Category #3: Papers

One of N’s bosses, her husband has tested positive πŸ˜” So now her and the kids have been shipped off to quarantine. This is exactly what I was talking about yesterday and how I didn’t want this to happen to us! 😩 So now their whole team has been asked to work from home for the next few weeks. Greeeat. N doesn’t like working from home. The connection isn’t very fast, and he only has one monitor at home. Plus he’s in a lot of meetings, so if I want to film any videos, I have to go set up in the bedroom and close all the doors so that his voice doesn’t get picked up in the audio. Plus he just makes noise, like any person does, which, again, isn’t great when all the noise is picked up by the mic! And then sometimes I’m teaching while he’s in a meeting, so he has to walk off to take his call in a different room. So yeah, it’s not the ideal work situation for both of us. But given all the cases at the moment in the area, I’d still rather that he stay home.

N started cleaning out his closet today, which inspired me to start cleaning out all the papers in the study! I got through some, but there is still quite a fair bit to get through. I’m guessing I’m about halfway through – and that’s after tidying up for around 3.5 hours today! 😱 And that’s just papers. I still have other miscellaneous items to sort through. Not just in the study but everywhere in the house. Sighhh… I don’t know if I’m going to get through it all in 8 weeks! That seems really ambitious… But I’ll just keep pushing through and just do whatever I can in that timeframe. Much like my 30-day splits challenge, I never actually made it to the full splits at the end of the 30 days, but I ended up with a new daily habit. And maybe this 8-week challenge will be similar. If that’s the case, then I’ll be happy 😊

Category #2: Books! πŸ“š

I read the ‘how to tidy up your books’ section in Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. And in case you’re wondering if you should read both books, I would say no. The latter has how-to drawings (and the first one doesn’t), but I don’t think it gives you any more insight into the theory than the first book. And her videos on YouTube will give you better instructions than the drawings anyway.

And also, just a heads up, her book is also very touchy-feely. In fact, I think her whole approach is very touchy-feely. So if you’re not like this and want practical tips on how to tidy your home, then this book ain’t for you. You’re not going to get much of that from her! πŸ˜†

The book ‘Outer Order, Inner Calm‘ is on my to-read list, and I think this would have more practical tips, if this is more your style.

But this 8-week challenge is all about Marie Kondo’s approach – the KonMari method – and I’m going to give it my very best. I wonder just how effective this will be after 8 weeks, and whether I will indeed stay nice and tidy, and not relapse and go back to my old ways.

I actually don’t have many paper books, so this category is actually really easy. It’s the next few categories that I am going to really struggle with, in particular, papers and hobbies. These are really difficult categories for me to tackle. And I’m sure a few other miscellaneous categories are also going to be pretty hard. And I’m already dreading getting to the final category: sentimental items! 😩

My Friday reality and weekend expectations

I felt better today, thankfully, almost back to my normal self again πŸ™

N went to a workmate’s place for dinner tonight, so I just stayed home and filmed my next YouTube video πŸ˜† And then I watched YouTube videos on how to level up my colour grading skills. Not quite how one would usually spend a Friday evening, but such is my life now! πŸ˜‚

I think the weather also isn’t helping my mood or my productivity. It’s been foggy and overcast the last few days, with the threat of a shower actually delivering the goods once or twice. But generally, it’s just been grey and miserable. And apparently the weekend is pretty much bringing more of the same πŸ˜’ So neither of us really want to do anything tomorrow. How blah. So I might just stay home and start working on my 8-week tidying up challenge. OK, not start, since technically I started it last week, but continue. And get started on the next category: books πŸ“š

My closet has been great, by the way. Everything has a home (or a temporary home, while they wait for their permanent home – ie I need to go shopping 😊), and I put everything back in its rightful place at the end of each day. I want the same thing with everything else in the house! So if I can achieve that with my books this weekend, that would be so awesome 😊

Category #1: Clothes

I did it. I cleaned out my wardrobe, OMG. I’m so proud of my effort today πŸ‘ I felt like I was really ruthless, and got rid of sooo much stuff. I actually could have gotten rid of even more stuff, but instead, I decided to keep a few things and just go shopping to look for things that can replace them with stuff that I actually do like.

Part of my wardrobe – woohoo ! πŸŽ‰

I need some storage containers, so I’ll have to head over to IKEA sometime (or maybe Muji) and look for some possible solutions.

Man, I’m loving my wardrobe right now! 😁

Next stop: books! But perhaps I’ll leave that for another weekend πŸ˜† There is still a lot of work to do in the house (a LOT! 😱), but I’m going to tackle it one category at a time. I have eight weeks πŸ˜†

Prep work

I had yet another productive day today πŸ‘ I got up a little earlier than usual again today. Maybe these earlier starts are actually making a difference to my productivity! πŸ€”

I also spoke to my parents today, and I didn’t get upset! 😱 I managed to remain calm and just listened. I didn’t pass judgement, I didn’t contradict, I just let them talk. That was nice 😊 I need to do that more often. Harness Yoda’s calmness 😊

I’m re-reading The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I mentioned the other day that I want to do her 8-week challenge. It’s the weekend tomorrow, so I thought it would be a good time to start. I’d like to finish re-reading the book before I actually start the process, so I might try and skim the rest of it tomorrow and then plunge right in! πŸ˜† I have to take my “before” photos first, and I’d like to have a visual board of sorts, even if that just means a virtual Pinterest board! In fact, all these things are part of Week 1 in her 8-week challenge! So maybe I shouldn’t rush it and actually just do the prep work first, like she suggests. I think I’m just getting overly excited! I’m just ready to throw stuff out! I’ve been thinking about doing this for months; and now, an opportunity presents itself in the form of an 8-week challenge, hehehe 😜

So I’m off to continue re-reading the book, and maybe start a new Pinterest board 😊

My new challenge

I didn’t have the most productive day today. I just wasn’t in the right headspace πŸ˜” I really wanted to do more stuff, but I just didn’t have the willpower. Sighhh…

N and I were also hearing negativity around us, which didn’t help matters. Sighhh… This is one of many reasons why I don’t like giving out negativity into the universe. If someone is already down, you’re just going to compound that feeling and make them feel worse. I don’t want to be a source of negativity. I want to be a source of inspiration, of motivation. But I, too, have down days, so it’s not always easy. But I try 😊

I’m thinking of doing this 8-week decluttering challenge set by Marie Kondo. It’s a tad longer than my 30-day splits challenge, but I’m sure she made the daily tasks bite-size and totally doable. Plus week one sounds really fun and easy πŸ˜† I totally go into these decluttering sessions with guns blazing, but then six months later, I fall back into my old habits, and the house looks almost exactly the same as it did before I did the decluttering session πŸ˜” I say ‘almost’ because I do improve incrementally each time. But it’s never as neat and tidy as straight after the decluttering session. So if I do a full-on 8-week deep dive, then maybe I can actually change my habits during those 8 weeks and actually see long-lasting results. Maybe… 🀞

And as per my one-word theme for the year, you may as well just do it and see what happens! Much like my 30-day splits challenge, sure I didn’t get all the way down to the floor, but I’m so much closer to the floor now than I’ve ever been my entire life. And now that I have a new daily stretching habit, I may actually eventually reach this goal too! But I won’t know unless I keep stretching every day and keep pushing myself. I’m definitely going to keep tracking this goal and see where I am at the end of 90 days, and then after 180 days – a whole half year of stretching! 😱 Much like so many things in life, if you just keep working at it consistently, more often than not, you will see progress. That’s what I’m hoping for with these stretches and with this 8-week challenge 😊