Changes because of HK

We had a Latin lesson today. Our teacher asked to see all four dances, and I was thinking “pffft, yeah right! You’ll be lucky to see two today, before your eyes start hurting from our terrible dancing and you’re going to spend the next hour fixing just the first dance” πŸ˜‚

But surprisingly, we got through all four dances! 😲 That was surely a first. We barely touched Rumba, he seemed happiest with that; Cha Cha and Jive were also not too bad; and he just really wanted to work mainly on Samba today. I guess he knows we can only do so much before our next competition, so he’s just fixing the blatantly obvious bad bits πŸ˜† Sigh, we have to find another Latin teacher yet again when we get to HK…

We had a few friends come over for some drinks this afternoon. We were hoping to get through the whiskeys that we have, since we probably can’t take them with us to HK. But our friends aren’t big drinkers, so we barely got through any of the whiskeys! Argh! πŸ˜‚ So I think we’ll be drinking a fair bit of whiskey between now and takeoff. Today is T-54…

And then in the evening, we watched the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing. They’re showing it here! πŸ‘ Tonight was the first and second episodes. It’s the first time I’ve seen the British version, and it’s quite a fun series! The judges are harsh but fair, so I actually like that, it’s quite “refreshing”. If they dance poorly, the judges won’t have an issue giving them a score anywhere from 1-3 out of 10 😲 Their feedback is honest, so overall, I think the contestants are getting judged really well. And there’s a ton of celebrities on the show too! The show’s been going for years now, and they still manage to find celebrities each season, so they’re obviously doing something right πŸ‘

I also found out that there’s this show called Casualty, which seems like a British Home and Away ie a drama that’s been part of the country’s landscape for donkey’s years. According to IMDb, it’s actually been going for slightly longer than Home and Away! 😲 Crazy stuff.

So we’re enjoying the British version, and we’ll probably watch it right up until we leave SG. Let’s see what tv shows we get to see in HK in a few months’ time…! πŸ˜’


Enjoyable performances

We got up at 11:30am today 😲 We were both so tired, N from his crazy busy work week, and me from being woken up three times during the night by Little Miss. So by the time we went for brunch, it was 1pm and so technically already lunchtime πŸ˜‚

We had our Latin lesson, and we covered both Cha Cha and Rumba, the two Latin dances that we were going to perform at the birthday dinner tonight. We’ve been asked to perform 😲

So of course I’ve been stressing about it for the past few days, since I’m probably one of the few dancers who actually don’t like to perform! As a true introvert, I just don’t like the attention. The same reason why I don’t really like comps, not to mention all the pomp and fuss that goes along with them.

But somehow, when today finally rolled around, the nervousness somehow dissipated and I just allowed myself to enjoy the evening. And of course, when I’m not nervous, I follow N better, I interact with the audience more, and I just feel the music so much more and therefore dance that little bit better. The birthday lady said that she really enjoyed my dancing, and so did her friends. That was really nice to hear, coz we always think it’s so terrible when we watch it, we just never think that other people would actually like it. So it’s nice to hear that some people do in fact appreciate our dancing 😊

We got food at the birthday – there was actually a dancers’ table, with all three performing couples and our entourage (parents and spouses) all given dinner, which I thought was very nice of the birthday organisers to do. And the food was really nice! Pretty much all the food was what would be usually served at a Chinese wedding. But unfortunately, I didn’t get to eat as much as I would have liked. I can never really eat when we have to go and dance. This happened during the comp in Vietnam too.

So we cooked some gyoza from out of the freezer and ate them while we watched the France πŸ‡«πŸ‡· vs Croatia πŸ‡­πŸ‡· final πŸ₯ŸπŸ₯Ÿ We got home just in time for the match πŸ˜… Awesome game to watch! Who would’ve thought six goals would’ve been scored in the final?! 😲 A good final πŸ‘

At the last minute

I spent the day running around buying last-minute things for our trip to Melbourne tomorrow. I always feel so unorganised packing, and I’m sure I still overpack. You’d think I’d have put together a checklist or something by now, but no, that would be just way too sensible and adult-y πŸ˜‚ And this time it’s worse because we’re also carrying dance gear! The comp is the main reason for this trip. The costumes, the shoes, the makeup… Argh! It’s all taking up half my suitcase! Plus it’s winter there at the moment, so I’m bringing more clothes as well. So not much space for any extra shopping, really πŸ˜”

And then we had an extra Latin lesson tonight, just so we got a bit of extra help for the comp. It was a good lesson, actually, I think the small tweaks we made in Cha Cha make it look that little bit more dynamic. Well, it felt that way. I’m sure if we filmed it, it would still look pretty mediocre πŸ˜‚ Oh well, it is what it is. No more help here on in. We just have to see what we can deliver on the day now!

My mantra may as well have been β€œtired” today

I was so tired today. After the dinner n dance last night, and then a really bad night’s sleep where I tossed and turned for about two hours in the middle of the night, I just wasn’t feeling all that refreshed when I woke up this morning. And it didn’t get any better πŸ˜”

But I tried to keep my mantra going nonetheless, which I chose to be “enjoy” today. We had 3.5 hours of dancing again today, and I knew that the only way I could possibly have any hope of getting through it was to remind myself of my mantra for the day. Our Latin lesson was good, really enjoyed that. But by the end of it, I was really struggling; and by the time we got to Ballroom, the balls of my feet were sore as, and I could barely walk, let alone have any energy to do anything more than get myself on and off the dancefloor hahaha Maybe not having much food to eat today didn’t help either 😳 I should work on that next week!

We decided to go watch another movie tonight: Downsizing. We went straight from dancing, so my energy was already pretty much spent by the time the evening rolled around. I was ready to fall asleep during parts of the movie. And because I was so tired, I can’t figure out whether I liked the movie or not! Am I rating it as mediocre because I was falling asleep in parts? But would I have thought the same regardless, if I wasn’t so tired? I don’t know… πŸ€”

So despite my mantra for the day, with my lack of energy for most of it, I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as I would have liked πŸ˜”

Hobonichi 5-year diary

As I mentioned in an earlier post, Hobonichi recently added a 5-year diary to their product range. Hobonichi is that Japanese stationery brand that my friend told me about while we were in Japan. They had run out of the natural leather cover when I went to their store near Harajuku, and online they were out of stock and said that they weren’t restocking the natural leather cover. Grrr! So I decided to try my luck in Singapore when we returned, but to no avail πŸ˜”

For some reason, I decided to go back online and check out their website again. And wouldn’t you know it, they have apparently changed their mind about restocking the natural leather cover! And sales for it resume at 11am Japan time today! So I was online at 9:55am SG time (we’re an hour behind), waiting for their online store to restock.

And my order went through! Woohoo! Lucky stationery isn’t one of those crazy products that every man and his dog are into, so I didn’t have to refresh a hundred times or anything to get through to the site hehehe 😊

Here is their English website on the five-year diary. The video may just persuade you to buy one for yourself 😊

I was feeling really tired all day, and so didn’t do as much as I would’ve liked. And then in the evening, we had our Latin lesson, which doesn’t quite make up for all the lessons that we’ve missed while we’ve been away. Sigh. 2017 wasn’t at all a year for dancing. Let’s see what 2018 brings for us…