A screwed up world

Apparently the HK government has decided to extend the vaccination invitation to everyone over the age of 30. So from tomorrow, we can sign up to get vaccinated. There are two vaccines available in HK: the Sinovac vaccine and the Pfizer-BioNTech one. I couldn’t decide which one to get, as choices like this are not normally available to consumers. I just get jabbed and that’s it πŸ˜† But one thing that I wanted to make sure was that the Australian government would recognise the vaccine. At the end of the day, we are Australian, so we need to make sure that whatever vaccine we take would allow us to enter Oz.

And now I’ve heard that Australia won’t recognise the Sinovac vaccine πŸ™„ I don’t know how true this is, but given the current political climate, I wouldn’t be surprised if this is indeed the case. I don’t know if this will change over time, but right now, apparently that’s their stance. So true or not, rather than risking it, I think we will just go with the less risky option. The decision has effectively been made for us πŸ˜’

I feel like we live in such a screwed up world at the moment πŸ˜”

Valentine’s Day | Chinese New Year long weekend – day 3

I edited a video this morning, a video that was just for me 😊 It was nice to just be able to make a video for myself and not have to worry about other people. I could use whatever music I wanted with no copyright concerns; and I could add whatever shots I wanted and colour grade however way I want. Yep, I have definitely made videography my new hobby 😱

After I finished editing my video, we went and grabbed lunch at a nearby Japanese restaurant, and then walked around Central for a little bit before we headed over to farewell drinks in the area. One of N’s workmates / friends is heading back to Oz on Wednesday. We didn’t realise that he would be heading back so soon, but apparently flights are mega scarce these days, and if he didn’t get on this Wednesday flight, then he may have to wait until the end of March for the next one. WTH?!? Before 🦠, you had your choice in what flight you wanted on whichever day. Now, the choice is what month?!? That is insane! Sighhh… So yeah, I guess you just take whatever flight you can these days πŸ˜”

I also rang my mum today, and got into an argument with her. Sighhh… I felt bad that I got into this stupid row with her, but sheez, you can only hear the same “problems” over and over again before something just gives. It’s the same with N’s mum. And I say “problems” because I don’t even see them as problems! They just seem to like to make mountains out of molehills. OK, maybe not ‘like’, per se, but maybe they’ve just worried all their lives and now they don’t know how to stop worrying. Or maybe it’s just a different generation, I don’t know. Or maybe we just have different personalities. Whatever it is, it is just so annoying! I just don’t want to hear the same things over and over again. If you can’t control something, then why worry about it?!? Sure, there could be tons of things that could happen tomorrow, but what’s the point of worrying now when nothing has actually happened?? And if you can, then why don’t you do something about it rather than complain?? I just don’t understand them. Hence my frustration 😧

And then in the evening, we decided to watch Jumanji. We were actually going to watch Jumanji 2, but we realised that we couldn’t remember anything that happened in Jumanji 1, so we decided to watch that instead πŸ˜‚ All we remembered were the four main characters and that the movie was quite funny, and that was it! I’m glad we did watch it because it was actually quite good. And now we’ve refreshed our memories, so we can go into Jumanji 2 feeling more comfortable about the characters’ back stories 😊

Oh and no, we didn’t do anything for Valentine’s Day. I did see a few bouquets around today, which were really nice πŸ’ But nowadays, I’d much rather spend the money on more tech gear on my new hobby anyway πŸ˜† The nice lunch was good enough for us πŸ₯°

Our chess game | Chinese New Year long weekend – day 2

Some bird woke me up at 3:59am (I checked my watch πŸ˜†), chirping out on the balcony. It took me forever to go back to sleep, sighhh… Needless to say, we got up even later than we did yesterday! πŸ˜”

We took our time getting ready, and we finally checked out at noon, the latest check-out time πŸ˜† We left our bags at the concierge desk, and wandered around the hotel grounds. They had this cool chessboard out in the garden. It was around 2m x 2m, perhaps, with appropriately sized pieces to match. No one was playing so N and I decided to have a game.

Around halfway through the game, a group of friends came up and asked if we were taking a photo with the chessboard and pieces, to which N said no. Then two of them proceeded to pick up a piece each. One man picked up one of my knights that N had eaten, and so it was just off to the side off the board. And then a woman, I assume it was his wife, picked up N’s king off the board and walked over to my side of the board so that they could pose for a photo. WTF, man! Who does that?!? After their photo taking, they just dropped the pieces randomly on the board, and went on their merry way. N was understandably annoyed, while I just found the whole thing absolutely hilarious because seriously, who does that?!? 🀣🀣 Thankfully they only took one piece off the board, otherwise I wouldn’t have remembered how to put the pieces back in their rightful places if they did!

I thought that maybe they didn’t know what chess was, so they didn’t realise that they were actually interrupting something. But N said that he heard them mutter something like “Oh, they’re playing chess” as they walked off, so that theory apparently didn’t hold! 🀣 hahaha too funny!

