Unsettled, and settled

N and I have had pretty unsettled stomachs these past few days, and as per usual, N’s is much worse than mine. It kept him up last night, never letting really get a proper night’s sleep. It was better today, but we tried to eat more bland foods anyway, rather than testing the limits of what our stomachs can handle.

We went grocery shopping and bought potatoes, bread, saltines, tea and apple juice. What a lovely diet for the weekend 😆

While we were at the supermarket, I remembered a few more things that I’ve noticed recently about grocery shopping in HK:

  • The supermarkets near us do not have self-service registers, so queues can be out the door at peak times. I would have expected the city to be much more efficient and streamlined;
  • They don’t hand out plastic bags automatically, which is a good initiative. And if you do need a bag, they charge you HK$0.50 (S$0.09) for it. It’s not much, but it’s enough of a deterrent for me (and hopefully others) to remember to bring my own bag;
  • They sell ready-to-eat sushi and sashimi in one of the main supermarkets here! ðŸ˜ē These were only available at Meidiya in SG, so to have them readily available here is pretty damn good 👍
  • There are tons of cute things everywhere, like Gudetama on bandaids!
  • And speaking of kawaii things, there are a lot more Japanese products available here compared to SG, I guess because it is closer to Japan. I wonder if there’s a larger Japanese expat population here too, and hence, more opportunity for me to resume picking up my Japanese…? 😊

We finally got our internet connected at home, woohoo! And internet also means tv! It’s all starting to come together, it’s very exciting 😄 Every little piece helps to bring the place together, making it feel more and more like home.

We applied for a HK library card today. It’s free, which is what I expected, unlike the ~S$50 fee that I paid in SG. But having said that, the ebook collection in HK is atrocious. Well, at least the English collection is, I can’t comment on the chinese collection, obviously. And that’s pretty much all I borrow! 😔 So despite having paid S$50 in SG, I got to read so many more ebooks and audiobooks there than I think I’ll be able to here, simply because they’re just not available. So I’m feeling rather disappointed with that. I’m hoping that I’m just not searching properly, or accessing the wrong database or something, I’ll have a better look in the next few days… ðŸĪž


Quick and slow

I spent a few hours with Kitty today. And while we were hanging out, N got an email saying that our furniture has indeed arrived in HK and that we can have it delivered to our new home anytime from Wednesday onwards. We were like yeah, bring it on! So they’re coming Wednesday morning 👍 The wait has gone both quick and slow at the same time, it’s such an odd feeling. So while they’re in the house, I think we’ll keep Kitty in the bathroom, so she is away from all the people and all the noise that they’ll no doubt be making. One more day to wait and we can move in! Yeah! Although technically, we still have the serviced apartment for another three weeks, so we have to figure out how to best use that apartment while we have it… It is closer to N’s work, so maybe we can stay there during the week and then use our actual apartment as our weekend home 😂 We’ll see. I’m sure it’ll work out 😊 I just can’t wait for our furniture to arrive. Hopefully the apartment will feel like home once all our stuff is in there.

I went to Muji today to get some ideas for storage as well as some winter clothes. I’ll have to restock my winter gear as I got rid of almost all of it when we moved to SG. I have kept some for when we go on holidays to cold places, but that may not be enough when actually living in a cold place 😆 So let’s see how I go with my existing winter wardrobe when it arrives on Wednesday. I get to wear my scarves and boots again, which will be fantastic. I’m definitely looking forward to that! 😊

We ordered home delivery again tonight. The guy who delivered it was so quick, he was downstairs before I could even get down in the lift. I had to check where the restaurant was, as this guy was so mega-fast: it was 170m from the serviced apartment. OMG. The delivery guy must think I’m the laziest person in the world ðŸ˜ē And here I was thinking my previous order from 400m down the road was close ðŸĪŠ Crazy stuff, man.

But I think even though things are so mega close, it actually takes longer than you think it will to get anywhere because of the narrow streets and the large population. 200m in SG would’ve been nothing (you just die from the heat and humidity 😂), but here, you have to navigate through throngs of people coming from all directions, on a street that is on a steep incline, which barely caters for two people walking side by side – with the occasional construction going on part of the way ðŸ˜ģ And then add umbrellas to the mix on a wet day ☔ïļ So I just have to remember that when I think to myself “oh it’s only 200m down the road, it’ll take less than 5min to walk there”. It will just as likely take twice as long as that! 😂

Closing out our SG chapter

I got up at ridiculous o’clock this morning, as we had to go back to the apartment to let the cleaners in to do the moving-out clean. We got back so early that the evening security guard was still on duty. I’m glad he was, so I got to say goodbye. He’s been very helpful and friendly, and has pretty much been working at the apartment complex the entire time we’ve lived there. He seemed genuinely sad to see us go ðŸ˜Ē

We got back to our hotel, and N went back to the room to go back to sleep 😂 I somehow magically woke up and just went straight to breakfast! I loitered there for the next 1.5 hours until N woke up and joined me. I had two cups of coffee, pancakes and a bowl of noodles while he was still sleeping. Ah to be a morning person and do this every day! #goals

