Four seasons, SG style

It was a hot day today. I like the heat, but every year, I seriously forget how hot it gets here during summer. This is how I would describe the four “seasons” in SG:

Winter (Dec-Feb) – oh this is actually quite ok, what is everyone taking about? There is a breeze and it is quite pleasant in the evenings. Balmy, even 😊

Spring (Mar-May) – things start to warm up, but you still get the odd breeze and evenings can still be relatively ok. The “feels like” temperature in my weather app starts hitting 40Β°C.

Summer (Jun-Aug) – it is hot. There is no longer a breeze, and you are just perpetually surrounded by this cloud of invisible warmth everywhere you go, day or night. You could go out for an evening stroll at 11pm and it’ll still feel like it’s 35Β°C πŸ˜‚ The “feels like” temperature gets close to 50Β°C.

Autumn (Sep-Nov) – monsoon time in the later end of this season. A lot of rain can fall, which can cool things down, especially if the rain decides to hang out the whole day.

So based on my rough breakdown, I always recommend family and friends to come at the beginning of the calendar year, around January – February. They won’t feel as oppressed by the humidity during “winter”, and when they feel the relative coolness, they may even wonder what all the fuss was about, why everyone keeps going on about SG being so hot and humid when it’s rather pleasant right now πŸ˜‚

Summer is also the only time I go swimming πŸŠβ€β™€οΈ I get cold easily, hence why I love SG weather. And the only time I feel warm enough to go for a swim is if it’s 30Β°C+ outside, the humidity is oppressive, and the sun is out and beaming right on top of me πŸ˜‚

We went over to a friend’s place for dinner and a few drinks tonight. We sat outside to eat, but everyone (except for me πŸ˜†) was dying from the heat, so we went back into airconditioned comfort straight after dinner. We watched this movie called Circle. I’d never heard of it before, and I don’t even remember how we ended up choosing it, but we did. I think half of us weren’t particularly interested in the movie, but the other half were completely engrossed. I was in the latter half. But to be fair, I think the other half struggled a bit because there was so much dialogue and their grasp of the English language isn’t that strong. If the tables were turned and the movie was in Chinese, I’d be struggling to follow the movie too. Another lesson learnt: choose an action or horror film where dialogue is not so important to follow the story!

But we had a good time nonetheless. A nice way to round out the long weekend 😊


Resuming my routine

I lost a bit of momentum of my routine while we were in Melbourne, and then also feeling a bit off when we returned to SG didn’t help me get back into the swing of things as soon as we returned. I lost my daily streak in Duolingo and Drops, the two language apps that I’d been regularly logging into prior to our Melbourne trip. I started up again today, and I can see the difference in recall after not logging in for about a week πŸ˜” You really have to just keep pushing on until things just become automatic, you can’t take such a long break. I guess it’s that much harder learning a language as an adult. Lesson learnt.

I also resumed my gym sessions, which also fell by the wayside in the past week. I would normally go the gym if we were staying in a hotel with one, but we didn’t stay in one this time, so I took a break from this too. It was a good session, I was particularly proud of my 3 sets of 35 squats, rising to my top toes in between each squat, which should help my strength in Ballroom, which is all about the rise and fall (except Tango, the black sheep of the Ballroom family of dances). Now my legs are totally spent πŸ˜‚

It’s a public holiday here tomorrow, Hari Raya Puasa, the end of the fasting period of Ramadan. SG is very good at being fair across the different races and religions of the people who make up this small country, and that includes its public holidays. So I’m thinking of doing another cycling trail tomorrow 😊 I want to use my scooter πŸ›΄ so maybe N and I can take turns on it, while the other one uses a share bike 🚲 I want to do a different trail tomorrow, just to see another part of SG that I haven’t seen before. Hopefully my legs will hold up after my 105 squats today πŸ˜†

And now I’m off to watch the first match of the World Cup, one of the few times when I actually watch football ⚽️ One of my old bosses got me into the World Cup in 2014, so this will be the second one that I will follow. Not that I can tell you anything about the previous one 🀣

A historic day

Today was all about the Trump Kim Summit at Capella Hotel at Sentosa. Channel News Asia had live coverage all day, so I was tuned in for some of it, either on my phone or on the Channel News Asia channel 😊 I did consider going down to Sentosa with the hope of seeing something – anything! πŸ˜† – at the hotel. But I checked to see where the Capella Hotel is relative to the touristy part of Sentosa, and it looked like a bit of a walk, so I changed my mind and watched the live broadcast instead 😊

Kitty and I had a vet appointment this morning, and her vet is close to the two hotels that the two leaders were staying at, so I was concerned that there’d be traffic chaos. But my fears were unfounded, it was all fine. My Grab driver actually chose to drive past Kim’s hotel, St Regis, on the way back home, but even driving that close to one of the restricted areas turned out to be perfectly fine πŸ‘

The summit was a step in the right direction.

