Today’s post is a bit of a rant, so if you don’t need additional negativity in your day today, then please skip this post and continue on with your day and hopefully I’ll see you back here tomorrow 😊

I have a friend who perpetuates the stereotypical ‘women do everything around the house and men don’t do anything to help’ mentality. I don’t like stereotypes in general, and I especially don’t like gender-specific stereotypes. As I may have mentioned before, I am very good at ignoring things that I disagree with on social media, so I ordinarily just scroll past anything that she posts on this topic.

But today, she drags me into it, and THAT I can’t ignore. What she was basically implying was that I am lucky to have a guy who cooks for me. Um, no. I just happen to be with a guy who likes to cook. There’s no luck involved, it’s just who he is. And we make the joint decision that he cooks simply because he likes it. And because he likes it, he practises it more and is therefore better at it than me. And it’s not a skill that I’m interested in improving. If we both hated to cook, I’m sure we’d eat out a whole lot more or order delivery more or eat pre-made dinners more often. So we divvy things up around the house based on our personal strengths and interests. I look after our finances simply because I’m better at it. I wash the dishes because I prefer to do this than cook dinner. It’s about our strengths, not luck or gender. I believe in maximising our strengths rather than trying to minimise our weaknesses. And if I was feeling like I was being overwhelmed with too many things going on in my life, then I’d talk to N about it and he’d be there to help me out. That’s the whole point of a relationship, isn’t it?? 🤨

So I see it a bit like playing the martyr. And if you want to play the martyr, then by all means, go for it. Just please don’t drag me into your martyrdom with you because I choose not to play that game.

Not the smoothest

We had quite heavy rain all day today, so I think that didn’t help with my mood. I wasn’t in the best frame of mind today, and I was taking almost everything to heart. Things that wouldn’t normally bother me were bothering me today. The rain is forecast to stick around for the whole week, unfortunately, but I hope my mood doesn’t stick around with it 🙁

And I tried baking some bread today, my second time ever 🍞 That turned out pretty 💩 The damn thing wasn’t edible. My first attempt was so much better. Even though it didn’t rise, at least I could eat it. I couldn’t do that today. The outside was way too hard, and the inside was uncooked. That was rather disappointing. I was really looking forward to having my own homemade bread today, but that didn’t pan out 😔

My second attempt ever at baking bread. Attempt #1 was actually way better. Even though it didn’t rise much, at least it was edible, unlike today’s attempt! 😔

Oh and zits are sprouting all over my face. Mount Vesuvius’ baby has found its home on my face, and it has brought along some smaller babies with it. You’d think I was 15 again 🙄 Where are they coming from?? Is it the humidity? Am I not drinking enough water? Am I not cleaning my face properly each day??

Bread, technology and anime!

N baked some more bread again today, which was so nice 😋 After tasting freshly baked bread at home, it’s hard for me to buy bread from the supermarket now! 😆 He only made a small amount this time, and I want to have toast for breakfast tomorrow, so I decided to make some dough myself tonight so that it’s ready to be baked tomorrow. He’s way ahead of me in terms of the number of loaves that he’s baked (he’s probably baked six to my two) so I need to catch up! We’ve been having problems with the bread not rising, so let’s see how this second attempt of mine goes…! 🤞

I also spoke to my parents and my brother and his family. That was nice. We’re literally in different parts of the world now (parents are in Sydney; my brother in Ireland; and me in HK) so we don’t see one another very often. And it seems the rona will make that even harder now 😔 So yay for technology 👍

And then we just watched a few more episodes of One Punch Man. We’ve almost finished the series, I think we only have two or three episodes left and then we’re done. I’m thinking of watching Neon Genesis Evangelion next. It’s a really old anime from 1995, but apparently they’ve been remade into four movies, with the fourth movie due for release sometime later this year. But rather than just watching the movies, I’ve decided to watch the original series first. Although apparently they’ve deviated from the original storyline from the end of movie #3. Just FYI, if you’re interested in the series. So many things to watch! 😆

Gifts and redemptions

I was feeling all pumped this morning, ready to do a ton of stuff around the house, but then that all fell to 💩 😂 And I ended up not doing much at all! I didn’t even get to go to Wan Chai to see if the cherry blossoms are still blooming 😔 Oh well. It’s Sunday, it’s supposed to be the day of rest anyway, so maybe I should’ve just rested!

