Causeway Bay

We went to Causeway Bay (CWB) today to play some mini-golf at Strokes! I haven’t played in yeeeears, it was actually a lot of fun 😊 It was entirely indoors, which was new for me, as most mini-golf places I’ve been to have been outdoors, or at least semi-outdoors, as in we were under cover. But as with all things in HK, space is a luxury, so the 18 holes were crammed in this tiny space inside one of the malls. And sometimes when I had to take a particularly awkward shot, I’d have to step into one of the neighbouring courses, as they’re literally all right next to each other πŸ˜† And N had a few wild hits, one of which actually flew almost the entire length of the room 🀣 🀣 Luckily no one was around to get hit! 🎯 It was quite fun, though, with some crazy courses to get through πŸ˜†

I think this was actually just before he hit the ball almost across the entire length of the room πŸ˜‚
The craziness of a few of the courses – and look how close they are to one another!
They had a few of these inspirational quotes scattered all around the room, which I thought was pretty cool 😊

We then just wandered around CWB to do a bit of shopping, one of the shopping Meccas in HK. There is also an IKEA at CWB, and we stopped by to pick up a few boxes to store some of our crap in, rather than having them spilling out everywhere in the house. Hopefully once we’ve put stuff inside them, it’ll make me feel a little better about the house not being so messy! But being back in IKEA after not having visited for a few months now brought back some fond memories of when I was practically living there πŸ˜‚ I walked past the study desks and chairs and I’d reminisce about all the time I spent trying to figure out which study desk and chair to put into our study; and then the same would happen when we walked past their dining tables and chairs, and this would happen in virtually every other room in the store. I still remember the layout of the store all too well πŸ˜†

It was a fun day 😊


Karate, yum cha, and my new book

We went to watch a karate comp at Happy Valley today. We got there pretty early (well, early for us πŸ˜†) as one of N’s friends was competing earlier in the day, and he wanted to get there early to watch her event. We ended up staying for pretty much the entire day! But sitting up in the stands is definitely much better than having to wait out the back, waiting for your events to be called and then waiting again for your results 😊

We briefly stepped out for lunch at Causeway Bay, trying yet another yum cha place. Yum cha is everywhere in this city, it’s sooo good! Well I guess it is The Source πŸ˜† The one we went to today, though, was pretty mediocre and very overpriced, so we won’t be going back there again! I’m surprised it wasn’t all that great, because there was a crowd outside when we arrived, waiting to be seated, so I was expecting the food to be good. Nope, that wasn’t the case at all πŸ˜’

Anyway, we’re going back to watch the second day of the comp tomorrow, so maybe we’ll try another yum cha restaurant nearby. Or maybe we’ll just eat something completely different and move on from yum cha, that’s a possibility too 😊 Let’s see how we feel tomorrow…

I also finally decided to buy Antoine de Saint- ExupΓ©ry’s The Little Prince – in Chinese 😱 They had a good version of it at The Commercial Press, this bookstore that caters specifically for children. One of my local friends introduced me to it, and this is the first time I’ve returned to it. It’s a treasure trove of books for Chinese language learners like me! I wanted to buy a paper version so I could write in it to help me learn the language. I’m three pages in and I absolutely love it! I want to quickly finish the English version so I know the story, to help me with the translating part when I read it in Chinese. It’s at a really good difficulty level, it’s not too hard like high school level books, but it’s also not too easy, like books aimed at infants. It’s at primary school level, which I think is perfect for me. I’m not looking up every second word, but enough so that I am learning new words. The sentence structures are at my level as well, so I haven’t come across anything yet where I was like “wth does this mean??” πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ Plus I love the author’s writing style – in the English version, of course. I wouldn’t know what any Chinese writing style is at this stage in my learning! πŸ˜‚ Anyhow, long story short, I’m so happy I bought it!


Kitty woke me up in the middle of the night – throwing up πŸ˜” And she threw up on that hard-to-wash bathroom mat, the one that we have to take down to the laundromat because our crappy washing machine can’t handle it. I think buying a new bath mat that our washing machine can wash will be better for us financially!

The weather this week has just been miserable. It has been cold and wet, and I’ve basically had to take out some winter gear, since I’d packed most of it away, as I thought we were done with the cold weather! And you know how I feel about cold weather… πŸ˜’ So it hasn’t been the best week on that front.

Nonetheless, I went to Causeway Bay today, specifically to Eslite, that bookstore that I went to the other day. I was actually going to check out a different stationery store, as well as Muji, but since it was forecast for rain, I figured I might as well stay put at Hysan Place and not bother trying to brave the weather, especially since the rain here can be quite torrential. I was quite happy that I did, because I discovered this part of Eslite that I didn’t see when I was there last week, a whole stationery and crafts section! Now I know one other place where I can go for my stationery needs in HK 😊

Books and movies

I went to Eslite today, a bookstore in Causeway Bay, looking for some Chinese language books. That’s not quite I found, though. The Chinese books were all in Chinese! They must be for more advanced learners. They had a much better range of books for English learners, for Chinese native speakers, so I was tempted to go in the “opposite” direction, to see how they phrase English sentences in Chinese. But it’s a bit odd reading text where all the English is in larger font than the Chinese, I’d feel like I was ignoring the main point of the book πŸ˜‚

They also had a good range of chinese books for children. They even had Harry Potter in Chinese! But I may leave that for a later time when my reading is a bit more advanced… So instead, I went over to Roald Dahl‘s books…. πŸ˜† Man they are lonnng when I see the size of the book, knowing it is all in Chinese! So even his books looked a bit intimidating 😫 Who would’ve thought I’d ever say that about Roald Dahl’s books?! πŸ€ͺ

So I ended up not buying anything and decided to just continue making my way through the bilingual version of The Little Prince that I borrowed from the library. At least I have the English in that to help me work my way through it. If I can successfully finish that book, then perhaps I can move on to something else. But even this book is an effort and a half! So many new words and sentence structures… I guess it’s all part and parcel of learning another language!

