Still in limbo

I found this cafe called The Flying Pan, which basically serves breakfast 24/7!! 😲 😲 How awesome is that?!? You can come in anytime, day or night, and have breakfast. And their prices are also quite reasonable. Their servings aren’t huge, but that’s perfect for me anyway. I will definitely be a regular at this place! They also have a stamp card for regulars, where they give you a HK$50 voucher or something after you receive ten stamps. If I’m going there anyway, I may as well pick up a stamp, and eventually score a voucher as a bonus 😊

We went to check on Kitty after brunch. Kitty seems somewhat ok, but still quite sooky; she will follow us around the apartment whenever we’re there with her. She ate most of her food today, which is good. Maybe that’s also a sign that she’s feeling more comfortable in her new home 🤞

I think I have decided to get the black desk and chair for my/our home office, and have this rug in the room as well. Would that work? I don’t have an eye for these things 😔 We’ll go check out the desk again at IKEA tomorrow, that’s more important than the rug anyway. And then hopefully we can order it then as well, and they can deliver sometime this week, as I really want to start getting back into my trading – really, just a state of normality, whatever that means in HK for us! We’ll have to work towards what that is, but I’d like to be able to even just do that, because we’re not even quite at that stage yet. Still about one more week of being in limbo, I reckon. Just have to hang in there for a little bit longer…!


Ready to roll

The Traders Fair was on today. I really just wanted to see one trader from the US who I really admire. I’m on her company’s mailing list, which is how I heard about the Fair in the first place. She had two 2-hour sessions today. Her morning session was a FULL HOUSE – all the seats were filled!! 😲 And there were people standing at the back of the room. I guess other people really like her too! So I wanted to grab a quick bite to eat during the one hour between her sessions, to make sure I get a seat and don’t end up standing for two hours all the way up the back! 😆

I didn’t have time for breakfast this morning, and my quick bite was very small, so again, I was just running on adrenalin for most of the day. Not good! I know what my body is like. It never does well just running on adrenalin. Case in point was this time last week, when I ended up crashing a few days after 😔 So I’m going to try and have a quieter evening, to make sure I don’t crash and burn in the next few days, just before I fly to HK!

Overall I actually enjoyed the content of all the sessions that I attended at the Fair. My key takeaway from the day: I am doing the right things in order to succeed at this trading game – even if it doesn’t feel like it at times! 😆 I picked up some new things as well, and also reminded of a few other things that I have forgotten in recent months. Now I’m terribly excited to get back into my trading. I just want to get this move sorted – and to find a place to actually live in once we get to the other side! – so that I can get back on my trading wagon 😊

This evening, I decided to order takeaway from a new place that’s opened just down the road from us. As I was walking there, I went past one of our regular haunts just a few shops down, and the waiter who usually takes our order was at the front, and we waved hello to each other. I felt guilty ordering takeaway from one of their competitors. I felt like I was betraying them! So as I stood around waiting for my order, I was trying to hide so that he doesn’t see me outside the other shop 😆

Ah, I’m going to miss these small things, these relationships that you build up over time. Things that you just take for granted as you go about your life – until that life is uprooted and takes you on a totally different path. So we’ll be establishing new routines once again once we arrive in our new country. Ah… Such is our life.

As I promised to myself, I took it easy tonight. I watched the next episode of Madam Secretary while I munched away at my dinner. I felt like that episode was better written compared to the first one. I think I’m going to enjoy this series, it’s looking promising! 👍

And I cleaned out one of the last two drawers that needed sorting. Once we clean out the medicine drawer, then we’ll be ready to roll. Wow. I can’t believe we got to this point, it didn’t seem possible at one point. I’m sure if I read through my blog posts these past few weeks I’ll probably find something that mentions this seemingly insurmountable task. So I think for the last few days that I’m in SG, I’ll just continue updating my itemised inventory list so that it is up-to-date for HK.

Oh and our visas for HK arrived today. It’s all happening now! 😲

A break from packing

I started working on one of the two drawers that I mentioned yesterday. The drawers contain papers and medicine, so the latter will be much easier to get through. As important as they are, papers relating to finance stuff don’t interest me whatsoever, so I probably won’t get through it all before we leave. I’ll just have to carry the papers with me to HK and make a conscious effort to stay on top of it there!

And tonight, I have myself a bit of a break from all this packing and culling: I finally watched the first episode of Madam Secretary. I’ve been wanting to watch the series for ages now, as I like both Tea Leoni and Tim Daly. The episode was good, but the writing just didn’t seem very “polished”, if that makes sense. You know when there is a movie adaptation of a book and they pick out the key elements and work with that in the movie, simply because there isn’t enough time to capture everything that’s in the book? Well that’s how the first episode felt, even though the show is not adapted from a book! It seemed like we were just getting the key elements. So it doesn’t feel like we’re getting a smooth development either of the characters or of the storyline. Well I guess it was just the first episode, so hopefully things go a bit more smoothly from here on in.

I am going to a trader’s fair tomorrow, I am terribly excited. I hope I’m not setting such high expectations that I end up being disappointed at the end of the day! 😑 At the very least, it’ll get my mind off all this moving business, even for just one day! 😊


I was feeling a little down today, not sure why. It’s probably a combination of a few things, the main one probably being all the stress that this HK move is adding to our everyday lives. I just want to get it over and done with! Argh! 😩

I went to my usual FX seminar today, and it was a full house! I was a little late, as I had the property agent come in and take some photos of the apartment today, so there were very few seats available when I got there!

