Citygate and the end of season one

Our grocery home delivery came at around 11am today. Their morning window is 9am-2pm, which is such a huge window! But they seem to come at around 11am each time, so that’s not too bad.

We decided to watch an episode of The Umbrella Academy before heading to Citygate, a discount outlet store out near the airport. We actually spent more time out there than I had expected to, and we didn’t even finish the whole mall. Probably worth a visit a few times a year to stock up on anything that we need, as their stuff actually isn’t too bad 👍

We also discovered Taste out there, this supermarket that has the most awesome ready made food section. Rivals Takashimaya in SG, if you ask me! And that’s saying something, because I thought Takashimaya’s downstairs food section was pretty good ðŸ˜ē I was wondering if there was another Taste closer to home, as I don’t really want to be travelling all the way pretty much to the airport each time I want some ready-made food for dinner! They apparently have one in Wan Chai, so I will have to go check it out 😊 Hopefully it’ll be as good, although I don’t have high hopes on this, as I suspect there is much more space out near the airport to have a massive supermarket compared to other parts of the city 😒 I’d like to be wrong, of course, but like I said, I’m not getting my hopes up.

Korean! 😋

There was karate tonight, but N was feeling too tired to go – and so decided to just head down to the gym with me ðŸĪŠ Never mind actually just resting! 😂

And then we finished off the evening by finishing off season one of The Umbrella Academy. It was such a good first season! Now we can’t wait for them to finish season two so we can start watching it 😊 I really hope it’ll be just as good as – if not better than – season one ðŸĪž I have a feeling we’ll be waiting until 2020, though… Sighhh… 😔


First time and last time

I didn’t go pick up my package from the post office yesterday, so I planned to head over today. I decided to stop by the HK Tourism Visitor Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui first to pick up some brochures for my brother and sister-in-law, who are coming to visit HK tomorrow! Visitor centres always have cool suggestions for tourists, and sometimes even for residents like me. I was a regular at the SG equivalent on Orchard Road 😆 It’ll be the first time they’ll be in HK, so I’m very excited for them 😊 I hope they don’t melt in the heat… ðŸĨĩ

I then stopped by Nespresso at IFC, and then made my way home – completely forgetting the post office! I can’t believe I forgot to stop by! So now I have to go tomorrow. I’m so annoyed with myself! I had planned out my day perfectly, and then to leave out the most crucial thing… Arghhh! ðŸ˜Ī

I heard that this season will be the last for the three Masterchef Australia judges 😔 I guess this will probably be the last for me then, too, as it just won’t be the same with three different judges going forward. The end of an era regardless. They showed the grand finale in Oz tonight, but I’ve only watched the first half, so I’m staying away from social media until I finish off the season. Shannon Bennett returned for the final episode, which I was happy about. I missed him this season, he was great to have in the Masterchef kitchen, and his absence was noticeable. So I guess I just have the second half of the grand finale and I’ll be the end of this Masterchef Australia era 😞

First tropical cyclone warning for 2019

The first tropical cyclone warning for the year was announced at 4:15pm today, and is still in force eight hours later ðŸ˜Ĩ It’s currently standby signal T1, the lowest of the signals. Nonetheless, I’m taking it as the start of the typhoon season, as signals can only get worse from here 😔 I understand there are five levels: T1, T3, T8, T9 and T10. Needless to say, last year’s crazy bad typhoon (Mangkhut) was a T10 ðŸ˜ą I’m happy to stay at this T1 level, thanks… The HK Observatory’s map is already freaking me out…!

Any signals issued at T8 or above means work and school gets cancelled, and these apparently happen a handful of times each year. You’ll no doubt be hearing all about it from me when a signal is issued at that level! HK has been experiencing this for yeeears now, so locals are totally prepared and completely used to this. But this is my first time living in a city that is so prone to typhoons, so I don’t really know what to expect, so of course my little brain is going into overdrive… ðŸ˜Đ

And coupled with the HK Observatory’s three rainstorm warning signals (amber, red and black), it makes for a lovely summer season 😞

Have I mentioned how much I miss SG?? 😂

Start of the long weekend

I got up at 8am this morning, to make sure I was awake for when our home delivery arrived today. Their window was 9am – 2pm, which is a pretty damn huge window! 😂 Luckily they arrived at around 11am, so we didn’t have to wait around for too long.

