Family time

We took Kitty to the vet today, just for a general checkup, as well as to get some more meds for her. And to introduce her to her new doctor πŸ‘©β€βš•οΈ So we had to initiate Operation Sydney again…

It was mega busy at the vet. We had a 12:15pm appointment, and we weren’t seen until close to 1pm. That’s rivalling hooman doctor waiting times! I hardly ever had to wait in SG. There must be sooo many more cats here (or fewer vets).

Nonetheless, the vet was very thorough, and was concerned about both her heart and one of her kidneys. But because they’re fully booked today, the vet asked if we can bring her back to do a full checkup next week. So I have to trigger Operation Sydney once again… πŸ˜’ Poor little miss. Hopefully the vet is just being overly cautious and that she is ok for her age 🀞

We then went for a late lunch at Fortress Hill, and did a bit of window shopping at the Nike and Adidas factory outlets nearby. I know where to go now if I need some bargain shoes πŸ‘ (and you now too, if you’re ever in HK πŸ˜†)

And then we just went home and I watched a few more episodes of my Chinese drama Lover’s Lies, while N went to karate and N’s brother tried to sleep off a headache. I also listened to a few Chinese songs on YouTube, continuing to work on my listening and reading while enjoying some nice songs song the way. Here are a few songs that I liked from tonight:

ζ„›ιŽδ½ ζœ‰ε€šδΉ…ε°±ζœ‰ε€šη—› Love Hurts by Xiao Bing Chih

εΉΎεˆ†δΉ‹εΉΎ You Complete Me by Crowd Lu

ε‰ε€§ηš„ζΈΊε° Little Big Us by JJ Lin

ζΌ”ε“‘ Actor by Xue Zhi Qian

學貓叫 Learn to sound like a cat (πŸ˜‚) by Xiao Feng Feng

The last one is just fun and not really on the list for musical beauty πŸ˜‚ But it’s a good one to learn as it has quite simple words in the song πŸ˜† But listening to songs is definitely a fun way to learn some new words 😊


Brunch together before we went our separate ways

We went and had yum cha today. We decided to go to Maxim’s Palace at City Hall, the restaurant that we missed out on going to the other day because we got there so late. So today, we aimed to get there by about 10:30am. We weren’t far off that time, and it was actually quite a good time to go. We were given a choice in table, because there were quite a few still available at that time. So based on our experience today, I would recommend going for brunch / early lunch rather than a late one.

The food is great here too, as is the range. They had so many dishes that we wanted to eat, but we just didn’t have enough room for them all. Their trolleys had labels on the front to tell you what dishes that particular trolley had, in both English and Chinese, and some also had a little tv screen of sorts that scrolled through photos of the dishes. It was very impressive! It’s also all very orderly, so there isn’t too much of a culture shock in this particular restaurant 😊

We went back home afterwards and just hung out there for the rest of the afternoon. I spoke to my mum for a little while, and we were playing around with the fun filter options on Messenger. It’s good to be silly, I need more of that in my day 😊

And then in the evening, we all went our separate ways: N went to karate; N’s brother went to catch up with a friend; and I went to see The Nutcracker! πŸ‘

It was a weird storyline… It deviated a bit from the story that I’m used to, and the first act was a little hard to follow (or maybe it was just me?). But the second act was SUPERB. The principal dancers were good, but what I really enjoyed – surprisingly – was the small contemporary pas de deux performance between the Egyptian dolls. Their control, strength, partnership, interpretation of the choreography… WOW. Just wow. Ok so they didn’t do a bajillion fouettes or jetes, but their little section of the performance really moved me. They were so amazing. And that’s coming from me, someone who’s not even a fan of contemporary ballet! So I’m very glad that I got to see the performance, as tonight was the last performance for the season.

It was a fun day 😊

A shite start but an awesome end

I was feeling pretty shite this morning when N left to go to karate at around 9:30am. I decided to go back to sleep and get at least a few more hours’ sleep before he finishes training. I actually set my alarm to go off at noon, because I didn’t want to waste the day just sleeping! But when it did go off, I still didn’t feel all that great, but still managed to get myself out of the house, at least.

We had our second calligraphy lesson today. I didn’t feel as hopeless today as I did during our first lesson, and the teacher actually complimented me on the “balanced” look of my characters. There are rules around what makes a character written correctly, and one of those rules is making it look balanced – ie the length of the strokes isn’t too long or short relatively to each other; the distance between strokes is also reasonable; and if it’s supposed to be symmetrical, that it actually is written that way. So I’m getting a good structure with my characters, apparently. Now I “just” need to write them better! I’m really enjoying the class, calligraphy has this meditative aspect to it. It calms my mind and makes me focus solely on writing each stroke and what it is that I’m actually doing. It could be my form of meditation! Just need to practise it daily to get more benefit – and while I’m busy meditating, my writing could actually be improving along with it too! πŸ˜†

