Feeling wonderful

It was a beautiful day today, I feel a change of season is just around the corner. I am sooo happy!! πŸ˜„ I have never been a fan of cold weather, so when I feel this change in the air, I can’t help but feel extremely excited. I cannot wait for the warm weather to arrive – bring it on!! 😊

I decided to go and have yum cha today. We returned a few of our library books while we were waiting for our number to be called, as the library was just around the corner from the yum cha place. They have the numbers all online in an app, so you don’t have to stand around the entire time waiting for your table. You can just see what number they’re up to in the app, and start heading back to the restaurant when they’re getting close to your number. It’s such a good idea!

We then went to IFC afterwards and just wandered around the mall for a while, before heading home and running a few errands. We went to the gym in the evening, with N practising a bit of karate while we were there. And then we finished off the evening with a few episodes of my/our new Cantonese drama, Love in Time.

It was a wonderful day 😊


Still coughing

My stupid cough just won’t go away! My voice is pretty much back, but the coughing is still hanging around. And then after going out for dinner tonight, the stupid cough got worse! Argh! What’s the dealio?? It’s so annoying!

I watched a few more episodes of Sky Castle today, I am totally addicted!! It is sooo good, probably my favourite Asian drama to date. I could binge watch the whole series in one weekend, I reckon πŸ˜‚

We decided to go to IFC tonight to watch the Chinese New Year fireworks from there. They went on for aaages! 23 minutes, apparently. We probably didn’t have the best vantage point, so maybe we’ll try a different spot next year. Hopefully I won’t be coughing and spluttering then πŸ˜’


Just when I was about to give up hope on getting decent service in HK, Nespresso came onto the scene and blew everyone out of the water. And it was in their IFC outlet too, of all places, after I was badmouthing the mall earlier in the week 😳

We went to the gym later in the evening, and now my arms and legs are rather sore, and I’m very tired πŸ˜† It’s been months since I’ve gone to the gym. The consistency that I had built up during the middle of last year fell by the wayside when the move to HK became definite. So I’ll have to work up to it again this year. It’s always so hard to get back on the wagon – and staying on! – once you’ve fallen off πŸ˜”

I decided to do the 10-year challenge, along with everyone else in the social media world. That then prompted me to review my photos from the 00s, which reminded me of events that I had completely forgotten about – and in some instances, have no recollection of even happening! 😲 I have no idea what I was doing in the 00s. I might as well have been on drugs for most of that decade, based on what I remember of it!

But here is a photo of Little Miss back from 2008. I think I should do the 10-year challenge on her behalf too πŸ˜†

Not in a good mood

I decided to go to IFC today, and buy some cleanser at the SKII store there. The woman who served me asked if I had a bag, and I said no. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, stores don’t readily hand out bags here in HK, and sometimes they even charge you for the privilege of getting one.

Anyway, after I paid, I realised that what the woman was actually asking me was “do I NEED a bag” and not what she did ask: “do I HAVE a bag”. So I asked for one, and she said it would cost fifteen cents. I was like omg fifteen cents, what is that, less than S$0.01?? (It’s actually less than S$0.03.) So even though that’s next to nothing, it meant that I had to break the smallest note that I had on me, which was a HK$20, as I didn’t have any coins. So if I had known that I wasn’t getting a bag right from the start, I would’ve just asked for them to include the additional HK$0.15 onto the cost of the cleanser when they charged it onto my credit card. Sighhh…

Then when I was handed my receipts, apparently the bag was fifty cents, not fifteen. I haven’t been impressed with the level of service at IFC, not just at this store, but in a few other stores too. It doesn’t seem to match the iconic name that the mall has for itself. Maybe it’s because the staff are not very comfortable speaking in English. I have found English to not be at the standard that I would expect in a global city. I have found it much harder navigating my way around HK compared to SG.

And then I made a number of losing trades in the afternoon. The last few weeks has been quite demoralising, actually, so I’m going to take tomorrow off (and perhaps Friday too) and regroup, do some more testing, and come back fresh on Monday.