I had vegemite on toast today at a nearby cafe. The staff member who took my order didn’t understand that I wanted vegemite as my spread, he didn’t seem to know the word at all. Apparently they had just changed their menu and he wasn’t quite used to its contents yet. But the point is, vegemite is now on their menu! So I took it as a sign to extend the Aussie feels, having just gotten back from Melbourne last night. I may have to order it again next time I’m at that cafe for breakfast 😊

Vegemite on toast! πŸ˜‹Β 

Did I mention that we’re going to Vietnam for a dance competition next month? We’re trying to get the details sorted (visas. flights, accommodation). We’re only going for a few days, much like our trip to Melbourne, so it’ll pretty much be a fly-in-fly-out trip. I’m hoping to get the flights and accommodation sorted tomorrow. I’m quite excited about it, since I’ve never been to Vietnam. I’m hoping a few days in Ho Chi Minh City will give me a bit of an idea of what the city is like, and whether I’d want to return again. I’m glad we’re travelling a bit more for dance comps. It’s one of my goals for this year (to be more well known in the dance scene in the region), and we’re meeting this goal quite nicely so far😊

Buzzing with energy

We had a double Latin lesson today, followed by a bit of Ballroom practice after, with a quick lunch in between the two sessions. N was completely spent, so he didn’t do too much Ballroom today. His muscles were really right, so he went for a massage straight after practice.

I, on the other hand, for some bizarre reason, still had all this energy. I felt totally wired, as if someone had injected me with caffeine or some similar drug that gives you an energy boost. I could feel my body was tired, but at the same time, this natural drug that was coursing through my veins was telling me to go, go, go! It was the oddest feeling.

I thought maybe I’d go for a session at the gym to get rid of this excess energy. But I was toying with the idea of riding my scooter around Marina Bay and Gardens by the Bay, taking a similar route to what we did with our friends last Tuesday on the public holiday. It’s not as physically taxing as going to the gym, but it still does require some effort with balance and coordination, so I thought it was a good compromise.

And so I went riding πŸ›΄ and got some nice evening shots 😊

Now that whatever drug it was has worn off, my body is completely sore and I am totally knackered πŸ˜‚ I like to think of this as evidence of a successful day πŸ‘ Now if only this drug actually existed and I could take it whenever I needed a boost…! πŸ˜‰

Share bikes and scooters

I went to my usual FX seminar today, but instead of going home and trading like I normally do, I spent the afternoon down at the One Fullerton area overlooking Marina Bay, reading my current trading book. It’s quite a nice area, why don’t we come down here more often?! It’s very pretty and quite serene, with tourists comprising most of the people walking through the area. We rode through here on Tuesday when we cycled around Marina Bay with our friends. We should ride around here more often. And with so many share bikes around these days (and so cheap!), it makes it so much easier to just pick one up along the way and pay the ~S$2 for the few hours.

I walked all the way to the Merlion, and surprised myself when I got this clean shot without any of the tourists who were swarming the area πŸ˜‚

Along with the share bikes, there were also a few tourists with hired scooters, both the traditional scooter as well as the hands free version. Pretty cool. I like how this city has embraced these share bikes and scooters. I guess it’s easier in a small city like SG. Plus riding around in such a safe city makes it all the more pleasant, when you’re not constantly worried that your bag is going to be snatched or someone’s going to be a jerkstick while you’re riding past them.

And because they’ve become so popular, there’s been a few accidents involving them, so these signs have now cropped up recently:

Some hefty fines there. If that’s not a deterrent, then I don’t know what is! But even though there is the odd irresponsible user, most people are courteous. And even pedestrians are courteous, and let the scooters and bicycles go by. So I feel that generally, there is relative harmony on the footpaths 😊

Dancing and flowers

My dad sent me this YouTube clip on rumba walks, which was rather timely because I was going to go find one myself and post the link here, to give you an idea of how weird I must look on the treadmill at the gym! πŸ˜‚ It’s not so bad when I’m the only one on the treadmill, but there are two side by side, so when someone else is using one, then my doing the rumba walks on the other looks rather odd πŸ€ͺ

I came across this small display on Orchard Road, promoting the upcoming Singapore Garden Festival at Gardens by the Bay. I’m very excited, I can’t wait to go! Apparently it’s on once every two years, but I didn’t know about the 2016 one, which is the only prior one we would’ve been here for. So this will be a new festival for me. I should buy my tickets now! 😊

We had a good Ballroom lesson today, working on Slow Fox. It actually felt that little bit better πŸ‘ And Latin practice afterwards didn’t feel too bad either. Maybe there’s hope for us at the comp next week πŸ˜‚

Our teacher asked us if we were doing ten dance at the comp, and we said “Yes – well, six dance”. We only registered for the 3-dance events, but because we do both Ballroom and Latin, it is effectively six dances. So even though we’re “only” doing six dances, that is still one more dance than the specialists do, who only have to do five dances. O-M-G. And there are still four dances to do, two in each style. OK, I shouldn’t be so hard on myself. I forget the number of dances that we have to do compared to the specialists! Sighhh… Is this goal a bit too ambitious??

An actual public holiday

Today was an actual public holiday in SG, unlike the “enforced” one yesterday πŸ˜†

We did a lot of riding today: first, we cycled with our friends to Gardens by the Bay and back, stopping by for coffees, smoothies and milkshakes at Marina Bay Sands; and then lunch at Robertson Quay. I rode my scooter, while the others rode their bikes. I don’t get much opportunity to use my scooter, after I ruled out using it to go to the vet with Kitty, so I’m glad I decided to use it today.

After lunch, we parted ways and N and I did part 2: we rode the North Eastern Riverine Loop! It’s still very pretty, and once again, there were very few people on the trail. I rode the bike this time, to get a bit more of a workout, while N rode on the scooter. The scooter actually lasted all day, which was unbelievable. It only started dying when we were a few hundred metres to the finish line, its battery life is very impressive.

We were so knackered by the end of the day. I took a nap as soon as we got home, and then we finished the day with the third and fourth Jurassic Park movies. I’m all caught up and ready to watch #5! πŸ‘