I had my Chinese lesson today. I didn’t have a lesson last week because my teacher went to Sanya for a holiday last week. Prices are really good at the moment because of the rona: apparently their flights for the four of them cost around the same amount as the price of just one ticket normally 😲 And their hotel room in a five-star hôtel with a sea view cost something like A$60 per night! 😲 I wish we could travel to Sanya too!

It’s really close too, the flight is probably only around 1-1.5 hours, much like a Sydney to Melbourne flight. I think it’s about 1.5 hours to Taiwan (also on the map below), so I’m guessing that Sanya would be roughly the same. The problem is the rona and quarantine measures 😔 For mainland Chinese, they can travel around freely domestically to cities that are not deemed high-risk. But HK, despite officially being part of China, still runs very separately to the mainland (despite what the protesters and western mainstream media would have you believe) and so we follow the HK government’s regulations on travel. And that still means a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone coming back from overseas, which I think also includes mainland China.

So I have basically succumbed to the fact that we won’t be travelling anywhere in 2020 😔 And you know what one of my goals was for this year? Explore different parts of China! 😩 I thought that’d be a pretty cool goal, given our current proximity to the mainland at the moment. We may as well take advantage of it!

And then February rolled around, and all those ideas went out the window 😔

The universe was on my side today

My week finished off much better than it started 👍 I somehow managed to get a ton of stuff done today, despite also procrastinating a helluva lot again 😆

I felt like pancakes today, so I went out for brunch. The place that I went to actually gives you the options of waffles, pancakes, crepes or doughnuts – phwoar! That’s a pretty awesome selection 👍 So I actually went for crepes. I chose banana and walnut crepes, to make myself feel better by having some fruit and nuts with it 😂

My banana and walnut crepes 😋

I then decided to film my next YouTube video, even though I told myself that after lunch, I was going to finish editing my current video 🙄 I have no idea what came over me and where this urge came from to start filming my next video! 🤷‍♀️ Especially since the forecast was for rain for pretty much the entire day (heck, the whole damn week!) But I was willing to risk it for some stupid reason and actually film outdoors today.

And omg, it somehow didn’t rain the entire time I was filming. So now I have my next video ready to be edited – woohoo! Happy times 👏 Fingers crossed the audio turned out ok 🤞 I always seem to have issues with audio, especially when I’m filming outdoors 😒 But the quick checks that I did while I was out seem to indicate that it was fine. Hopefully the rest of the audio is fine too!🤞

When I got home, though, procrastination kicked in again, and I wasted another few hours before I finally got started with editing my current video. But somehow, miraculously, I managed to finish editing that video too! So despite all the additional filming that I hadn’t planned on doing today and even more procrastination, I still managed to get through what I wanted to get through today! 😲

So I ended the week finishing more than I expected to, given all the procrastinating that I was doing – and I’m also not totally behind either 👍 Total amazeballs! 🤪

My crappy week continues (or does it?)

Aaand my crappy week continues: I woke up with a headache, and I never managed to get get rid of it, even after taking a quick nap in the afternoon. It lingered around for the entire day 😔 Thankfully it was only mild, and I still managed to do stuff throughout the day. I still think the crappy weather isn’t helping my mood…

My one and only goal for the day was to film my next video, and I actually managed to do that! 😲 I even surprised myself 😂 And that’s even with Little Miss scratching at the door; some baby upstairs (or downstairs, I don’t know exactly) crying; and people generally making noise in the apartment upstairs 🙄 Hopefully very little of their noise actually found its way onto the audio… 🤞

And then in the evening, we watched the first episode of season three of Community. This is the western tv show that I’m currently making my way through. I’m still slowly working my way through the Korean drama, Crash Landing On You 😊

Okay, so it wasn’t the worst day. But I’ve had better 😆

A bit of perspective would be good

Hmmm… I’m just not having a good week. I don’t feel like I even did anything productive today 😔 I know I did, but my brain seems to be ignoring all that and it’s just focussing on the fact that what I set out to do today (write up the script for my next YouTube video) didn’t happen. Why focus on the negative?? 🤨 Because some good things also did get done today!

For example, I finished reading From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler, a children’s book by EL Konigsburg. I’ve read a few children’s books lately, and I actually haven’t been all that impressed with them. But I actually really liked this one! I would definitely recommend this to my 10-12 year old self 😊 Now I’m thinking that my next fiction novel should be one that’s for adults 😆

And I’m also connecting with a few friends on Facebook. I’m trying to be a bit more active on social media these days to try and stay in touch with friends, especially my friends in Oz who I don’t see much these days (and not at all at the moment 😔).