We had lunch in Wan Chai at Sabah Malaysian Cuisine, which apparently is in the Michelin Guide! It reminded me so much of SG, where all these types of dishes were just readily available. Awww SG, still missing you 😔 But they’re closing in October, due to their lease expiring, so we’ll have to find out where they end up setting up shop again, for those times when we have a hankering for Malaysian food 😋

We stopped by the computer centre once again, since we were in the area. It’s almost obligatory to stop by if we’re in Wan Chai 😂 This time N bought some charging cables. I think electronics are his gazingus pins, a term coined by the authors of Your Money or Your Life to describe items that you are just compelled to buy, even if you already have a bajillion other similar items at home. So he always wants to stop by electronics stores and check out whatever gadgets they have there. In SG it was Challenger; here, it’s pretty hard to beat the Wan Chai Computer Centre! 😂

My gazingus pin is stationery 😊 I love stationery, and I really have to stop myself from buying the stuff. This is one area where I am not an underbuyer! 😂 But I have reined in this buying habit a fair bit now, and I have told myself that I have to use up all the stationery at home first before I can buy any more. I’ve kept it under control so far, as my desire for a less cluttered home is also quite strong. But yeah, stationery is definitely my gazingus pin 😆

We’re planning on going to Macau tomorrow, I’m very excited! Another new country to visit 😊 Although technically part of China, like HK is, it also falls under the “one country, two systems” policy, so it’s also a “Special Administrative Region”. But I still see it as a country in its own right, despite the technicalities. I’m excited to be doing this day trip! 😊

Productive just before the long weekend

I actually had a really productive day, and ended up doing most things that I wanted to do today 👍 It was just a shame that I was feeling quite down for a lot of the day, so I didn’t get to revel in the success of my day 😔 I normally would be quite proud of having had such a productive day, but today I just felt empty 😔 I don’t like these sorts of days, but I guess everyone has them – it’s just part of life, right? You have to take the good with the bad, that’s how I see it.

We have another long weekend tomorrow – it doesn’t feel like the last one was that long ago?! Public holidays here seem to be spaced out quite nicely 👍 Although after having said that, there’s probably a dearth of public holidays between now and Christmas…! 😅

Yep, the next one after Monday 1 July (HK Establishment Day) is Tue 1 Oct, National Day. That’s THREE MONTHS away! OK I spoke too soon, sighhh… Although that’s still not as bad as the almost FIVE-MONTH stretch in Melbourne between the Queen’s Birthday long weekend in mid-June to Melbourne Cup day which is early November, before they introduced the AFL grand final long weekend, which broke that long stretch up a bit. That was torturous 😂 I think SG’s public holidays were the most evenly spread out. Not only were they a culturally balanced mix of public holidays, but they were also well spread out throughout the year. Awww SG, I still miss you 😔

Old and new

I received an email from my SG broker saying that they’re closing my account in a few weeks, as new regulations won’t allow them to hold accounts for residents of HK 😔 I am soooo sad about this!! I really like this broker. Their service is great, and their platform is really easy to use and navigate your way around.

So I then went searching for a new broker, and wasn’t all that impressed with what I found 😒 But I did come across an Australian one, which I’d heard of before, so I signed up for a demo account. And less than ten minutes later I reckon, a relationship manager gave me a call to say that he’d seen my application! Talk about customer service! And note this was at 7pm Sydney time, where the call came from, and where their head office is. So that was quite impressive. But before I sign up properly, I just want to play with their demo platform for a while and make sure I know how to use it before I actually give them real money.

I spoke to my mum for a little while after I spoke to mr broker representative guy, and then just watched a few episodes of Masterchef Australia. I feel like I’m sooo behind this year. I’ve watched most seasons of this show, and maybe I watch it even more religiously now, as it’s one of the last few remaining symbols of my life in Australia. I do miss my life in Oz, but I have also had an amazing experience living in Asia the past few years. Not always sunshine and rainbows, but definitely a once-in-a-lifetime experience. And as I keep saying, I don’t know how long we will have the privilege of living here, so I just try and be grateful for every day that we do get to spend in this part of the world. But that doesn’t mean I won’t vent here every once in a while! 😂


A few people say that summers in HK can be even more brutal than in SG, which I think N agrees with, but I’m yet to feel it. As you may know, I don’t get hot very easily. My ideal temperature is in the low 30s, and only when it gets into the high 30s would I start considering it “hot” 😆 Temperature-wise, it can get warmer here, but I actually felt the humidity more in SG. Actually, let me rephrase that: I don’t really understand what humidity means, as I don’t really feel it ðŸĪŠ The only way I can judge the extent of the humidity is just how drenched my back is at the end of the day 😂 And so far, my back has barely cracked a sweat this summer. But today was the first time the weather was actually starting to rival SG’s, so maybe the proper summer is yet to come…?? I’ll find out soon enough… I’ll keep you posted 😉

But having said that, we have a mould issue in the apartment, which is terribly annoying and apparently very common in these high humidity climates! And people’s suggestions on how to combat the problem? Leave the aircon on 24-7! ðŸ˜ē I don’t think it’s a very cost effective way to solve the problem, nor is it the most environmentally friendly, which is just as frustrating as the problem itself! We didn’t have this issue in SG, but apparently it’s a big issue there too 😔 Maybe because we live in an older building here, and so ventilation isn’t as great?? ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ So as a compromise, I tend to turn on the aircon whenever I’m in a room, and turn it off when I leave. And I also turn the aircon on in whichever room Kitty is sleeping, so she’s a little comfortable too. I hardly ever turned on the aircon in SG, it was only ever on when N was home too. But here, I use all the aircon units on a daily basis because of the mould issue. Isn’t that just lovely 😒