The cleaner said that they will call/message us about half an hour before they finish up, but it was 12pm already and we still hadn’t heard from him, so we went back anyway. And of course they had already left – and left us with an apartment that looked dirtier than when we left this morning ðŸ˜ē We never have good luck with cleaners, they never seem to do a good job. So we ended up spending the next three hours cleaning the apartment ourselves. And it was pretty clean already! If we didn’t have to get professional cleaning done as part of the lease contract, we probably wouldn’t do it, as we have wasted so much money on dodgy cleaning services over the years. Sighhh…

The handover went relatively smoothly, thankfully. The agent was checking everything: checking that all the taps and lights were working, the toilets were flushing, the showers were working, the curtains were clean, the rangehood, the oven… 🙄 I need that same checklist for HK as no doubt the landlord is going to be as nit picky there too ðŸ˜ģ

But thankfully she was happy with the condition of the apartment, and we will indeed be getting our bond back! Phewww! 😅 She better not find more faults in the apartment over the next few months while we wait for the bond to be returned to us! She said it’ll take about 1-2 months to return the deposit, I don’t know why it’ll take that long? Is it to give the landlord time to return the money to the tenant? Why should it take them so long to return it anyway, they should already have the money there?! Anyway, whatever the reason for the long wait, fingers crossed that we do eventually get it back!ðŸĪž

We then visited Kitty one last time, and she was actually pretty good with us. The nurse asked that since she’s behaving well with us, if they can give her fluids while we’re there – and Little Miss complied! 👏 But then she started getting agitated again soon after, so we put her back into her room to let her chillax on her own. Just a few more days and she’ll be back with us – just in an entirely different country! ðŸ˜ą

And we finished the evening catching up with dancing friends. We booked the table for 7pm, and it was midnight by the time everyone left. But even I, one of the most introverted people, barely noticed the time. We went to Overeasy at One Fullerton, which overlooks the iconic Marina Bay Sands, so we got some awesome group shots with MBS, the Art Science Museum and the SG Flyer in the background. I’m glad we chose to go there, it was such a nice way to close out our SG chapter 😍

We got a few farewell gifts, which I thought was very thoughtful of people 🙏 Now we’ll have to find room for them in our luggage…! We have to re-pack anyway, as we just stuffed everything in our suitcases with no sense of order, so they’re not packed in the most efficient way at the moment. Hopefully we won’t have to pay for excess baggage tomorrow…! ðŸĪž

Removalists, Kitty and Satay Street

The removalists came today, three of them and their supervisor. For some reason, despite this move consuming almost all of my time and energy these past few weeks, I still can’t believe we made it to this point. Still in denial, obviously 😂 I got quite emotional while they put our life into 59 ðŸ˜ē boxes. It took them just over three hours to finish the job, and then another hour or so after lunch to put into the truck/crate. I think that’s way too many boxes, I’m going to see if we can reduce that further next time 😊 In comparison: from memory, we had 20-odd boxes when we moved from Melbourne to SG. But we didn’t bring furniture with us that time, which we now have, so that’s added to the number of boxes. Our bed alone probably took up 8 boxes, and then our tv cabinet almost the same. So if you take that into consideration, along with the rest of our additional furniture, then maybe we don’t have that much more stuff than what we had in Melbourne. Maybe 😊

I also wandered around the apartment complex taking in the surrounds one last time, and that didn’t help either! I’m sure I felt the same way when we moved from our Melbourne apartment, feeling all sad that we were leaving the complex. We liked our Melbourne apartment too, as well as the complex that it was in. We’ll have new surrounds in HK, I know. But in the meantime, I’m just going to mourn the closure of this chapter in our lives 😔

After we checked into our temporary accommodation (I feel like I’m on a staycation 😊), I then made my way to the vet to see how Kitty is doing, and to try and make her feel better, if she’s feeling down and/or stressed being there. As soon as I walked in, the vet nurses go “Hellooo, Kitty has been sooooo angry!”. Greeeat, that’s not what I wanted to hear! Apparently she has been such a total jerkstick to the staff. She hisses at them whenever they walk past, and she wouldn’t even let them give her her fluids today. They had to wrap her in a towel in order to do so, and even then, she still hissed and swiped at them. Such an angry head!

