I think I’m getting a bit TOO excited

OK, I have pretty much decided on my new camera: a Sony ZV-1 👍 It’ll actually be my first camera since maybe the 2000s. I don’t even remember when I last had a camera that wasn’t my phone, that’s how long it’s been! 😱

So now I can’t wait to buy it 😊 Hopefully there won’t be protesters around Causeway Bay on the weekend again and so the Sony store will actually be open 🤞 I feel like I’m entering a brand new era with my videography/vlogging and photography journey with this new camera. I might actually even create a vlog about it 😂

N and I haven’t really found a new tv show to watch after we finished Community, so while we’re searching for our new show, we’ve been watching product reviews on YouTube of the various cameras in the market at the moment! 😆 I don’t know why I keep watching review after review of the Sony ZV-1. It basically does everything that I need from a camera at this stage of my journey, so more reviews of the product isn’t going to change my mind 🤣

Can you tell I’m so excited?? 😁 I’m building it up in my mind to be this mega awesome camera, but then what if it doesn’t deliver? I need to stop getting all hyped up about it. It could end up being very anti-climactic… 😒

Fun and relaxation

N did a ton of karate today, two hours in the middle of the day and two hours later in the evening 😱 I did the complete opposite: absolutely nothing 🤣😔

Well, in terms of exercise, that is. I did manage to cobble together a quick video from yesterday’s brunch, I actually had enough footage to work with 👍 I hope the birthday girl liked it. If anything, it’s the thought that counts 😊 This whole vlogging business is so much fun, though. I really should do more, I enjoy making them so much 😄

N is also doing some research for me in the camera space. The difference between us, though, is that he is willing to spend a lot more money on technology than I am. So the camera he suggested to me is 5x more than what I’m willing to spend 🤣🤣 FIVE TIMES! So I didn’t even look at the specs of the camera. But for that price, I’m sure it’s pretty damn awesome. Or least it better be!

Anyway, I still need to read up on the various options that I have. I still have no idea what I want to buy! 😒

And I finally finished Crash Landing On You, five months later. I don’t know exactly when I started watching that drama, all I know is that it took me months to finish it! Not that it was bad or anything, it was just that I never really had the time to watch it. And when I was watching TV, it was usually with N, and Korean dramas aren’t really his thing, so we usually just watch whatever American show looks interesting.

But I’ve finally finished it, so now it’s time to find a new show. Actually, we’ve also just finished Community, so if you have any suggestions for our new show (or an Asian drama for me 😉), then please let me know! 🙏

Eating and more eating

It was a public holiday in HK today, so we just had a relaxing day. We were going to go and have Singaporean for lunch, but when we got to the restaurant, we found out that they’re closed on public holidays. Grrr! Although we should’ve checked this before we left the house 😆 It’s just that most restaurants are open here, public holiday or not, so I didn’t even think to check.

So we ended up having Viet at the restaurant next door. We actually had the choice between ramen, Viet and goose (!), but Viet won out in the end. We walked past the goose place afterwards – I think goose is a specialty here in HK – but it just didn’t really appeal to me, so I’m sorta glad we decided not to try that place 😅 I think I’ve had roast goose before, but this place seemed to cook the goose a different way, I don’t quite know how, but it just didn’t look as appetising. Maybe I’ll give it a go when I’m feeling a bit more adventurous 😄

We then went back home and watched an episode of Community before taking a 2-hour nap 😴 We then headed back out for ramen, although at a different ramen place to the one at lunch (which lost out to viet). We ran into one of N’s workmates on the way to the ramen place, so it was nice to just stop and have a bit of a chat with him and his wife before we went off and had dinner.

It was a nice, relaxing day 😌

Too hot

I was thinking of going to Causeway Bay today, one of the shopping areas in HK. But N went out to run a few errands this morning, and while he was out, he was basically complaining about how hot it was today, hinting that he didn’t really want to go out and do anything in this heat. So we just stayed home with the aircon on and watched a bit of Community 😂 And besides, we figured everyone and his dog would be out celebrating Father’s Day, so this probably wasn’t such a bad idea anyway! 😆

(Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there! I hope you guys had a great day 😊 )

I also downloaded DaVinci Resolve, the free version of this video editing software. I’m getting a bit tired of trying to edit my videos on my phone, the whole process is just taking wayyy too long now. So I thought I’d try this free version on my computer and see how I go with it. Apparently even the free version has a ton of features for the average creator, so I figured I’ll just try it out and see how I like it before I fork out any money for the full suite of features that I may not even use anyway for the type of videos that I make (and my current skill level! 😅). So I’m very excited to try it out this week! 😄

Not bad for a Monday

Man, this miserable weather just ain’t stopping ⛈ But it didn’t affect me today, surprisingly. I just pushed on and did what I needed to get done today 👍 I don’t know how people keep their spirits up in places like Scandinavia where the days can be sooo short during winter! I guess you just do what you gotta do!

And one of those things was figuring out what to do for N’s birthday next week. I know what I want to do now, and I’ll book it in tomorrow 👍 I won’t write it here yet because he may actually read this post and I want it to be a surprise ☺️

One of my students asked me today if I did any Spanish study this past week. So now he has unintentionally made me accountable for my Spanish language study! Spanish isn’t really my focus at the moment, but I try and dabble in it every now and then because Spanish and French are actually the next two languages on my list. But now I feel like it needs to get a bit more attention if he’s going to keep asking me how my own language learning is going! 😂

And then N and I finished season four of Community. Not a bad start to the week!

Rain and TV make a good combo

I woke up to thunder and heavy rain, so I knew we were just going to stay home today 😔 Pretty much what I predicted yesterday! So we missed out on a second Cronut. Oh well. At least I got to try it once 😊 And who knows, they may bring it back again in a few months’ time. And they may introduce a brand new flavour too. Chefs do like to experiment.

So I just watched a ton of YouTube videos, all about making better YouTube videos! 😂 And we also watched a few more episodes of Community. We’ve almost finished season four, so we’re slowly getting to the end of this show too. What shall we watch next??

PMQ – Central, HK

We decided to walk around PMQ this afternoon, after a quick brunch at a nearby cafe. I like PMQ, I just don’t really go there very often because there isn’t really much nearby. I have to make a deliberate effort to go there because it’s not like it’s on the way to anything else. I like the layout of the place, and I like all the eclectic stuff that they have there. It reminds me of Newtown in Sydney, just that the shops are all in one building, instead of scattered at street level. Newtown HK style 😆 So if you’re ever in HK (maybe when international travel returns to normal, whatever that means in this new era that we’re living in 😔) and want to find an interesting gift or souvenir or just something interesting for yourself, I highly recommend a trip to this place.

And then we just watched a few episodes of Community later in the evening to round out quite a relaxing weekend 😌

How was your weekend?

My crappy week continues (or does it?)

Aaand my crappy week continues: I woke up with a headache, and I never managed to get get rid of it, even after taking a quick nap in the afternoon. It lingered around for the entire day 😔 Thankfully it was only mild, and I still managed to do stuff throughout the day. I still think the crappy weather isn’t helping my mood…

My one and only goal for the day was to film my next video, and I actually managed to do that! 😲 I even surprised myself 😂 And that’s even with Little Miss scratching at the door; some baby upstairs (or downstairs, I don’t know exactly) crying; and people generally making noise in the apartment upstairs 🙄 Hopefully very little of their noise actually found its way onto the audio… 🤞

And then in the evening, we watched the first episode of season three of Community. This is the western tv show that I’m currently making my way through. I’m still slowly working my way through the Korean drama, Crash Landing On You 😊

Okay, so it wasn’t the worst day. But I’ve had better 😆