I tried cheering myself up a bit in the evening by watching an episode of my Korean drama About Time, as it has been a rather frustrating day πŸ˜’ It’s getting good! πŸ‘ At least there was one thing that was actually good today πŸ˜†

Shopping and eating

I got up earlier than the two brothers today, although that wasn’t hard because N went to bed at around 4am and his brother hadn’t even arrived home yet 😲 So I watched a few episodes of Lover’s Lies in the morning, after which N had finally gotten up. So we left Little Brother to sleep and we went to that 24-hour breakfast place for a late breakfast. OMG all-day breakfast places – let alone a 24-hour place! – are the best! πŸ‘πŸ‘

We then went to IFC and Landmark, two shopping malls in Central. The latter has the Cocoa Monsters display, which was sooo cuuute! They have little Cocoa Monsters hanging on all their Christmas decorations in the mall (and any other building that Landmark owns), so I’ve seen these cute monsters scattered around in what I thought were just random places.

I’m glad I got to see them! I wonder if they always make an appearance in Landmark buildings at Christmas each year…

One thing I have noticed about HK is their poor signage. They’re not very good with telling people (ie new people to the city) where things are located. For example, the start of the Mid Level Escalators is actually quite hard to find. There are numerous signs telling you which direction you need to go in order to reach them, but they don’t tell you how far away they are, and if you reach a fork in the road, for example, which “prong” you need to take. Very similar to when we were walking up to The Peak. So it’s not the most tourist friendly city, unfortunately. You really have to just wander around and immerse yourself in the city – which can be frustrating, if you’re pressed for time! So maybe if you are wandering around, give yourself extra time to find your destination – as well as extra time to fight the throngs of people who will no doubt be all around you! πŸ˜‚

I cleaned up around the house a bit in the afternoon, in time for the New Year, and I’ll continue to do so for the remaining two days of 2018. I always like to have a clean house to welcome the New Year, and here in Asia, there is the western New Year as well as Chinese New Year. So I tend to do a massive clean twice, before the two New Year’s Days. I do a major cull, and I usually also clean out the cupboards and wipe down shelves and clean the windows etc. But since we’ve just moved in, everything is still quite clean, so it’s really more about tidying up this year for us. Except the home office! Argh! That’s a disaster and a half. We’re running out of time to get that sorted! ⏰😩

And then we went for hot pot in the evening. I have grown to really like hot pot! Despite the warm, humid weather in SG, hot pot was really popular there, and that popularity rubbed off on me, so now I’m totally into it. And now that we’re actually living in a city that gets cooler weather, hot pot is going to be even more enticing for me here! πŸ˜‹

I can’t believe there are only two more days left in 2018. Where did this year go?!? 😲 I’ve almost finished my usual annual review of my year, so I’ll post that up sometime in the next two days 😊

Yum cha fail and Friends with family

We wanted to go have yum cha today, so we decided to try Maxim’s Palace over at City Hall, as it’s quite popular and apparently not so much of a culture shock as some older, more “local” places. It was around 2:30pm when we got there, and they had a sign up saying that they were closing between 3-5:30pm, I assume to prep for dinner. We took a ticket, and there were 15 numbers ahead of us. We figured by the time we get seated, it’ll be 3pm, so we decided to look for another place instead.

We walked to another nearby Chinese restaurant, but when we got there, we quickly see their sign saying that they too finish up at 3pm πŸ˜” Then we walked to Tim Ho Wan in IFC, and the queue there was just ridiculous. We decided to skip this place too and just gave up on the whole yum cha idea, and settled for Tsui Wah, a local chain that’s quick and easy and relatively cheap. So lesson for today: yum cha places tend to close at 3pm in HK, and they’re really busy on Sundays! So maybe go either really early, or really late – but not as late as us today πŸ˜†

Then we just went home and rested up a bit (not that we did anything today anyway 😝) before N went to karate. And we all spent the rest of the evening binge watching Friends episodes, while Kitty happily slept on the couch in between the two brothers. It seems N’s brother and her are both starting to get used to each other now: he’s not breaking out in a rash every time he comes into contact with her fur; and she’s not acting all strange like she normally does when there’s someone new in the house. Progress πŸ‘