Shopping and eating

I got up earlier than the two brothers today, although that wasn’t hard because N went to bed at around 4am and his brother hadn’t even arrived home yet 😲 So I watched a few episodes of Lover’s Lies in the morning, after which N had finally gotten up. So we left Little Brother to sleep and we went to that 24-hour breakfast place for a late breakfast. OMG all-day breakfast places – let alone a 24-hour place! – are the best! πŸ‘πŸ‘

We then went to IFC and Landmark, two shopping malls in Central. The latter has the Cocoa Monsters display, which was sooo cuuute! They have little Cocoa Monsters hanging on all their Christmas decorations in the mall (and any other building that Landmark owns), so I’ve seen these cute monsters scattered around in what I thought were just random places.

I’m glad I got to see them! I wonder if they always make an appearance in Landmark buildings at Christmas each year…

One thing I have noticed about HK is their poor signage. They’re not very good with telling people (ie new people to the city) where things are located. For example, the start of the Mid Level Escalators is actually quite hard to find. There are numerous signs telling you which direction you need to go in order to reach them, but they don’t tell you how far away they are, and if you reach a fork in the road, for example, which “prong” you need to take. Very similar to when we were walking up to The Peak. So it’s not the most tourist friendly city, unfortunately. You really have to just wander around and immerse yourself in the city – which can be frustrating, if you’re pressed for time! So maybe if you are wandering around, give yourself extra time to find your destination – as well as extra time to fight the throngs of people who will no doubt be all around you! πŸ˜‚

I cleaned up around the house a bit in the afternoon, in time for the New Year, and I’ll continue to do so for the remaining two days of 2018. I always like to have a clean house to welcome the New Year, and here in Asia, there is the western New Year as well as Chinese New Year. So I tend to do a massive clean twice, before the two New Year’s Days. I do a major cull, and I usually also clean out the cupboards and wipe down shelves and clean the windows etc. But since we’ve just moved in, everything is still quite clean, so it’s really more about tidying up this year for us. Except the home office! Argh! That’s a disaster and a half. We’re running out of time to get that sorted! ⏰😩

And then we went for hot pot in the evening. I have grown to really like hot pot! Despite the warm, humid weather in SG, hot pot was really popular there, and that popularity rubbed off on me, so now I’m totally into it. And now that we’re actually living in a city that gets cooler weather, hot pot is going to be even more enticing for me here! πŸ˜‹

I can’t believe there are only two more days left in 2018. Where did this year go?!? 😲 I’ve almost finished my usual annual review of my year, so I’ll post that up sometime in the next two days 😊


More Oz in SG

We met up with a friend from Oz who’s been living in Vietnam for almost four years now. He had a stopover in SG for about nine hours, and so he decided to come out and meet us for dinner tonight. We went to Xu Ting, this hot pot place that we like to take friends to whenever they’re in town to visit. They speak limited English though, so we always have to pull out whatever Chinese we can. And as you know, whatever gets learnt in the classroom somehow goes out the window whenever I’m put into a real life situation! That doesn’t happen with Japanese, but yes, I have known the basics for that language for much longer than I’ve been learning Chinese. Obviously I need to practise more 😊

And I watched a few more episodes of Masterchef Australia today. I have just finished Gordon Ramsay week, which was surprisingly quite a good week! He’s a tough one, that guy, but the contestants seemed to learn a lot from him. And he seemed to be bringing out the best in them, so he must be doing something right!

No rest for the wicked

We continued on with our usual dancing today, even though we’re both really sore and tired from all the dancing yesterday! At least I’m keeping up with my consistency theme for the year, so I am happy with that. We did Jive today in our Latin lesson, and then we followed that up with some Ballroom practice. I’m glad we decided not to take a break today, as we still made some progress with our dancing – even with Jive and Quickstep! πŸ‘ We’ll get these two dances one day. One day…. 😊

And then in the evening, we caught up with a friend from Oz, who now lives in the US but is in SG for a work trip. So global! 😊 He’s here with two of his American colleagues, and we decided to go for hot pot 😊 Great food and great company.

We got to practice some of our Chinese too, which was good. We asked for something in Chinese, and one of the waiters asked us (in Chinese) if we spoke the language. I always preface this with “errr…” hahaha and then say “a little” (δΈ€η‚Ή yΔ« diǎn), which then sorta gives us a bit of leeway as they will then only speak basic sentences to us, and throw in English when they can. It’s a good compromise 😊 Although one of the Americans was allergic to shellfish, so we had to ask if the dumplings that we ordered contained any. But of course we don’t know the Chinese word for shellfish! So we just asked if there was any seafood, which was the closest word we know. Luckily we could say that, as apparently one of the dumplings had prawn! Phew! Crisis averted πŸ˜…

By the end of dinner, I think jet lag was starting to kick in for them, so we let them head back to their hotel. Especially since it’s a school night too, and their local colleagues have jam packed their schedules with meetings for the next two days that they’re here. Maximising their time in the SG office, I suppose, which is fair enough.

They got some pretty mild weather today too. I am coming to the realisation that February is a really good time to come and visit SG. The humidity seems to be much less during this month, and there seems to be less rain compared to the previous few months too. And the evenings are just beautiful. If it was like this the rest of the year, the weather would be perfect. But alas, that’s just not how the world works…! πŸ˜†