First time and last time

I didn’t go pick up my package from the post office yesterday, so I planned to head over today. I decided to stop by the HK Tourism Visitor Centre at Tsim Sha Tsui first to pick up some brochures for my brother and sister-in-law, who are coming to visit HK tomorrow! Visitor centres always have cool suggestions for tourists, and sometimes even for residents like me. I was a regular at the SG equivalent on Orchard Road πŸ˜† It’ll be the first time they’ll be in HK, so I’m very excited for them 😊 I hope they don’t melt in the heat… πŸ₯΅

I then stopped by Nespresso at IFC, and then made my way home – completely forgetting the post office! I can’t believe I forgot to stop by! So now I have to go tomorrow. I’m so annoyed with myself! I had planned out my day perfectly, and then to leave out the most crucial thing… Arghhh! 😀

I heard that this season will be the last for the three Masterchef Australia judges πŸ˜” I guess this will probably be the last for me then, too, as it just won’t be the same with three different judges going forward. The end of an era regardless. They showed the grand finale in Oz tonight, but I’ve only watched the first half, so I’m staying away from social media until I finish off the season. Shannon Bennett returned for the final episode, which I was happy about. I missed him this season, he was great to have in the Masterchef kitchen, and his absence was noticeable. So I guess I just have the second half of the grand finale and I’ll be the end of this Masterchef Australia era 😞


Continued protest on the extradition bill

I knew the protest that started last Sunday was going to continue today, as the legislative council was to meet today to discuss (or perhaps even vote for?!) this proposed new extradition bill that the city – and a number of overseas countries – is up in arms about. So I decided to make my way to Admiralty and watch what could potentially be a historic moment unfold.

It was indeed quite intense. I got there at around 12:30pm, and everything seemed pretty calm at this point. I probably arrived during lunchtime, so everyone was ready to take a break. So I did too 😊 I figured all the protestors would be grabbing lunch somewhere in Admiralty, so I decided to walk to nearby Central and grab something there instead, to avoid the ridiculous crowds.

I went back to Admiralty closer to 2:30pm, as I suspected things might escalate from around 3pm, as the protestors had given the government an ultimatum to scrap the bill by that time. The crowd around the Legislative Council building had built up, and things did start to get a bit intense soon enough. Protestors kept coming around asking for umbrellas, well that’s what I figured they were asking, as people just kept giving them more and more umbrellas, which they were using to defend themselves against the police.

The police eventually fired tear gas into the crowds to try and disperse the protestors, and it was windy enough for the remnants of that tear gas to waft its way over to where I was standing. I thought I was already pretty far enough away from the main action, but the wind made that distance feel much closer. The protestors were actually giving out masks to us mere observers, which I thought was a really kind gesture. But I decided to leave soon after the first round of tear gas was deployed, as it was just getting a bit too intense for my liking. And as I was walking back to Central, they had dispersed a second round of tear gas, which again started to waft where I happen to be walking – and a number of the protestors were also running in my general direction. Greeeat, I was going to get caught in the stampede. But luckily I wasn’t, and I managed to somehow find myself in relative safety πŸ˜…

I decided to go to Lady M in IFC to de-stress, but when I got there, I was told that they were closed, but that I could still order takeaway. Apparently a number of small businesses had chosen to close down today, to allow their staff to participate in today’s protest and also as a sign of solidarity with them. Perhaps Lady M made this decision too.

So I sat outside in a general sitting area just off one of the main roads in Central and ate my slice of Lady M cake 🍰 By this time, ambulances were in full force, with one driving past, blaring its sirens, every few minutes around me πŸ˜” Definitely time to go home.

I then just watched the live broadcast on TV for the next few hours while they had it on. Apparently the intensity had indeed been stepped up a notch or two, so luckily I left when I did.

Quite an intense day πŸ˜₯

Scones and liquorice

I went to TWG Tea today, they have at least one branch in HK. I went to the one in IFC. I had my obligatory scones, which is pretty much the only thing I ever eat when I go there πŸ˜† Unfortunately, though, they don’t make scones that well at this branch, so maybe that’s a sign telling me that it’s time to move on to something else on their menu…!

The waiter was kind enough to let me know that there was actually liquorice in the tea that I had ordered, and asked if I was ok with that. They must get a lot of complaints from customers! TWG Tea has a thick-as reference book that lists all their teas, and I always read the description of any tea that I order, to make sure it’s in line with what I like – and liquorice is definitely not something I like! πŸ˜‚ So perhaps they should update their reference book to reflect teas that have this rather polarising ingredient!