One of N’s workmates dropped by to give us a few small cakes that she made today. She loves baking, so she’s always making cakes 🧁🍰 The ones she gave us today were so pretty! Totally Masterchef-worthy, I reckon. We had them for dessert tonight 😋

These wouldn’t be out of place in a Masterchef episode! 😱

Have I told you about the stickers that they give out at supermarkets here? They give you a sticker for every HK$X spent in their store, and if you collect enough stickers, you can redeem certain items during their promotional period, which usually lasts for around 3-4 months. Anyway, last period, we managed to accumulate enough stickers to redeem a hot pot and accompanying cooker! 😲 They don’t have the cooker in stock at the moment, so we’ll have to go back and redeem it later on, but we got the pot today! 👍 Very exciting! Now I can’t wait to have hot pot at home 😋

Our new hot pot! 👏


I had my day all planned out, but by mid-afternoon, that pretty much fell apart, so I didn’t have a very productive day in the end 😔 So that was quite disappointing. You win some, you lose some, I suppose 🤷‍♀️ Hopefully I’ll have a more productive day tomorrow.

I did bake bread this morning, though! It was my first attempt at baking bread ever. It wasn’t the best: the dough was too sticky and I couldn’t get it into the baking tray; and the bread didn’t rise very much at all, so it ended up being more like Turkish bread 😂 But taste wise, it was actually ok! And that’s all that matters 😊 And it was pretty easy to make too, so I’ll definitely be baking more bread in future. Plus I bought like 2kg of bread flour from that specialty baking shop last weekend (it was the only size they had), along with yeast, so I may as well use them up! 😆

My first attempt at baking bread! 🍞

New blog and Jay Chou

I spent most of the day getting my new blog set up, and it is finally up and running – woohoo! 👏 It’s called 😊 You can read the About This Blog page to get a bit more info on what it’s all about, but my tagline is “the world of food through the eyes of a non-foodie”. I’m actually really excited by the blog, I don’t know why! I haven’t yet published all the posts that I’ve written over the past few months, I’ve just been focussing on the technical aspects of setting up the blog, since I’m not techy at all. I’ve pretty much had to google every single step along the way! So maybe the mere fact that it’s even up and running is probably what I’m all excited about?! 😂

And then this evening, we went to the first day of the Singapore Grand Prix. Jay Chou was the main act tonight, and the place was packed. If you’re anything like me, you really only know him as the Green Hornet’s sidekick 😂 But here in Asia, he’s big. Like Beyoncé big, maybe. So everyone around us knew the lyrics to his songs and were happily singing along with him. What was so cool, though, was that they had the lyrics to the songs up on the big screen, so even if you didn’t know the words, you could just read them! That was pretty awesome. Assuming you could read the lyrics, that is 😆 Which is a big ask for us! And since I don’t know any of his songs, I just spent most of the concert working on my reading and listening skills! Maybe I should’ve done some research beforehand on some of his more famous songs, so I could’ve at least sung along with everyone else. Nonetheless, I still enjoyed it, and I’m glad we went 😊

But now I feel like I’m coming down with a cold 😔 Hopefully I can shake it off over the weekend…

Korean dramas and food

I finished Fated to Love You today. As with most Korean dramas I’ve watched, it was sooo good! I liked the outrageous, completely unbelievable storyline; the hilarious but appropriate acting; the music; and the balance between drama and comedy throughout the series. These dramas have this uncanny ability to suck me in and make me watch til the very end, they’re just so entertaining! 😆 I will have to find a new series to watch, but I may leave it for after we’ve sorted out everything for HK.

It’s Mid-Autumn Festival time, and a friend gave us some mooncakes. He gave us a different type of mooncake, which is a fusion between a traditional mooncake and a dessert, perhaps. It has a white chocolate truffle in the centre instead of a salted egg. It’s an interesting interpretation, with my tastebuds being delighted in a different way 😊 I think I still prefer the traditional mooncake (with no egg inside), but this fusion one was still quite good.