The woman posing with her king 🀣 The man was to her right πŸ˜‚

We then had a late lunch near the hotel before heading back home. I copied all my files off our cameras and onto my computer, staying organised on that front πŸ‘ And then we finished the evening off with an old movie: Die Hard! Did you know that it was made in 1988?!? OMG! So there was actually a reference to West Germany. The movie was made before the reunification! How insane is that?! And I had completely forgotten what Bruce Willis looked like when he was younger, I could barely recognise him in the movie! 😱 I’m glad I watched it again, though. I wonder what other movies from back then would be good to watch… Any suggestions??

Chinese New Year long weekend – Day 1

We got up later than I had hoped this morning, so we couldn’t really do the hike that I wanted to do. It was getting a bit too warm, especially for N, who really doesn’t like the heat. And even though it’s winter, it certainly doesn’t feel like it at the moment! So we just had a leisurely morning, walking around the area near the hotel, and then just chillaxing in our room watching TV 😌

We did finally go on the hike later in the afternoon, starting at around 4pm. It was actually really perfect because we got to the viewpoint, my original destination point on the hike, at around 5:30pm. It was a little later than I had hoped (and expected), but it still wasn’t too bad, it wasn’t too dark yet. A lot more people were heading back down than going up, so that was good for us too: the trail wasn’t teeming with people! Or at least they were all heading in the opposite direction to us πŸ˜†

Thousand Island Lake / Tai Lam Chung Reservoir

But despite the relatively short trail, our legs are now exhausted. And N tripped over some uneven part of the footpath on the way back to the hotel, so his ankle also isn’t feeling the best πŸ˜” We were actually thinking of heading back up first thing tomorrow morning, but I think we’ll skip that idea and just wander around the hotel grounds instead 😜 It seems quite nice out there, so that might be a relaxing way for us to finish our staycation.

The days leading up to Chinese New Year

My Chinese lesson was cancelled today. My teacher is spending the Chinese New Year holiday week over at her parents’ place, which I think is a fair drive from her place. I think her intention was to ring me from her parents’ place, but she must’ve been running late for whatever reason. Plus she sounded a little flustered when she rang me to cancel the lesson, so maybe she also felt bad that she had to cancel. And she also doesn’t get paid for the lesson, so she probably isn’t very happy with that either.

So despite getting back those 45 minutes, it still took me foreverrr to finish my next YouTube video. Sighhh… I really need to improve my editing process. It still takes me so long to finish editing just one video πŸ˜” And here I am thinking of increasing that to 2 videos per week. Pffft! Maybe if I wanted to do YouTube full time and not have anything else in my life! Ooo, doing YouTube full time. That’s a thought. If it paid me enough, then sure, I’d love to! And there are a ton of people who are full-time YouTubers, so why not? 😊

And I’ve also started packing for our staycation πŸ‘ I plan on heading out to the hotel tomorrow afternoon, so I’d like to have most of my stuff packed tonight so I don’t have to worry too much tomorrow. And I still have to bring my laptop and associated accessories because I’m still working tomorrow. But after tomorrow, we have a few days to relax in the hotel – and for me to do some more filming. Happy days 😊

Not very well planned

I tried making sago balls last night, those snot balls that you get in those bubble tea drinks that are so popular in Asia πŸ˜‚

I didn’t buy these large snot balls, unfortunately πŸ˜”

Unfortunately, though, I didn’t buy the large chewy snot balls, like in the above photo. I bought the tiny white ones that you usually find in Asian desserts. I added it to my iced tea this morning anyway, I didn’t want to waste it! It didn’t turn out too bad, actually, but the drink was definitely not quite like buying the real thing. Maybe because I didn’t put a ton of sugar in my drink! πŸ˜† I’ll look for the larger pearls next time, once I finish this packet with the small white ones.

I’m feeling a bit anxious with all the money that we’ve spent this month. We’ve gone way over budget, and our credit card cycle isn’t even over yet 😱 So now all I want to do is stay home! But I think once this month is over, then next month should be back to normal. This time of year is usually one of the most expensive times of the year. I really should just incorporate that into our budget and not feel so anxious every time January/February rolls around! And this year, we’ve had a few other unplanned expenses come through this month as well. I just feel like the universe hasn’t given us a very good week/month. Hopefully things will improve next month 🀞

And then on top of that, I forgot that we were going on this staycation from Thursday, so we have a TON of fruit that we have to finish before Thursday. I’m overloading on fruit! πŸ˜† I guess we can take some of the fruit with us, which might actually make for good snacks while we go hiking. Yeah, that’s a good idea, I think I’ll chop them up and bring them in ziplock bags to take on our hike on Friday πŸ‘πŸ»

But first, I have to get through the next few days before the long weekend rolls around! 😩

Octopus card and a staycation

After my rant yesterday about my Octopus card, Octopus redeemed themselves by calling N back this morning about his online query that he sent through late Saturday night. They then called me to cancel my card, and they actually redirected the auto top-up facility to my new card without me having to do anything. They’ll also refund any remaining funds on my lost card. They also said that I’m only liable for charges made on the lost card for the first three hours since I reported the card lost. Does 1am Sunday morning count as the time I reported it lost or is it 10am today when it was officially reported lost?? I’m taking it as 10am today, which means a maximum loss of HK$750 (~A$150). Sighhh… That is worst-case scenario, yes, but regardless, I need to take better care of my card.