We watched Ant-Man and the Wasp tonight. I like the Ant-Man movies, there are a lot of funny moments throughout the movie, so it’s not all action, which doesn’t really interest me. So maybe we can get through the other two movies tomorrow, Captain Marvel and Thor: Ragnarok, the last remaining movies in the Marvel series before Endgame.

Not much luck shopping

I am so into my Korean drama at the moment, Sky Castle. It is sooo good. I don’t think I’ve enjoyed a drama as much as this one. It’s all about how wealthy parents in Korea push their kids into medicine or law. I think it’s relevant all around Asia, with parents being so competitive in this part of the world. I wonder how the drama was received in Korea. Of course it’s a satire, so there are elements in it that are just so silly and ridiculous, which adds to the fun of the show. But some scenes are also pretty full on, and unfortunately, I can see some of these being re-enacted in real life πŸ˜” So I am totally loving it! I’d like to finish it this weekend, if possible, I only have a few episodes left. Just need to do a bit more binge watching to get to the finish line! 🏁

We went to Wan Chai today to visit a Victoria’s Basement of sorts, only to discover that the store was closed for Chinese New Year – and will reopen on Valentine’s Day! So I guess they’re taking a nice long break 😊

So we then proceeded to head over to Causeway Bay to buy some Crabtree & Evelyn. And there I find out that their store has closed down! 😩 So I went online to find another Crabtree & Evelyn store in HK, only to find out that they’re slowly closing down all their physical stores in both HK and SG! Whaaat?!? Apparently they’re moving 100% online. Boohoo… So I guess I have to embrace this whole online shopping business a bit more now!

And we finished the evening with the next movie in the Marvel series: Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Not bad, and definitely much better than the first Captain America movie πŸ˜† But I have to say that out of the ten movies that I have seen so far, the Iron Man movies are probably my favourite. The two Guardians of the Galaxy movies are up next 😊

Chinese NYE

I was feeling pretty shite this morning when I woke up, but then I felt better as the morning went on, thankfully. I’m still coughing, unfortunately, my throat feels a bit scratchy and so it bothers me every now and then.

We decided to go to the Chinese New Year Flower Market at Victoria Park this afternoon. O-M-G, it was jam packed! There were times of reprieve, it wasn’t a total can of sardines event, but the squishy moments were pretty draining, and really slow going. It was an interesting experience nonetheless 😊 It’s not just flowers too, they have knick knacks and different foods to try as well. Oh, and there’s next to no English! We could barely read anything πŸ˜† But that doesn’t stop you from just wandering around and seeing all the foods and trinkets and flowers, and trying whatever dishes strikes your fancy. And apparently today is the last day, just before Chinese New Year, so it is also the busiest day. And we went early too. Apparently it can get crazier later in the evening. And it’s open until the wee hours of the morning! I wonder just how crazy it is at 3am πŸ˜‚ Maybe we’ll check it out at that ridiculous time next year 😊

By the time we got home, I was so exhausted and had pretty much lost my voice. So no Marvel movie tonight πŸ˜” I’d like to have an early night so I can be well rested to tackle on New Year’s Day, our second New Year’s Day for the year 😊 It’s sorta cool having two celebrations now. Not sure what’s open on New Year’s Day here, though. I’ll guess we’ll find out tomorrow! πŸ˜†

Happy Chinese New Year!! πŸŽ‰ Bring on the year of the pig! 🐷

Yum cha, Uniqlo and Captain America

We met up with our friend from Oz and her mum again today, we decided to go for yum cha. It’s a more local place where you don’t see tourists, but not “crazy” local where people fight you for food – yes, apparently this happens in certain places! 😲 But we really like the food at this place, and it’s not crazy busy like some other more well-known yum cha restaurants. Plus it’s quite affordable! If we lived in the neighbourhood, we’d probably be there so often that we’d have our own regular table! πŸ˜‚

Friend’s mum was feeling quite tired after yum cha, so they just went back to their hotel to rest. And N and I went to Causeway Bay afterwards to buy socks from Uniqlo. N also bought a few basic items as well, with a bit of help from his brother, who I was sms’ing the entire time, sending him photos of N in various outfits. So in the end, I got my socks, and, after to-ing and fro-ing with his brother for what felt like aaages, N ended up getting a long-sleeved shirt and a cardigan. He’s on his way to getting his basic items in order πŸ‘

And then in the evening, we watched Captain America: The First Avenger. I decided to watch the Marvel movies, and since I’ve only seen just a few, I thought I should just try and watch them all within a short space of time. But I had no idea on what order I should watch them. So I went to good ol’ Google and found this cnet article with a suggestion on order. I’m sure there are numerous debates on what this order should be, but I’m not a fan and so I’m not really all that fussed. I just need something that made some logical sense, and this article fit the bill, so I’ve decided to go along with it. But the first movie off the rank was boring as! That was a disappointing start to my Marvel series watching! I’ve seen the next movie, though (Iron Man), and I do remember enjoying it the first time around, so hopefully I’ll enjoy it again the second time around too🀞