Tired and annoyed

I am still unsure about my chosen vet for Kitty here 😐 Firstly, we dropped by yesterday to ask for some more medicine for her, and I was told it will take a day or two to get it prepared for her, and to just call tomorrow once I’ve checked her dosage (I couldn’t remember what it was and it was the first time I’m buying her meds in HK, so the clinic doesn’t have it on her records yet). Why couldn’t I ring them up after I got home to check?? I asked her that and she said, Iit’ll take a day or two to prepare it anyway, so just call tomorrow.” Okayyy…

So I rang today. I gave her the back story, and mentioned that Dr X (Kitty’s new vet in HK at this clinic) recommended dropping the dosage slightly. She then queries who Dr X is.

Me: Dr X, Dr FirstName X

Vet nurse: Oh Dr FirstName X, from here?

She sounded as if the penny just dropped. Why would I just be dropping random vet names if Dr X didn’t work at that clinic?? πŸ˜’ Anywayyy… After comprehending Kitty’s back story, she then said, “Okay, I’ll call you back.” I am still waiting for that call. Ummm, and when, pray tell, do you plan on calling me back? πŸ˜’ Perhaps when the medicine is ready for me to pick up?? Sighhh…

In complete contrast, I would just rock up to our SG vet, ask for the meds, and they head over to the cabinet and give me exactly what I need. Maybe I’m being unfair as these guys don’t know Kitty yet as well as the SG guys did, but this clinic just doesn’t seem as slick an operation… Nor have I been that impressed with their level of service. Apart from the vet, most of my other interactions at the clinic have been pretty mediocre πŸ˜” Hence my contemplating changing clinics…

Anyway… I’m probably grumbling right now because I’m tired. All my keen bean-ness and lack of sleep over the last few days is finally starting to come to an end. Maybe I can feel somewhat normal again tomorrow!

I also didn’t make it to the gym because I was just too tired today. I figured it wouldn’t be the most productive session anyway if I did go, so I figured resting would be a better good use of my time, and I’ll go on a day when I’m actually feeling better physically. So my lack of activity probably didn’t help my mood today either.

Not the best start to the week… πŸ˜”


Learning, friends and food

YouTube has unexpectedly become a good source for Chinese songs. I am currently working my way through δ½ ι‚„θ¦ζˆ‘ζ€Žζ¨£ (What do you want me to do), learning all the new words, trying to translate the lyrics, and trying to read the Chinese fast enough to sing along. It’s actually quite a challenging song, with a lot of new words, and the pace of the song can be quite fast at times. But YouTube is helping, giving the pinyin (the romanisation system of the Chinese sounds) and the English translation. So I can look up the new words much more quickly (although I really should just listen to what’s being sung, since listening is my primary focus this year πŸ˜†) and also get the translation if I’m struggling to translate it on my own. Plus I like the song, so I’m also ok with having it on repeat πŸ˜‚

I started reading The Motivation Myth today. It’s written in a rather entertaining way, and has been really easy to read so far. Excluding my Chinese children’s picture books and my trading textbooks of sorts, this is my first book for the year. My first non-fiction book for the year. It’s perhaps a good one to start off with, to kickstart my motivation for 2019 😊

We caught up with a friend from SG today, who’s in HK for the next few days for work. He brought us some pandan cake! It is so light and fluffy πŸ˜‹ I could eat the whole cake on my own! πŸ˜† There are some foods that I miss from SG; food was something that I took for granted while we were there. And now I’m missing some of them, like pandan cake. And chilli crab πŸ˜”

But now, I’m enjoying YUM CHA!! They didn’t really do yum cha in SG, so having it so prolific in HK is just too good! πŸ˜† Shame our friend is busy with work the entire time he’s here, though. He doesn’t even have one evening to himself to spend time with us, so we can’t even take him out for a meal πŸ˜” Busy busy bee 🐝

Not in a good mood

I decided to go to IFC today, and buy some cleanser at the SKII store there. The woman who served me asked if I had a bag, and I said no. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, stores don’t readily hand out bags here in HK, and sometimes they even charge you for the privilege of getting one.

Anyway, after I paid, I realised that what the woman was actually asking me was “do I NEED a bag” and not what she did ask: “do I HAVE a bag”. So I asked for one, and she said it would cost fifteen cents. I was like omg fifteen cents, what is that, less than S$0.01?? (It’s actually less than S$0.03.) So even though that’s next to nothing, it meant that I had to break the smallest note that I had on me, which was a HK$20, as I didn’t have any coins. So if I had known that I wasn’t getting a bag right from the start, I would’ve just asked for them to include the additional HK$0.15 onto the cost of the cleanser when they charged it onto my credit card. Sighhh…

Then when I was handed my receipts, apparently the bag was fifty cents, not fifteen. I haven’t been impressed with the level of service at IFC, not just at this store, but in a few other stores too. It doesn’t seem to match the iconic name that the mall has for itself. Maybe it’s because the staff are not very comfortable speaking in English. I have found English to not be at the standard that I would expect in a global city. I have found it much harder navigating my way around HK compared to SG.

And then I made a number of losing trades in the afternoon. The last few weeks has been quite demoralising, actually, so I’m going to take tomorrow off (and perhaps Friday too) and regroup, do some more testing, and come back fresh on Monday.