So that was a good start to my day / week. It wasn’t the most productive day, but at least I felt better compared to last week!

And I also finally booked our Chinese New Year staycation πŸ‘ It took me forever to book. Under normal (ie non-COVID) circumstances, everywhere probably would’ve been booked out. But luckily the hotel that I’ve been looking at still had rooms. I guess a lot of hotels still have rooms available, given that virtually no tourists are in the city right now. Plus we’re staying out in woop woop, so there would ordinarily be fewer tourists out there anyway, even if there were tourists in the city. I’m excited now! I hope we have a fun and relaxing few days out there 😊

And I also discovered this Enjoy Hiking website, which will hopefully give me some ideas on hiking trails to do this year. I mentioned in a post recently that we probably don’t have much time left before it starts getting too hot for N to want to go hiking, so I’m not sure if we’ll do much more this winter. Spring might already be a bit too warm for him. So I might just have to start preparing for next winter! πŸ˜†

Things are looking up

I was feeling much better today compared to the last few days, so I was in a much better frame of mind to get stuff done today πŸ‘ I worked on my next YouTube video, and I also did some more research on Thousand Island Lake. It does look like an interesting spot to check out, so I hope we actually organise this staycation 🀞 Remember my one-word theme for the year: DO! Stop researching and just go ahead and book the damn hotel before everyone else beats you to it! πŸ˜†

I also went back to that awesome supermarket that I told you about last week: Great Food Hall. I bought lunch and dinner there 😊 I still can’t believe I’m getting excited over a supermarket 🀣 But it’s sooo good! Seriously, I just want to keep going back there πŸ˜† I think I’m just going to keep going there until I get sick of the place. I only went there for meals today, so I’ll have to go back for actual groceries next time. I hope it doesn’t disappoint on that front! 🀞

And we had around 25 new 🦠 cases today, so it seems like the numbers are on the way down – woohoo! Finally! Hopefully we can keep this up and places can start to open up again very soon 🀞


We went to Din Tai Fung at Causeway Bay for a late lunch today. We haven’t been here in aaages. I love this place. It’s a bit expensive, but the quality never changes. The food is always the same each and every time I go. The consistency astounds me every time. If I showed you a photo of the food that I ordered today alongside the food that I ordered 6 months ago (and chances are, I probably ordered the exact same dishes πŸ˜†) I can almost guarantee that the photos would look pretty much identical. The dishes might be in different spots on the table, but the food would look exactly the same. In fact, I might just try and do that right now… πŸ˜‚

Look at their consistency! 😱

We actually ordered the same five dishes today, we just didn’t take a photo of the other two dishes that came out later. Danggg. Otherwise I would’ve been able to show you all five dishes. But you can see how the other three dishes pretty much look exactly the same. Sooo good πŸ‘

We then decided to stop by the DJI store nearby. I’ve mentioned how I’m a tad obsessed with tech these days. Well DJI makes some pretty awesome tech toys 😊 I could easily spend thousands in this store. I would LOVE to go back to their flagship store in Shenzhen, just across the harbour in mainland China. Going to their flagship store in their hometown would just be the best 😊 But since we can’t travel anywhere right now, I just have to make do with their store here in HK, which is pretty awesome too 😊

And then we also quickly stopped by the Apple store to check out the new iPhone 12. Sighhh… Why is this new interest of mine so dang expensive?? πŸ˜’ I guess most hobbies are. Whyyy?? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ I’m going to list out all the tech toys that I would want, should I magically get a windfall and all of a sudden see A$100K in my bank account. One can dream… πŸ’­ hehehe…

Tai Kwun, Hong Kong

I walked around Tai Kwun for the first time ever today. It’s actually pretty nice! I want to go back again, maybe when it’s less busy and I can take more pictures and videos without a bajillion other people getting in the way. Not that it was teeming with people today, but enough to get in the way of getting some good shots.

Anyway, there is some history at Tai Kwun, much more than the shops, bars and restaurants that greet you when you enter the compound. It’s also nice to see the colonial architecture, to just walk around and see the different buildings. You could actually walk in and check out some of the buildings, but unfortunately some areas were closed, thanks to 🦠, so that’s another reason that I want to go back again another time.

I reckon you could spend half a day there just reading up on the history and wandering around and admiring the buildings. So I’d recommend maybe having a meal there, and going for a wander around before or after. Tai Kwun opens at 10am, though, so if you want to have breakfast earlier, then maybe go to a nearby cafe instead. There are quite a few around 😊

I ate at hc:Bistro today. It’s a social enterprise, and they provide training for people with intellectual disabilities. It’s nice seeing such a place in HK. And so when I heard about this place, I had to go and check it out. The food was quite good, and the service was efficient as πŸ‘

And cheap! I had their lunch set, which included soup, a bread roll, a main, and coffee or tea, all for less than HK$100 – around A$20! 😱 In Central! One of the most expensive areas in HK. This bistro is another reason why I’ll be back 😊