A lottery

I ran a few errands today, including getting my Octopus card all set up with automatic top-up. A few weeks ago, I lost my old Octopus card, if you remember all the stress associated with that 😒 Now I have finally got it all sorted: I got the balance on my old Octopus card transferred to my new card, and I also got the automatic top-up set up on the new card – woohoo! It’s now all done 👍 I really should just set it up on my phone like N has, so I don’t have to worry about carrying one extra item – and therefore worry about having one extra item to lose!

One of our friends here just went and had his annual check-up. Apparently the doctors have recommended that he go for an angioplasty! ðŸ˜ą He’s not even that old, I think he’s in his mid-40s, so I don’t understand how the doctors can recommend surgery straight away. What about changing his diet first and seeing if that will improve the situation?? What about lifestyle changes? Medication? Surely there are other things he can do before surgery?! Obviously I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know his medical situation, but unless his heart is in really bad shape, then I can’t understand why surgery is what they’re recommending already. Maybe his heart really is in bad shape? Hmmm… Anyway, he is still relatively young, so even if he does go for the surgery, he should come out OK ðŸĪž

It’s news like this that jolts me back to reality, that life can be a real b!tch and ðŸ’Đ happens to good people, and not always to the bad ones; that children can die from incurable diseases; that you can lead a mega-healthy lifestyle and still be struck with some disease; that you can be diagnosed with something with NO family history – and that you can escape something even if everyone else in your family had it. It’s such a lottery sometimes. Which is another reason why I try and enjoy my life as much as I can, because who knows what the universe has in store for you tomorrow ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ

Being creative while freaking out

Today was all about dancing. It’s the last free weekend that we have before the comp, so we tried to do as much dancing today as we can. But after all this dancing, there is now a dull ache in the lower part of my abdomen. I’m getting completely freaked out, as I always do whenever I have a health-related issue, and am coming up with crazy-ass ideas as to what could be causing it. My current thought is that one of my ovaries is about to explode ðŸ˜ģ See, I can be creative at times ðŸĪŠ

But it is freaking me out. Last time we did this much dancing, I strained my back, and a part of my spine swelled up. My spine. So of course that freaked me out to buggery too. The doctor gave me some cream to help reduce the swelling that time, and after a few weeks, it did eventually go away. I used the same cream again today, just in case I strained some other muscle, this time in the abdomen area. Not that I think I pulled a muscle today, but just on the off chance that I really did… If it doesn’t get any better in the next few days (or if it gets progressively worse 😟), I may just have to visit a doctor to get it checked out.

And on the topic of health, I’m supposed to have my follow-up appointment about my comprehensive health screening results Monday week. That’s freaking me out too 😟 Fingers crossed that is all ok too ðŸĪž

My comprehensive health check-up

I managed to get up at 7:30am this morning, to get to my health check-up appointment at 9am. It was a rather interesting process, I felt like a cog in a wheel with a hundred different parts, all running like a well-oiled machine, and I’m the only one new to the whole process.

I did a bajillion tests, done in the following order:

  • First they drew blood for various blood tests;
  • Then they took my resting ECG;
  • After that, my blood pressure and general body measurements like height and weight etc;
  • And then a quick eye test, like really quick, nothing like what you’d do at the optometrist. Not sure what she was testing for, that I could see something – anything, perhaps?
  • And after about a half hour wait, I ended up finally seeing a GP who did a more comprehensive exam.

And in between the tests, I just sat back down in the waiting room and waited until the next test. There were about six of us shuffling in and out of the various rooms to get the different tests done. One takeaway from the whole process: bring a good book or a fully charged smartphone to keep you occupied! 😂

I hadn’t eaten or drunk anything except water, since I needed to fast for whatever tests they needed to do this morning. But that was just helping with my intermittent fasting anyway, so I was fine with that 😊 They had a whole spread at the clinic, though, with fruit and sandwiches and coffee, which was very tempting! ðŸ˜Đ So I dug into the food once I got the go ahead from one of the nurses. I’m a sucker for free food 😆

I then went to the radiology clinic downstairs to get some x-rays, ultrasound and a mammogram. Indeed a comprehensive check-up!

So after all this, I get my results in about three weeks. Is that a long time? Feels like a long time. Anyway, I’m glad it’s all done. I now just need to make sure I do this yearly check-up, to make sure I’m on top of my health, and we catch anything as early as possible.

The check-up took aaages, so by the time I got home, it was almost 4pm! And with my cold, I was completely spent, so I took a long nap to recover.

And then in the evening, I tried to wrinkle out a few technical issues with my new blog, around contacting me and subscribing to the blog. Hopefully it’s now all sorted… ðŸĪž

So it was a productive, but tiring day 😊

Health and reading

I booked a health screening this morning, scheduled in a few weeks’ time. The customer service officer and I both have heavily accented English, and we had a hard time understanding each other. I don’t think my accent is that heavy, but I guess any accent can be quite different if you’re not used to it. But it was a bit ridiculous at times: eg I had to spell my first name to her, as she was obviously not used to common English names. I start with the first letter “K”. She goes “J – for Japan?”. Wth?! 😂 I had to come up with a country for each and every letter in my name. That was actually quite challenging! 😂

Anyway, the health screening is basically a comprehensive health check up. Apparently it’s going to take half a day for them to do all the tests! That’s going to be fun ðŸ˜ģ But the funnest bit of all is that I have to give urine and stool samples omggg I seriously don’t know how I’m going to do that! 😆

I’m just a bit more concerned with my health these days, now that I’m getting older. Not that I’m really doing anything to warrant the concern, I’m just a bit of a worry wart. So I’d like to do this more for my own piece of mind than anything else. I did feel very anxious that day when I went to get my eyes checked and that was just my eyes. This is a whole body checkup! My blood pressure is going to go through the roof!

I finished Haruki Murakami’s Men Without Women. There’s actually seven stories in the book, not six, as I originally thought. The last four stories were more in line with what I would expect from this author: weird, what-in-the-world-was-that-about stories that just give you a different view of the people in this world. I did enjoy the book overall, in a slightly odd, Haruki Murakami way 😆

So one book down and another one picked up: I’ve now started book 3 of the Crazy Rich Asians trilogy, Rich People Problems. I actually did start reading this a few months back, but stopped reading it for whatever reason. I decided to just start again from the beginning, as it’s been so long since I started reading this book that I’m sure a re-read would probably be a better idea than trying to pick up from where I left off from last time. But it’s been good so far. Hopefully I won’t stop reading again this time around! I think it was only because I had read books 1 and 2 in quick succession that I felt like I needed a bit of a break before reading book 3. So I should be ok second time around 😊