Merry Christmas!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ₯‚

We had a really nice, quiet Christmas Day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Usually it’s filled with too many people, too much socialising for an introvert like me, even if the socialising is with family. So today’s quiet day was absolutely wonderful.

I got up ridiculously early this morning and spent about an hour on Facebook wishing friends and family a Merry Christmas. I then watched a few episodes of my new Chinese drama, Lover’s Lies, before the two brothers woke up. After breakfast/brunch, N and I made our way up The Peak, one of the most famous hiking trails in HK. It’s paved and you go past a number of residential buildings, so it’s not like you’re roughing it at any point. But it’s tiring. Unless you’re used to doing lots of uphill climbs. It is steep, and there are barely any breaks where the trek flattens out. The signs say it takes half an hour to walk to the top, but that’s assuming that you’re pretty much at the starting point. Getting to the starting point is an effort in itself πŸ˜†

But once you’re up there, it’s a pretty nice view. You get a view of both Victoria Harbour as well as the south side of the island, which is totally worth the hike. Today was a bit overcast, so the view wasn’t as great as it could be, but what we could see was still pretty awesome.

View of Victoria Harbour from The Peak

So if the other hikes around HK are just as well laid out as Victoria Peak, then I’d definitely want to do more. I’m not sure how easy it is to get to the other trails compared to this one, as you basically just take the Mid Level Escalators right to the end, turn left, and then make your way up to the start once you see the pink sign pointing to The Peak. All within a residential area. But other trails may not be so close to civilisation… I will have to do some research on them. Dragon’s Back is apparently quite nice and relatively easy to do (although that is quite a subjective term!). And it is one of the more popular ones too. Maybe that can be our next trail 😊

We then went back home to freshen up; met up with N’s brother; and then we made our way to Lan Kwai Fong for a nice, quiet family dinner.

But as soon as we walked out of the building, this was the chaos on the street:

On Christmas Day!! 😲 Crazy stuff! I’m used to very quiet streets on Christmas Day, with virtually everything closed in Oz. This is the complete opposite to that πŸ˜‚

So that’s one more Christmas done βœ… I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did 😊



Our furniture arrived today!! They arrived at around 10:15am, and pretty much as soon as they got there, the guy handed me a checklist and asked me to tick off each box as he brings them in, to make sure that we receive all 59 boxes. I still can’t believe we have that much crap 😳 But anyway, moving right along… πŸ˜‚

They were concerned that the bedframe wouldn’t fit into the lift in the building. And when they tried to put it in, it actually didn’t fit. So they had to get N to come down and give them the go ahead to take it out of the box and try to fit it in to the lift just on its own. And can you believe it: it actually just fit, with literally one inch to spare 😲 How insane is that! If it wouldn’t fit, they would’ve had to carry it up the stairs, and we were told that lovely service would cost around HK$200 (S$35) per floor. And we’re on a pretty high floor, so if it didn’t fit in the lift, it would’ve cost over HK$5,000 – or almost S$1,000 – to carry it up 😲

Our mattress is apparently slightly larger – and thicker – than the bedframe, but at least it’s more flexible, so they could actually squeeze it into the lift πŸ˜… Gosh, that would’ve been even more painful to carry up the stairs! So if we had to get them to carry up both the mattress and the bedframe via the stairs, it would’ve cost almost S$2,000 for the privilege. O-M-G. Sooo lucky we got both pieces up! πŸ™

So all our stuff is in HK now! πŸ‘ Despite having 59 boxes, it actually doesn’t look like too much stuff, once everything is out of the boxes. Plus we still have to cull a bit, as we didn’t really finish that in SG. We also have to sort out where everything goes in the new apartment, and put things in their rightful place – or at least, in the correct room, to start off with. And then after the sorting and culling, we can figure out what storage units we’ll need. But despite all this stuff that we need to do, it’s just sooo nice to have all our stuff in the apartment! It feels more like home now, and as a result, both of us are much more excited about this move πŸ‘ Even Kitty seems to feel more at home too, which is great.

And then tonight, we went out for dinner with a few of N’s workmates. That was fun, and it was good to meet a few new people in this city too. One of the guys likes to go hiking, which is perfect, as we were thinking of doing more hiking here, as apparently HK has a few good trails. So we may have a new hiking buddy! 😊

So overall, I think today, more than any other day so far, we were both excited about this move to HK. Here’s to new adventures in this city! πŸ₯‚

Almost 12km

We did a fair bit of walking today. We haven’t really ventured off HK Island though, so there’s a lot more of HK that we need to visit! And we actually haven’t done much touristy stuff! We spend a lot of our time just walking around and exploring HK Island. We passed on an invitation from one of N’s colleagues to go hiking with her today. N had yet another long week at work, so all he really wanted to do was rest today. But we still managed to walk almost 12km today, and we also did a short session at the gym, so it wasn’t really all that restful! πŸ˜‚ Maybe we’ll do a hiking trail next time we’re here.

My feet are still throbbing, and both our hips are sore. Omg. Once your hips start to hurt just from walking (even though it was 12km 😳), I reckon that’s a sign that you’re old πŸ˜† We walked through Victoria Park today, and there was a group of young’uns doing squat walks. I don’t think I could do those now, my knees couldn’t handle the stress. So I’ll just pass on that exercise and leave it to the youngsters with the perfectly functioning knees!

We actually went to a dance studio today to practise, but it was so busy that we decided against it. Later we found out that there’s a comp on Monday, which that particular dance studio is organising. So I guess everyone was in the studio today practising for it. I think I’ll try and go and watch on Monday, if it’s not too expensive. The comp venue isn’t that far from our hotel, so it’d be a nice way to spend my last night in this city.