I also tried making a mango frozen yoghurt today, with basically just mango, Greek yoghurt and honey, so easy as! I had to taste the mixture, even though my eating window had already closed for the day, so I pushed my window out to 9 hours today instead of my goal of 8. I hope the frozen yoghurt works out, it could potentially be a relatively healthy dessert option for me that’s really really easy to make 😊

Cooking and a checklist

I decided to try this new recipe for dinner, but making it took wayyy longer than I thought it would. They made it look so simple online 😂 Because it took me so long, I didn’t end up getting to the gym tonight. Thankfully the dish didn’t turn out tooo badly, otherwise all that effort and missing out on going to the gym would’ve been a double whammy of a wasted evening. I don’t know if I’d make it again, though, it just took sooo long to prepare.

I made six of these bacon, egg and potato balls, but they were so filling that I couldn’t even finish these two. They’re probably better to eat during brunch, but they were still ok nonetheless.

I also started putting together my checklist for the move to HK, and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be! It’s doable. I think it’s the culling of our stuff and the selling of any items that will take the most time. We can’t take all our furniture with us, as we’ll definitely be living in a much smaller apartment in HK than what we live in now. So basically we’ll be paying more for less space over there. WTH, man 😒

An everything Sunday

We had our usual Latin lesson today, and Samba actually felt quite good. But feeling good and looking good are two totally unrelated things 😂 I’m sure if we filmed the best part of today’s lesson, we would still be cringing and going “oh gawd, it feels so much better than it looks!” Sighhh…

And then after lunch, we spent an hour on Ballroom. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that great either. Sighhh… Will Ballroom ever feel good?! My thighs were totally spent just one hour into the two-hour practice class, and I couldn’t go on for longer than an hour. Maybe I pushed myself too much at the gym and I’m still trying to recover? Maybe it’s just the lack of energy at my age? Maybe a bit of both? Nonetheless, we still managed to work on Ballroom for an hour, so that’s better than not turning up at all!

We then went home and N did some work 😔 He rarely does any work at home; he and I would rather stay back in the office and work back late, rather than bring stuff home. We prefer to separate work and home life that way. But sometimes it’s inevitable, and today was one of those days 😔

A friend posted this recipe on FB for salt and vinegar potatoes, which was simple enough for even someone like me to try. I knew we had some leftover potatoes in the pantry, so I decided to give it a go tonight, since N was working anyway. It didn’t turn out too badly! I’ll definitely make them again. The three small leftover potatoes today just weren’t quite enough 😊

Perhaps not the best photo by a long shot 😂 but they were yummy nonetheless

And we finished the evening off with two episodes of Masterchef Australia. It’s become a bit of a mid-year anchor, they always broadcast it around the summer months. So it’s now starting to be quite comforting watching it at this time of year every year 😊

Another jam packed day!👍

Weekday reality

I suffered a bit from the Monday blues this morning, always hard after a very good weekend.

I took Kitty to the vet in the morning, and got a crazy-ass cab driver on the way back home. He was tailgating other vehicles, so he was constantly breaking and accelerating, and was weaving in and out of traffic as if it was a race to some non-existent finish line. When we got close to home, there were a bajillion cars and trucks surrounding the driveway leading up to our apartment complex, so he missed the turn. I said that I’ll just get off at the bottom of the driveway, and I walked the 100m up the driveway myself. I really didn’t want to be in that cab for any longer than necessary.

And later today, I fought with myself again about whether or not to go to the gym. It’s quite moot, really, since I’ve already made the decision to go on non-dancing days during the week. I kept trying to convince myself that I should just take the day off, that I haven’t had a day off from either the gym or the dance studio for over a week now, and I need to give myself at least a day for my body to recover.

I did end up going, but perhaps I do need to reconsider this new habit. We don’t normally practice on Saturdays, which, under my original plan, was going to be my one day off. But now it’s looking like Saturday practice could become a regular thing now… So if this does continue to be our new routine, then I think seven days is a bit overkill. I will have to give some more thought to this, to make sure I give myself one or two days off each week.

And then my meals today didn’t quite work out as I had planned. I was planning on making myself a (smoked) salmon and egg wrap for lunch today, using up the last ingredients from last week. So after boiling the eggs, I went to take out the rest of the ingredients from the fridge – only to realise that N had eaten it all last night! 😩 So I ended up having hard boiled eggs for lunch. Not quite what I had planned, but it was tasty nonetheless 😂

And then for dinner, I left the salmon cooking in the oven for a tad too long. N described it as being “a tad extremely overcooked” 🤣 I knew I should’ve left the cooking of the fish to him!

So back to weekday reality, it is… 😳