I tried cheering myself up a bit in the evening by watching an episode of my Korean drama About Time, as it has been a rather frustrating day πŸ˜’ It’s getting good! πŸ‘ At least there was one thing that was actually good today πŸ˜†


I miss the sun β˜€οΈ It feels like I haven’t seen it in aaages… It’s been cloudy and foggy for so long now, I can’t wait for the sun to make an appearance. Not just to brighten my mood, but also to warm things up! It’s not too cold anyhow – it feels more like autumn here than winter, really – I just prefer warmer weather in general. Which is precisely why I miss my SG all-year-round summer! πŸ˜”

My cold is still lingering around too, which is terribly annoying. I want to start my routine of going to the gym again, but I’m waiting until I’m better before I start getting back into it, otherwise I can see myself getting sick all over again πŸ˜”

It was a pretty uneventful day for me. I spent most of the day on my trading: the library book that I borrowed yesterday is a trading textbook of sorts, so I’m making way through that. I also watched a few episodes of About Time, my current Korean drama, which I’m really enjoying. And I also got back onto social media (My Non-Foodie Life) and posted a few things for the first time in a while. I’ve been busy entertaining family and friends these past few weeks that I lost whatever semblance of a routine that I had before, so I’m trying to get back into it now. So rather than “uneventful”, instead I should perhaps describe my day as “routine” 😊

Size and dramas

I borrowed my first library book today! πŸ‘ I was looking for a copy of it in a nearby library, and found one relatively close to home, so I decided to make my way out there today. It was effectively a library in the ‘burbs, which I wasn’t quite used to, as I’ve been going to one of the main libraries that takes up about ten floors. So as you can imagine, this suburban one on its lone teeny tiny floor felt really small in comparison! But it had the book that I was after, and that’s all that matters. Size doesn’t count when you don’t have the calibre in your book collection πŸ˜†

Since I’m new to this city, I had to use Google Maps to find where the other libraries were that stocked this particular book. One library was apparently 12km away! Now this is nothing by Sydney standards, but after being in Asia for a few years now, 12km seems like it’s forever away! And it is even worse in HK when it feels like we could do virtually everything we want to do within a 1km radius from home 😲 Karate, dance, Chinese class, work, shopping, movies. I still can’t believe how dense this city is! I’m going to feel like I have so much space when I am back in SG – let alone in Oz! πŸ˜†

I started watching my new Korean drama today, About Time. Definitely a good start! It’s drawn me in right from the beginning much like Lover’s Lies did, so it’s looking promising! Even if there was the blatant product placement of famous Korean brands like Kia and Samsung in the very first episode πŸ˜‚

Trying to save money

We had a pretty lazy Sunday. I didn’t want to spend any money today, as we’ve spent quite a fair bit these past few weeks, while we’ve had family and friends visiting. And if I went out, the temptation to spend money will be greater, so I chose to stay home and be a scrooge πŸ˜†

I watched a few Chinese dramas, trying to find my next series, but nothing drew me in as much as Lover’s Lies did right from the start. I was hoping to find a Chinese drama so I can continue working on my listening skills, but I haven’t enjoyed the dramas that I’ve picked so far. So I may just watch the Korean dramas that I have on my list at the moment (About Time and Money Flower) and just watch for the entertainment, rather than for language study.

I am currently subscribed to Audible, which I have really enjoyed for the last few years. Then I became of a member of SG Library, and I started borrowing a lot more books through them, as they had a huge collection of both ebooks and audiobooks, my preferred methods for reading books. Even though it cost me around S$50 to be a member for one year, it was totally worth it. Now I have membership at HK library, but their ebook and audiobook collection is terrible. So this has prompted me to review my Audible membership. I am now thinking of cancelling it and moving to Scribd. It’s a little cheaper than Audible, and its offering is more like what I had with my SG library membership. Only problem is, I have 13 credits left with Audible, and if I cancel my membership, I lose all my credits. So I need to use up my credits before I cancel my membership, meaning I have to find 13 audiobooks that I want to buy! 😲 This will take me a while to come up with 13 audiobooks that I want! So I won’t be cancelling my membership and swapping over to Scribd anytime soon…!

But having said all that, I will be heading down to one of my local libraries tomorrow anyhow! πŸ˜† I still want to make use of whatever HK library has to offer, no matter how limited that may be 😊

What’s the dealio?!

I actually felt better today, despite staying up until 3am to finish watching Lover’s Lies and waiting up for N to come home from work drinks πŸ˜† It’s amazing just how different I feel mentally as well as physically when I’m well.

So yeah, I finished Lover’s Lies, and the ending was definitely not what I expected, which was great. I like different endings, and I really like how this one ended. It was worth watching right up until the end 😊

I also got through some trading, some housework and I also went to go buy some groceries, looking for a specific brand of cat litter at all the various supermarkets nearby. Can you believe it: none of them had the brand that I have been using the past few weeks! So now we have to use yet another brand, sighhhh… I didn’t have this problem back in SG (or in Oz!), what’s the deal here?? Luckily Kitty hasn’t been too fussed with the recent change in her cat litter, so hopefully she’ll be ok with yet another brand again πŸ˜’

We also booked in aircon guys to come in tomorrow to clean the aircon units. They are wayyy more expensive to get cleaned here compared to SG! We didn’t know this when we agreed to get them cleaned quarterly as part of our lease contract πŸ˜’ One clean here is effectively a year’s worth of quarterly cleans in SG! Knowing how dirty they get in SG even with a quarterly clean, we didn’t see this as an issue to have it included in our lease contract, even if it isn’t a standard clause in a typical lease here. And with the pollution here that everyone keeps going on about, I actually would be welcoming the quarterly clean! But the price! 4x what we were paying in SG?!? Again, what’s the dealio, HK?!? Redonkulous!! I thought it may have just been the aircon guys that I was coming across who were charging these crazy prices, but N confirmed with a few people in the office that what I was being quoted was indeed market prices. Sighhh… This is a crazy expensive city to live in!!