this time. I bought some Irvin’s Salted Egg chips for N’s colleagues, entered a competition currently being held at Changi, and then it was time to head to my gate already. I didn’t get the chance to shop or visit the Butterfly Garden. But that’s ok, I wanted to maximise my time with Kitty, and I accomplished that 😊

I discovered on board that you can now link your seat to the SingaporeAir app! How cool is that?! I was wishing this exact same thing just a few flights ago, being able to access your playlist just by knowing where you’re sitting on any Singapore Airlines plane. I have to figure out how to use it properly though, as it wasn’t quite syncing for me on this flight. I compiled a playlist on my phone, but I couldn’t access it from my seat. However the playlist I compiled on board, I could control on my phone. So maybe it’s only a one-way street at the moment, seat monitor to phone, and not vice versa? I’ll link again on my return flight home, and see what happens then.

On the flight, I watched this Chinese variety show to help improve my listening. I chose this particular one coz Dwayne Johnson was a guest on the episode that they were showing on board! πŸ˜† He was promoting his Jumanji movie, but it was good to see him mucking around and joining in the challenges and activities on the show. I couldn’t really follow what some of the challenges were, which made me even more determined to get my Chinese to a level where I can at least get the gist.

I landed safely, albeit a little late. I still managed to get to the hotel by train, as I think trains operate until 1am in HK. Freaking awesome! I hope I can get a good night’s sleep tonight, as I am feeling rather spent right now!


We had our first Chinese class in what feels like a lonnnggg time. I wrote a short story and our teacher corrected it today – and he had very few corrections to make! Woohoo! πŸ‘ There wasn’t anything complicated in the story though, and it was quite short, but still, I was quite proud of my effort 😊 I haven’t written a short story in a while because I’ve been focusing more on listening. But it’s a really good exercise, quite challenging trying to express myself in another language, using the limited amount of vocab and grammar that I have at my disposal. I feel like a primary school kid all over again! πŸ˜‚

But now our next lesson will be 25 August 😲 We are travelling again over the next few weeks, and N has a karate comp early August that will keep him busy too. We had a pretty quiet first half of the year, getting into a really good groove. But then June rolled around, and ever since we went to Melbourne for a dance comp, our day-to-day life as we knew it has been thrown out the window. Ah life. We just have to roll with you 😊

We went to the inaugural SG Cat Festival today. It wasn’t the best, unfortunately, with the organisers not having things work for them today. They were squeezed into an ultra tight space, and we just couldn’t see any of the cats that had come to attend their festival, as there were just too many people in such a cramped area. Such a shame. But hopefully they’ll learn from this year’s event, and return with a bigger and better festival next year πŸ‘

We then headed over to the Suntec City area, and to a particular mall there called Millenia Walk. I can’t believe we hadn’t walked through there before! It’s quite an understated mall, but still one that I’d like to walk through again. It seems to have potential…! 😊

So by the time we got home, we were just too tired to go to dance practice, so we stayed home and just watched a few more episodes of Masterchef Australia 😊

Oh check this out:

N captured some of my basics on the treadmill last night. I decided to do a bit of editing on them, and this is what I came up with 😜