Research and preparation

Because of all the frustration yesterday, I spent a ton of time today researching on how I can improve my home studio setup. I now have an idea of what I want for the audio component, which has been the most frustrating part for me this entire time. Now I just need to go and buy everything! Fingers crossed this new setup is going to level up my audio 🤞 I might head over to the Wan Chai Computer Centre again on the weekend 😜 I can’t believe just how much love that place now. I’ve never been so techy in my entire life! 😂

The electricity supply is going to be switched off in our building tomorrow from 10am-5pm 😱 Apparently this needs to be tested every five years. This is the first time I’ve ever experienced anything like this. What happens to the fridge / freezer? Is everything going to melt?? What about the milk?? I’m guessing it’ll stay cold for a while, just as long as I don’t open it. So I think I’ll go out for lunch tomorrow, and then I can hold out until 5pm when the power supply is switched back on 😅

I have also made sure that my laptop and iPad are fully charged, so I can still do some work while there’s no electricity 👍 And my camera is also ready to go, so I can try filming again if I have time tomorrow.

So I’m fully prepared: bring on the 18th century! 🤪

Paid stuff and free stuff

Our anniversary is coming up and we are wondering if we should do a staycation somewhere in HK. It’s really popular at the moment since no one can travel, and people’s photos on social media are really tempting me…

The only problem is my new hobby. Or rather, the cost of my new hobby. I am torn between spending money on a hotel room for the weekend or on getting tech stuff 🤣 This wouldn’t have even been a choice in previous years!

I might do some research on what staycation deals are being offered at the moment. Surely hotels must still be offering some pretty good deals?? ☺️ If not, then tech gear it is, then 😂

I also started watching tutorials on how to use the free editing software that I downloaded onto my computer. I’m pretty comfortable using the editing app that I’ve been using on my phone, but you can imagine just how limited the features are on that compared to software on my computer. So not only do I have to learn how to do the really basic stuff, but I’d also like to learn the other features too that I just wasn’t able to do on my phone. I obviously need to take this one step at a time and learn the basics first! But once I get that down pat, then the editing process should definitely be much faster and I won’t have to stress about it each and every week 😅 And hopefully when I learn the more advanced features, my videos will also start to improve too! Fingers crossed! 🤞

I also filmed my next YouTube video today, so I would like this video to be edited entirely on my computer this time. It’ll be my first video filmed on my new camera, and it’ll be the first video edited on my computer. How exciting! 😁

Turning into a techie!

It was raining quite heavily this morning, so I didn’t think I would be able to go out for a walk to test out my new camera today. But apparently the rain didn’t really want to stick around: about an hour later, the sun was out again and it never went away ☀️👍

I decided to go for a walk around the ferry piers at Central as well as Harbourfront, as there are quite a lot of photo opportunities around there. I took a ton of videos, of course, but not sure yet if I’ll turn them into a vlog or if they will just feature as pretty backgrounds in my next video.

I went at a really good time actually, in the late afternoon, and I stuck around until sundown, so I could also see how the camera would cope in low light conditions. It’s not the best, but still pretty good for a compact camera.

What I did realise, though, is that my regular handbag does not handle all the extra little things that I need to carry with me now if I want to be vlogging outside with my new nifty little setup. So when I got back home, I started looking at some product reviews of camera bags on YouTube. OMG I am turning into a techie! 🤪😱 This is insane! So now I need to think about what I want in a camera bag.

As a female, I would actually want a camera bag that doubles as a handbag. Does that even exist?? Is there enough of a market for such a bag?? One possible solution is that I just buy a bigger camera bag, and put all my other stuff in the other spaces in that bigger bag. Would that work? Any other women out there that have the same problem??

My new camera! 📷

I finally bought a new camera! It’s my first proper camera since the 2000s and I’m sooo excited! 😁 I wanted to use it today, but I needed to charge the battery, so I just had to make do with the camera on my phone 😆 I want to try it out tomorrow, but I don’t have any plans, so not sure where I’ll go…

We also walked from Causeway Bay to Wan Chai to go to the Wan Chai Computer Centre, which is about a 1km walk. This is a pretty decent walk, but this was after walking around Causeway Bay for around two hours already, so needless to say, I was pretty knackered by the time I got home. My feet are still throbbing now 🦶 And remember that it’s summer, so the heat was also draining me. Maybe I need to drink more water too, that might help.

I want to read the manual for my phone, but I don’t know if I have the energy to even do that!