I soon discover that a few young’uns decided to join us today – and they were being very disrespectful. They talked throughout the seminar, and one guy even had the nerve to stand up and walk to the middle of the room to take a photo of his mates while the facilitator was talking! Wth?!? So rude and disrespectful, not just to the facilitator but also to us attendees who were there to listen and to learn. A fellow attendee eventually told them off, as this photo taking business happened right in front of her, and that shut them up for the most part. I don’t know why they were there in the first place, but surely they wouldn’t behave like that in a classroom?? Ruuuude!!

After the seminar, I caught the lift down with the woman who told the young’uns off earlier. I thanked her for doing so, as I think she did everyone a favour and made the remainder of the seminar that much more pleasant. Hopefully the young’uns either behave next week or their little assignment required just one seminar attendance!

Back to normality – except for one thing

Back home, back to normality. Back to the vet, trading and the gym. A stock standard day.

Except for one thing: we may be moving to HK! OMG! N’s been working with their HK office lately – hence why we’ve been over there quite a few times these past few months – to the point where they are now considering moving us over there on a more permanent basis. Well, as permanent as an expat can be…! So I may have to say farewell to this little nation very soon 😔 I will keep you posted on what’s happening when I have more info, but at the moment, it’s looking quite likely that it’s going to happen… New experiences, yes, but yet again, we will be uprooting our little family and plonking ourselves in new surrounds and starting all over again – and leaving friends that we’ve made while we’ve been here. It’s never easy.

I posted this article on FB a few years ago when I stumbled across it, coincidentally around the same time we had just moved to SG. I like to read it every now and then, even if I don’t quite agree with everything in the article. It just makes me ponder on life, on moving overseas and our decision to be expats. Do I regret the decision to move overseas? Not in a million years. I have grown as a person, learnt more about myself in the past few years than I ever did back in Oz, and learnt more about people in general. But I miss family and friends. I miss just being able to hang out with them on the weekends or after work. That’s the toughest thing for me.


It was the day after a mid-week public holiday, so of course I felt a bit disoriented, not really sure which day of the week it actually was today!

So the hangover from the public holiday lingered on today 😂 I didn’t really feel like doing much at all. I did do some trading stuff, including attending my usual FX seminar, but that was about it. I was quite relaxed the rest of the day. I watched To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before, after reading a few things on social media about it. It’s primarily aimed at teenagers / young adults, but it wasn’t too bad a movie nonetheless. Maybe I’ll also add it to my ever-growing list of books to read… 😆

Speaking of books, I finished The Diabetes Code. The book has motivated me to eat healthier, and to even try the intermittent fasting regime that it recommends. The one that I’ve heard about is the 16:8 plan, where you eat during an 8-hour window each day, and fast for the remaining 16 hours. And you choose whichever 8-hour window works for you and your lifestyle. I don’t know if I can go straight to that plan right from the get go, so maybe I’ll aim for 12:12 first, then 14:10, and then eventually 16:8. Ease my way into it 😊 And also to reduce my carb intake. I’m not diabetic (as far as I know! 😳), but better that I take steps now to prevent it than have to manage it later on down the track.

A good day, despite the vomit

For the past week, Kitty has been throwing up about once every second day 😔 She threw up this morning at around 6am and woke up N in the process. And on the living room rug too, which is quite plush and therefore quite hard to clean 😔 I mentioned it to her doctor today, and he said this is quite common for cats with kidney problems, and I can give her more of her anti-vomit medicine if need be. I gave her some this morning, and I’ll monitor her over the next few days, so hopefully she can get better on her own without extra dosage 🤞

Despite not having started the day in the best of ways, I still ended up having a good trading day, and I also wrote another post for my new blog project, which I am still yet to launch… 😳 Soon, very soon…

But my motivation from yesterday to collate my FY18 tax papers didn’t spill over in to today, unfortunately. So FY18 is still looming over my head…

And then the evening was gym and Masterchef Australia. I’m starting to wonder just how long it’s been since we’ve danced! Excluding the dance basics that I’ve been doing on the treadmill, I have not done any dancing in weeks. I can’t even remember the last time I stepped foot in a dance studio 😳 Gawd, what is our dancing going to be like when we return… 😒 But I do feel stronger, at least, since I have been doing more weights at the gym, which I wouldn’t have been doing if we were dancing as per usual. Gain one thing at the expense of another… Always the way… Hopefully it will still indirectly assist with my dancing somehow…! 😬

I’m more than halfway through that Men Without Women book my Haruki Murakami. It comprises six short stories and I’m now into the fourth story. The first three were relatively normal stories, I thought, very tame for Mr Murakami. They were still good, but pretty “normal” for this author, I thought. But now story #4 shows the reason why I like this author: it is just so damn weird! I’m pulling faces as I read, because the story is just so odd 🤪 But that’s what I love, being able to pull faces at the weirdness of it all 😆 Maybe he left the el weirdo stories for the second half of the book 😊

So overall, it was a surprisingly good day, despite being woken up early this morning by the sound of Kitty throwing up 🤮