Sleep 😴

I don’t know if you’ve ever had this before, but my sleep last night felt like a series of light naps, where I was woken up every few hours by something, and each time I dozed off, it was only ever just a light sleep, like I never went into a deep sleep. Surely I did, though, I just don’t feel like I did. Something just kept waking me up 😔

I’ve never noticed my poor sleep experience until recently. Has my sleep always been this disrupted? Or is it just because of Kitty now scratching at the doors in the middle of the night?

But I did manage to listen in on a trading webinar, so it wasn’t a complete waste of a day 👍

No issues today

I managed to make it to an 8am trading webinar today. One, I made it on time, and two, I actually got the time right! I’ve been missing a few webinars lately because it seemed like I couldn’t figure out the local time of when the seminar would start 🙄 But luckily, no issues today 😅 They gave me a few ideas to backtest, so that should keep me busy for a while.

We gave Kitty her painkillers last night, and that seemed to have helped her, I think. She ate a lot of food today, which is also another good sign. Let’s see if she can keep it down, though. Poor little miss. She’s thrown up three times this week. No wonder I’ve been a bit stressed lately 😔

And then in the evening, I just watched a few more episodes of Ode to Joy 2, my current Chinese drama, while N was out for birthday drinks. A quiet evening in for me, though 😊

Getting things back in order

I finally got my a$$ into gear and updated my Bullet Journal today, after realising yesterday just how much I rely on that damn journal of mine. But now I feel so much more organised! Surprise surprise 😂

So following on from that, and the fact that it was a relatively quiet day on the trading front, I caught up on a ton of errands that I didn’t get around to doing simply because, yep, you guessed it, I had barely touched my Bullet Journal all week. It’s amazing how easily my life turns into a shambles without my Bullet Journal! 😲

And then we ended the evening with an episode of Lucifer. It feels like we haven’t watched an episodes in aaages, but in reality, it was probably only last week that we last watched an episode. It’s just that N has been in SG for most of this week, so I’ve been watching my Chinese drama, Ode to Joy 2, instead 😊

Speaking of SG, this Youtube clip came up in my recommendations. Finally, someone who has said something that actually makes sense regarding these HK protests 👏


** I had a pretty shitty day today, and I basically used this post as my venting mechanism. So if you had a shitty day too and don’t want to add to your woes, then I suggest you just skip this post and read something happier 😂 But if you’re a masochist and want to add more 💩 to your day – and/or are a sadist and want to revel in another person’s crappy day, then please read on 😂


Firstly, let me just say that my day actually started off really well. I got an uninterrupted night’s sleep, which has been quite rare for me lately. They were cleaning out our building’s water tanks this morning, so I decided to spend the morning in Tsim Sha Tsui, which we never get to go to these days because of all the protests on the weekends these days 😒

And that was the end of the happy period of my day. I decided to go into K11, one of the malls in TST, and when I went to go use the bathroom, I quickly found out that almost every floor in the 6-8 storey mall had their bathroom facilities closed. W-T-H. So I basically had to go all the way to the top of the building just to go.

K11 actually wasn’t the mall that I was planning on going to, but I like that mall and so decided to wander around anyway. Such a shame that their toilet situation was so bad, which left me with a rather negative experience today. Hopefully they’ll have fixed it by the weekend when customer numbers pick up.

I was so annoyed by this stage that my interest in wandering around just dissipated, so I decided to just head home.

And then my trading session was shite – again. Yesterday was pretty crap too. But what made it worse today compared to yesterday was my mum calling me in the middle of all the shiteness. Normally I’m ok with the interruption, but today, they had a guest over – and it felt like she wanted me to become BFFs with this random person 🙄 And since they’re in Sydney, fat chance that I’ll ever meet this person again anyway. But nonetheless, we made friendly chit chat, and at the end of the five minutes, she said, “Well it was nice to meet you”, and we waved goodbye to one another. You would think my mum would take that as a cue to bring the camera back to her, but nooo, she insisted that we continue talking. So we did. And then we waved a second time to each other. And still my mum didn’t get the hint. WTH. So I had to take it in my own hands and end the video call myself, saying I was in the middle of working and that I had to go (which was true, though, I wasn’t lying). Argh! Seriously 😤

And then I didn’t make it to the gym tonight either, blahhh… I could’ve done with a workout today! It probably would’ve done me some good 😔

Easing into the week

N flew back from SG today, all safe and sound 😅

We started talking about men’s mental health, and how there is minimal resources out in the world to help men with mental health issues 😔 I think mental health is not dealt with very well at all, and for men, even less so. And from what I hear, it’s virtually not even acknowledged here in Asia, which is terribly sad. It must be incredibly difficult for people to find good mental health resources here 😔

I continued to work through my TEFL course and my trading, and that’s about it to my day, really. Not a bad way to start the last week of September 😊

Omg it’s the last week of September, and then we’ll be in the last quarter of 2019. Where in the world did this year go 😲

An improvement on yesterday

I had one of those mega-productive days that I wish every day could be like 😆 I finished a module in my TEFL course, as well as another lesson plan; I had an unusually good trading session; and I made it to the gym! Oh, and then to relax, I watched a few episodes of Ode to Joy, my current Chinese drama. Pretty good, even if I do say so myself! 😊

And Little Miss also seems like she’s back to her usual self. She’s not losing her balance today, and she’s come up to me numerous times to get some attention. And she’s eating quite well too. I feel as if I was just crying wolf at the vet yesterday! 🙄 I guess she is getting older, and she does have kidney problems, so I guess these things will show up every now and then. I should just be thankful that they don’t happen very often and that she is still somewhat pretty good for someone her age 🙏

Blahness everywhere

The water supply to the toilets in our apartment building were switched off for the whole day, I assume because they were undergoing some sort of service. Blahhh… So that meant that my original plans for the day were totally thrown out the window and I had to spend the day outside 😒

I went and had brunch first, before going shopping for a little bit to buy some make-up. Another blah thing 🙄 I think I just don’t like it when people fuss over me, which is all that they do at these make-up counters, putting various things on your face and buttering you up so you buy more of their products. But now that I’m well stocked with my bare essentials, hopefully I won’t have to return for at least another year 🤞😂

I then made my way to the library and continued working my way through my TEFL course there.

And before I knew it, I could go home! 😄

I was planning on going to the gym before a 7pm trading seminar that I wanted to join, but Kitty had other ideas. She kept wanting attention until it was just too late to make it to the gym if I wanted to join the webinar on time. So I decided I’ll just head over to the gym after the webinar, and just wait it out at home until it started – only to find out that, once again, I got the time wrong 🙄 It started at 8pm! Blahhh… So now I definitely couldn’t make it to the gym tonight 😔 But at least I got to join the webinar this time, albeit joining a tad too early. Unlike the last webinar that I wanted to join, which I completely missed because I got the time completely and utterly wrong.

But despite having to change my original plan for the day, it still all worked out in the end 😅