We were supposed to go to Mong Kok to go buy some insulation for the aircon pipes that run through the bathroom, but we didn’t have much time before we had to go to the ballet, so we decided to go another time. Next week, perhaps.

My brother rang just before we had to leave for the ballet, but at least I still got to chat to him and my nephew for a few minutes 😊 I inadvertently taught him how to say “angry cat” 🤣 I picked up Kitty so he could see her in the video chat, but I had to put her down soon after, as she doesn’t like being carried for very long before she starts getting rather upset. So I described her as being an “angry cat” – and he picked up on it! 😂 You’ve gotta be careful with what you say in front of toddlers! 😂

We watched The Rite of Spring, which was actually a compilation of three different performances: Chroma, Year of the Rabbit and The Rite of Spring. Of course The Rite of Spring was the best one, and it was worth going just to see this performance alone. But I didn’t mind the first one, and N didn’t mind the second, so at least we both enjoyed two out of the three performances today 😊 We’re not really fans of contemporary ballet, as we prefer the more traditional stuff, but I occasionally like to branch out and see what the contemporary guys are doing, if the description is interesting enough. Something must’ve attracted me to this one, but I can’t remember what that was now, though. Regardless, we went and watched it, and had a great evening 😊

They had a bit of a mini-interview at the end with the two choreographers for The Rite of Spring, so that was an unexpected bonus. One of the choreographers was Chinese, and he decided to answer one of the questions in Mandarin, as he is obviously more comfortable speaking in his native tongue. So I also got a bit of listening practice in 👍 I picked up the odd word here and there, but I still can’t quite get a full sentence yet, unless it’s mega simple. Argh, when will my damn listening improve?!? It can be so frustrating sometimes 😤

Soon after we got home, N went out again to meet up with some workmates to watch some football match. Apparently this match is quite popular (is it a final or something??), and so they’re expecting sports bars to be really packed tonight (even though the game is starting at 3am HK time?!?). So to make sure they will definitely see the game, a whole bunch of them hired out a private room in one of the bars in Wan Chai! Must be a pretty damn important game?!? 😆

But I, on the other hand, will be asleep instead. So on that note, have a wonderful evening, and I shall speak to you again tomorrow 😊

Brunch together before we went our separate ways

We went and had yum cha today. We decided to go to Maxim’s Palace at City Hall, the restaurant that we missed out on going to the other day because we got there so late. So today, we aimed to get there by about 10:30am. We weren’t far off that time, and it was actually quite a good time to go. We were given a choice in table, because there were quite a few still available at that time. So based on our experience today, I would recommend going for brunch / early lunch rather than a late one.

The food is great here too, as is the range. They had so many dishes that we wanted to eat, but we just didn’t have enough room for them all. Their trolleys had labels on the front to tell you what dishes that particular trolley had, in both English and Chinese, and some also had a little tv screen of sorts that scrolled through photos of the dishes. It was very impressive! It’s also all very orderly, so there isn’t too much of a culture shock in this particular restaurant 😊

We went back home afterwards and just hung out there for the rest of the afternoon. I spoke to my mum for a little while, and we were playing around with the fun filter options on Messenger. It’s good to be silly, I need more of that in my day 😊

And then in the evening, we all went our separate ways: N went to karate; N’s brother went to catch up with a friend; and I went to see The Nutcracker! 👍

It was a weird storyline… It deviated a bit from the story that I’m used to, and the first act was a little hard to follow (or maybe it was just me?). But the second act was SUPERB. The principal dancers were good, but what I really enjoyed – surprisingly – was the small contemporary pas de deux performance between the Egyptian dolls. Their control, strength, partnership, interpretation of the choreography… WOW. Just wow. Ok so they didn’t do a bajillion fouettes or jetes, but their little section of the performance really moved me. They were so amazing. And that’s coming from me, someone who’s not even a fan of contemporary ballet! So I’m very glad that I got to see the performance, as tonight was the last performance for the season.

It was a fun day 😊

Very typical Monday

Not much to say about today, really.

Trading: started off sh1t, but actually started to get better in the afternoon. I don’t have that many days left before we fly to Japan, so I’m just going to keep working on my short-term goals as best I can before we fly out.

Ballet: a good class, as always. I’m hoping my Ballroom and Latin is improving indirectly because of this class! It’s the whole point of me doing this class, so it would be rather disappointing if it wasn’t doing anything to help! But it is such a good class on its own anyway 😊 such a technical dance. I would probably rate it up there with Rumba, my favourite Latin dance 😲

That’s pretty much it for today. Pretty run-of-the-mill type of day for me.