Hermione and a trip to Bishan

It was a full house in Chinese class this morning. I think it was the first time this year that all of us were in the same room together 😲 I always wonder if the teacher gets frustrated with us. He asked if anyone had any questions with their homework, and the general response was “I didn’t do my homework” hahaha I was the only one who did my homework! I sometimes feel like a Hermione in that class 🤓 So he quickly checked my homework, reading through in five seconds what took me probably at least an hour to do, omg. I guess it’d be the same if I was reading the equivalent in English so I shouldn’t be so surprised, but still! So I reckon we’re probably at primary school level, if that, so you can get a bit of an idea at what level we’re learning (ie pretty damn basic stuff! 😳)

We went to Bishan in the evening to go check out the karate national team selection, but apparently it was a closed door event (why?!), so that was a bit of a waste of a trip out there. So we had dinner in the area instead and just went home. That was a bit of a disappointing way to end the day. Hopefully our second trip back over the bridge to Malaysia tomorrow will be better 😊