When I went over to her to pat her, she seemed ok enough with me, but even I got hissed at a few times ðŸ˜ē I don’t think she likes the rather talkative cat in the room underneath hers. She kept looking down to see who was below, so perhaps the hissing was directed at that cat and not actually at me, and that I just happened to be in the vicinity when chatty kitty was miaowing away. Well, I’d like to think that was the case! 😆 I’ll try and visit her again tomorrow. Hopefully she has mellowed out a little bit more by then ðŸĪž

I decided to go to Lau Pa Sat for dinner. I’ve been pretty much eating local food this entire week, as no doubt I won’t be getting anything as good in quality and price when we get to HK. I decided to have satay sticks on Satay Street tonight, the section of Boon Tat Street that they close off each night, and where they lay out tables and chairs for customers so they can sit down somewhere and try the satay from the various satay stalls that line the street. I just happened to try the satay sticks from stall 6 today, and they were really good! S$8 for 10 sticks and a rice cake, which I thought wasn’t too bad at all. I’m so glad I decided to go there. It’s such a good atmosphere, and during this time of year when it’s a bit cooler as well, sitting out in the open like on Satay Street makes it quite a pleasant evening 👍

We still have a few more admin things to do over the next few days, but nonetheless, I vow to enjoy our staycation before we fly out on Sunday. Today is T minus 3! ðŸ˜ē

T minus 4…

We dropped Kitty off at the vet today. As soon as we took her out of her carrier and into her new “room”, she was not impressed at all. She just sat/lay there as a lump, facing the wall, not wanting to look at any of us.

And then N went to pat her, and she just turned and hissed at him, and she might have even tried to swipe at him. What a little grumpy bum! I’m concerned that she won’t eat much during the coming week, as she’ll be in unfamiliar surrounds the entire week. Sighhh… But it can’t be helped. The removalists are coming tomorrow, and I’d rather that she be out of the house already when they come, as they’ll be making a commotion the entire time that they’re here. And then she couldn’t fly out any earlier than Wednesday next week, as we booked her flight a bit too late, because N’s work took forever and a day to finalise dates. This wasn’t the most planned of moves, I have to say, and I would do things differently next time. But having said that (there’ll be a “next time”), what are the chances that we end up staying in HK for wayyy longer than any other place so far?!? ðŸĪŠ

We ran a few more errands today, and then had dinner with a friend at Chijmes. We didn’t go to Chijmes much at all during our time in SG. Such a shame as it’s quite a nice area. I’ll make more of an effort to go there if I’m ever back in town.

Tonight will be our last night in our SG apartment, as the removalists will take all the furniture tomorrow. It’s getting sadder and sadder now 😔

T minus 5

Kitty’s new carrier came today 👏 It’s actually quite nice, I was pleasantly surprised. They were only selling this bag online, so I couldn’t check it out in person anywhere. So I risked it and purchased it anyway, with the small chance that it wouldn’t suit our needs. But it’s actually pretty good. You can see through the mesh on top and on one side of the carrier, so I may have to buy a dark towel or something to cover at least the side mesh. But the bag is quite pliable, unlike her previous carriers, all of which have been hard plastic, and I can carry it over my shoulder. And apart from the mesh, it looks just like any of my other dance / gym bags. So Operation Sydney (what I have dubbed this) has commenced! 😂

N flew back tonight, his plane made good time in the air, but air traffic control asked them to fly in from the south – even though HK is up north ðŸ˜ģ So that basically got them to land a few minutes ahead of schedule, instead of being twenty minutes early 😔 I always find it cool when I see the flight track of a plane that has been asked to hang out in the air, while air traffic control tries to coordinate all the flights coming in and out of the airport. Except when that means the flight of a friend or family member is delayed as a result! 😒

I have a few more things left to do on my SG to-do list, and I ticked off a few of them today ✅ Hopefully we can finish off the rest of the list tomorrow, and then after that, it’s just a matter of packing for the next few weeks while we wait for our belongings to be shipped over to HK. And catching up with friends! 😊 Today is officially T minus 5, but I’ve spent so much of the past few weeks in HK that part of me already feels like I’ve left SG already, and that this is really just a transition period of sorts…

This still all feels very surreal to me…

Our last week in SG

I flew back to SG today, but no longer with a resident visa, so I had to queue with the tourists, as that is what I am officially now 😔 Less than one week to go before we fly on our one-way ticket to HK… ðŸ˜ē

Kitty was all sooky once again when I got home. Her following me around the house for a few days is perhaps one of the good things about returning home from overseas! 😊

I took her to the vet to get her fluids this afternoon. I have this uncanny ability to pick the times of day when the skies open and spew forth a huge amount of rain, right in the middle of the cab ride from home to the vet ðŸĪĶ‍♀ïļ But since I’ve been rained on pretty badly in the past, I made sure I brought my umbrella today. It was one of those days when I definitely needed it! It rained for a good few hours into the evening, and so kept the place quite cool.

N went back to our new apartment tonight to clean out the kitchen some more, since it’s still a bit grotty. I think getting someone in will be much better, if the whole place is as dirty as the kitchen. N spent most of his time on the fridge tonight, so the cleaners probably won’t have to clean that! 😆 Sighhh… I don’t know how the previous tenants could have lived in such conditions. But people always seem to surprise me… 😒 We’re not clean freaks, so I can’t imagine how they would feel if they saw the apartment in its current state!

We have a few last things to attend to this week, as well as catching up with some friends, and then we will see our SG chapter close. It’ll be quite an emotional week, I’m sure!