And I did do some research for my next YouTube video today too. Now I just need to get a better idea of what I want included in the actual video. Okay sure, I didn’t write out a script like I had wanted to, but I’m on my way there, so I have done something.

So even though I might not have gotten the script written up, it wasn’t a complete waste of a day. Get a bit of perspective, sheesh! 🙄

My one and only goal for the day

After yesterday’s debacle of running out of memory when I was recording my next YouTube video, I decided that only one thing today will make it a successful day: successfully recording this damn video! I was determined 💪

I got my equipment set up in the same way as I usually do at home and got ready to start recording again. But then, of course, the guys upstairs decided to start drilling. And hammering. And other typical renovation noises. OMG. One of the downsides of living in an apartment. I definitely couldn’t film at home today 🙄

So I decided to film outside. Which meant that I had to lug all my equipment out with me too 😒

And then it started to rain 🌧 OMG. The universe so did not want me to film this video today! Why, universe, whyyy??

So then I started looking for a place to film that was under cover. Luckily, though (finally, some luck on my side!), while I was looking around for a place, the rain finally stopped and I could happily sit outdoors again. I just needed to wipe down the wet tables and chairs in order to be able to set up my makeshift workstation 😂

I filmed the entire video again, and then watched it back. That was when I discovered that the audio was 💩 So another lesson learnt: do a trial run and check that the video is all ok before going ahead and proceeding to film the rest of the video! You’d think I would’ve known to do this by now… 🙄 There was no way I could use the footage, I could barely hear what I was saying. Back to square one yet again – argh! 😫

By this time, I had to start teaching soon, so I made my way back home. I decided to try and record it again before my lessons started. Because I had practised the script sooo many times after my numerous failed attempts, recording it this third time actually went relatively smoothly! 😆 And I actually finished recording everything before my lessons started, woohoo! My one and only mission for the day was accomplished! 👍

Goals being achieved

I had yet another conversation with my parents about their accessing YouTube on their tv. Apparently their tv’s connection to the internet died sometime between last night and today 🤷‍♀️ so I had to help them get it back up and running. But when you have to spend five minutes waiting for your mum to figure out how to switch the video call from the front camera to the back so that I can see the tv and therefore help them navigate to the settings; and then your dad asking, “Where’s ‘enter’?” on the tv remote, you can just imagine just how painful this conversation was 😔

But almost an hour later, we managed to get it up and running, so at least we achieved what we wanted to achieve 😂

N needed to pick up his guitar today from the music store that we went to last Sunday, so we decided to have dinner in the same shopping mall that the music store is in. Remember that wad of vouchers that they gave us last Sunday as part of the mall’s current promotion? We used that to effectively get around 50% off the price of dinner – woohoo! 👏 We probably wouldn’t have gone out for dinner if we didn’t have the vouchers, so the mall is getting exactly what it wants: foot traffic in their mall! And the restaurant was packed too, we even had to wait for ten minutes for a table! Good job, marketing guys 👍 No sarcasm there either, I’m being deadset complimentary of their efforts! Retail has been hit hard this past year, first with the protests and now the rona, so successful efforts to get people to spend again is a good thing for the economy 👍

A beautiful Sunday

To start the new month, we had yet another beautiful spring day today ☀️ We went out for a bit of a walk and tried a new cafe for lunch, and we then went out for dinner too, as the weather was still really nice in the evening. Why can’t every day be as beautiful as today?!

We also bought some groceries for the week. And can you believe it, both the rice shelves and the toilet paper shelves have been fully restocked!! 😱 It seems like the panic buying has now died down and people have finally realised that the apocalypse is not going to happen this time 🙄 But thanks to all this ridiculous panic buying and not wanting to be left without any, we too are now very well stocked on toilet paper! Argh! Absolutely ridiculous. I don’t like having too much spare stuff in the house. I’m a total under-buyer, and having one or two spares for any given item in the house is good enough for me. So having a bajillion packs of toilet paper is just overkill for me!

And then we finished off the evening with a few episodes of The Good Place. We’ve been enjoying this show because it’s quite light-hearted, and the episodes are also relatively short at 20-odd minutes, so it’s easy to squeeze in an episode at the end of the evening just to wind down 😊

It’s a brand new month, so I need to spend some time tomorrow reviewing February and then planning out March. Time just seems to go faster and faster these days 😱 I need to stay focussed on my goals, otherwise this year will just fly by me!