But despite my tiredness, I’m still very excited! I can’t wait to try out my new camera 😁

Things not working together

I went to bed at around 2am last night, so I was fully expecting to be getting up really late, especially since we have another public holiday today 😌

But no, my body had a different idea. And so did Kitty 🙄 She was hungry at around 6:45am and she let me know it 😒 I decided to get up and feed her, and then go back to sleep straight afterwards. But this time, my mind had a different idea. It wanted to wake up and do things. WTH, man. C’mon, mind and body. Just work together for me, will ya?!? 😩

So I watched a few YouTube videos on different cameras that may suit my needs. As I’ve mentioned before, my top priorities are portability, convenience and ease of use. Not just as a camera but also for vlogging. I want something that’s good enough to do both because I just want to carry one thing. I don’t need the fanciest gadget out there or the sharpest photos. I just need something that will do a pretty good job.

So after watching a bajillion videos on YouTube, I narrowed it down to two Sony point-and-shoot cameras: the ZV-1 or the RX100 VII. As N pointed out, the video capabilities is what I’m really focussed on, and that’s exactly what the ZV-1 does: it is primarily for vlogging. Taking photos is secondary, although its camera is still pretty good for a point and shoot. I’m going to watch a few more videos on the ZV-1, but I think I’ve pretty much made up my mind.

So we went to Causeway Bay (CWB) today to go to the Sony store there to check these cameras out. Unfortunately, though, we discovered that the protesters were also over in CWB today 😔 So the police had cordoned off the main road going through the area, clearly trying to drive people out of the area and discouraging people from loitering around.

And the Sony store is on this main road. Needless to say, they had already closed by the time we managed to get there. I was terribly disappointed as I really wanted to see their cameras today 😔

We decided not to check out the Wan Chai Computer Centre, as it too sits on the main road that the police have cordoned off, so they have probably shut their doors for the rest of the day too 😔

I was so looking forward to checking out my potential new camera, but I guess I just have to wait until the weekend. Hopefully the protesters don’t target CWB again on the weekend, and we can safely head over to the Sony store and hopefully, maybe, buy a camera 🤞

I should’ve researched where the protests were going to be today. I should’ve anticipated it, at least, given the significance of the date and the introduction of the new security law. And that it’s a public holiday today. Sighhh… I was too busy doing my research on cameras! 📸 😂

Fun and relaxation

N did a ton of karate today, two hours in the middle of the day and two hours later in the evening 😱 I did the complete opposite: absolutely nothing 🤣😔

Well, in terms of exercise, that is. I did manage to cobble together a quick video from yesterday’s brunch, I actually had enough footage to work with 👍 I hope the birthday girl liked it. If anything, it’s the thought that counts 😊 This whole vlogging business is so much fun, though. I really should do more, I enjoy making them so much 😄

N is also doing some research for me in the camera space. The difference between us, though, is that he is willing to spend a lot more money on technology than I am. So the camera he suggested to me is 5x more than what I’m willing to spend 🤣🤣 FIVE TIMES! So I didn’t even look at the specs of the camera. But for that price, I’m sure it’s pretty damn awesome. Or least it better be!

Anyway, I still need to read up on the various options that I have. I still have no idea what I want to buy! 😒

And I finally finished Crash Landing On You, five months later. I don’t know exactly when I started watching that drama, all I know is that it took me months to finish it! Not that it was bad or anything, it was just that I never really had the time to watch it. And when I was watching TV, it was usually with N, and Korean dramas aren’t really his thing, so we usually just watch whatever American show looks interesting.

But I’ve finally finished it, so now it’s time to find a new show. Actually, we’ve also just finished Community, so if you have any suggestions for our new show (or an Asian drama for me 😉), then please let me know! 🙏

My gear saga continues

I spent wayyy too much time on my next YouTube video again. My current process is now just taking way too long. All the editing that I want to do with my videos just takes too long to do on my phone now. I really need to move my editing onto my computer 😔

I am also now considering getting a new phone, but specifically for its camera. Basically, I want a new camera. But rather than getting an actual camera, I’m thinking of just getting a phone with a really good camera. I’m all about portability and convenience, so for the same price point, I’d rather carry a small phone and forego the mega awesome features that a larger, more bulky camera would provide.

I am thinking of getting a Huawei. The camera on their phones are apparently pretty damn amazing, and they’re not as expensive as Samsung or Apple. The only downside that I see with Huawei is that apparently you can’t use Google products on them because of the strained US/China relations at the moment 🙄 For crying out loud. But if I’m only using the phone primarily for its camera, does this downside really matter??

And even though it’s not as expensive as Samsung or Apple, it’s still a pretty hefty price at around A$1,300. I’m sure I could get a pretty decent actual camera for that price. So it’s not something I could just comfortably go out and buy tomorrow without doing my research and thinking about it some more.

So that’s where I’m at. What do you think? Is it silly to just buy a phone for its camera? Shouldn’t I just buy an actual camera?? Although size and portability are pretty damn important to me…

Argh! The saga continues…