Feeling wonderful

It was a beautiful day today, I feel a change of season is just around the corner. I am sooo happy!! πŸ˜„ I have never been a fan of cold weather, so when I feel this change in the air, I can’t help but feel extremely excited. I cannot wait for the warm weather to arrive – bring it on!! 😊

I decided to go and have yum cha today. We returned a few of our library books while we were waiting for our number to be called, as the library was just around the corner from the yum cha place. They have the numbers all online in an app, so you don’t have to stand around the entire time waiting for your table. You can just see what number they’re up to in the app, and start heading back to the restaurant when they’re getting close to your number. It’s such a good idea!

We then went to IFC afterwards and just wandered around the mall for a while, before heading home and running a few errands. We went to the gym in the evening, with N practising a bit of karate while we were there. And then we finished off the evening with a few episodes of my/our new Cantonese drama, Love in Time.

It was a wonderful day 😊

Still coughing

My stupid cough just won’t go away! My voice is pretty much back, but the coughing is still hanging around. And then after going out for dinner tonight, the stupid cough got worse! Argh! What’s the dealio?? It’s so annoying!

I watched a few more episodes of Sky Castle today, I am totally addicted!! It is sooo good, probably my favourite Asian drama to date. I could binge watch the whole series in one weekend, I reckon πŸ˜‚

We decided to go to IFC tonight to watch the Chinese New Year fireworks from there. They went on for aaages! 23 minutes, apparently. We probably didn’t have the best vantage point, so maybe we’ll try a different spot next year. Hopefully I won’t be coughing and spluttering then πŸ˜’


Just when I was about to give up hope on getting decent service in HK, Nespresso came onto the scene and blew everyone out of the water. And it was in their IFC outlet too, of all places, after I was badmouthing the mall earlier in the week 😳

We went to the gym later in the evening, and now my arms and legs are rather sore, and I’m very tired πŸ˜† It’s been months since I’ve gone to the gym. The consistency that I had built up during the middle of last year fell by the wayside when the move to HK became definite. So I’ll have to work up to it again this year. It’s always so hard to get back on the wagon – and staying on! – once you’ve fallen off πŸ˜”

I decided to do the 10-year challenge, along with everyone else in the social media world. That then prompted me to review my photos from the 00s, which reminded me of events that I had completely forgotten about – and in some instances, have no recollection of even happening! 😲 I have no idea what I was doing in the 00s. I might as well have been on drugs for most of that decade, based on what I remember of it!

But here is a photo of Little Miss back from 2008. I think I should do the 10-year challenge on her behalf too πŸ˜†

Not in a good mood

I decided to go to IFC today, and buy some cleanser at the SKII store there. The woman who served me asked if I had a bag, and I said no. As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, stores don’t readily hand out bags here in HK, and sometimes they even charge you for the privilege of getting one.

Anyway, after I paid, I realised that what the woman was actually asking me was “do I NEED a bag” and not what she did ask: “do I HAVE a bag”. So I asked for one, and she said it would cost fifteen cents. I was like omg fifteen cents, what is that, less than S$0.01?? (It’s actually less than S$0.03.) So even though that’s next to nothing, it meant that I had to break the smallest note that I had on me, which was a HK$20, as I didn’t have any coins. So if I had known that I wasn’t getting a bag right from the start, I would’ve just asked for them to include the additional HK$0.15 onto the cost of the cleanser when they charged it onto my credit card. Sighhh…

Then when I was handed my receipts, apparently the bag was fifty cents, not fifteen. I haven’t been impressed with the level of service at IFC, not just at this store, but in a few other stores too. It doesn’t seem to match the iconic name that the mall has for itself. Maybe it’s because the staff are not very comfortable speaking in English. I have found English to not be at the standard that I would expect in a global city. I have found it much harder navigating my way around HK compared to SG.

And then I made a number of losing trades in the afternoon. The last few weeks has been quite demoralising, actually, so I’m going to take tomorrow off (and perhaps Friday too) and regroup, do some more testing, and come back fresh on Monday.

I tried cheering myself up a bit in the evening by watching an episode of my Korean drama About Time, as it has been a rather frustrating day πŸ˜’ It’s getting good! πŸ‘ At least there was one thing that was actually good today πŸ˜†