And then later in the evening, we went to Day 2 of the Singapore Grand Prix. It was the qualifying race tonight, and Lewis Hamilton got pole position. And then after the race, The Killers performed to finish off the evening. As you can imagine, this band drew a completely different crowd to the Jay Chou one last night πŸ˜† The lead singer was amazing. He was like the Energizer Bunny, he just kept going and going and going! But my favourite part of the evening was when they picked a Singaporean from out from the crowd to play the drums for one of the songs! 😲

But ever since the whole Courtney Cox plant in Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark video clip, I’m now forever dubious about people being “plucked out” from the crowd πŸ˜‚ Especially since this guy was sooo good! So yes, he was probably Singaporean, and he can actually play the drums, and he probably rehearsed a few times with the band to be so in sync with them! Plant or not, to be able to play onstage with The Killers is pretty freaking awesome. I guess it would be even more so if you’re a musician yourself and are also a fan of the band! That was great fun, and definitely the highlight of my evening. I was so happy for that guy πŸ‘

So that was an awesome way to end the evening, after a pretty shite start to the day 😊

Errant public transport

We thought we’d try our luck getting around on HK’s public transport system today. The other day we got on a minibus, which can be a bit daunting for tourists like ourselves. These minibuses don’t have buzzers to indicate to the driver that you want to get off, you just have to shout your intent πŸ˜† But the drivers don’t speak English, so I’m not sure what you’re supposed to say in Cantonese! They have green and red minibuses, and apparently the red minibuses are more rogue, and the green ones are more well behaved. Supposedly. The green minibuses have a fixed price and you can use your octopus card on them, and they have fixed stops. Although I have seen people flag them down at random stops too, and the drivers still stop for them. However, the red minibuses don’t have a fixed route, a fixed price or fixed stops! Omg! I think we’ll leave those ones to the locals! πŸ˜‚ So we just caught one of the better-behaved green ones. Our stop was the last stop in the route, so we still didn’t get to hear what people say to the driver to indicate that they want to get off! We’ll have to catch one of these minibuses again next time we’re in HK 😊

We decided to catch a regular, run-of-the-mill bus today, so we caught it from the side of the road where the buses were going in the direction that we wanted to go. But halfway towards our destination (Sai Ying Pun – again πŸ˜†), it decided to loop around and basically do a 180Β°, thereby changing direction and heading away from where we wanted to go! Argh! So that threw a spanner in our works, and we decided to get off at Central MTR, and then just catch the train to Sai Ying Pun.

We get on the train at Central, and then as soon as we got on the train, we realise that it was going in the complete opposite direction to our destination! Again! So we hopped off at the next stop and caught the train back. We were happily just browsing our phones, and after a few stops, I figured I should look up to see if we were at our stop already, since Sai Ying Pun is only a few stops from Central. Somehow, though – and until now I still have no idea what happened – we had not moved stations, and we were now on a totally different train line. What in the world happened in those five minutes?!? Freeeaky!! It freaks me out just thinking about it! 😧 The public transport system just seemed to be repelling us away from the area!

We did eventually make it to Sai Ying Pun, and had a late lunch in the area. We caught a bus back to our serviced apartment, and as we were walking back, we ran into one of N’s workmates on his way home. Small world! So we just stood around chatting with him for a little while, before we had to go so N could get to karate training. I wandered around a bit more for a while on my own, before heading back to the apartment and calling it a day.

I’m now packed, ready for my flight back home tomorrow πŸ˜” But I’ll get to see Kitty, so I’m looking forward to that 😊

Things don’t always go to plan

I was planning on going to the gym this morning, I got changed and everything! πŸ˜‚ But N worked from home in the morning, and I made the decision to spend time with him at home, since he’ll be in Kuala Lumpur for karate for the next few days.

I tracked his flight in the afternoon, of course 😊 Not that there’s much tracking to do, since KL is so close! It’s basically like a flight from Sydney to Canberra: the plane takes off, and then as soon as they’ve reached the required altitude, the captain makes an announcement saying that it’s time to land πŸ˜‚ You blink and they’ve landed, it’s so damn fast πŸ›«πŸ›¬

A friend is also heading up to KL, but he’s travelling by coach with his family. The coach departed at 10am this morning, but unfortunately they missed it! So now they’ve had to fork out some more money for flights – at last minute prices! πŸ˜” Poor guys. And they chose to travel by coach in the first place because they figured it would be easier, since they’re travelling with their 18-month old son and his wife is six months’ pregnant. Now they’re not even doing that AND they also now have an additional expense. All so unfortunate.

I spent more time on my trading again today, but luckily I still managed to get to the gym afterwards πŸ˜… So I got to spend time with N in the morning; worked more on my trading in the afternoon/evening and still got to the gym later at night.

Relationship βœ…

Career βœ…

Health & fitness βœ…

Three goals sorted today, woohoo! πŸ‘

Lots of food and training

We went and had lunch with N’s karate instructor and his wife, who are both visiting from Australia for the next few days. We went to this well-hidden restaurant. It’s on level 5 in some office building, but not just any level 5: you walk out of the lift lobby and you’re in a car park! And then the restaurant is at the end of the car park! How insane is that for location?!

Beng Thin Hoon Kee restaurant – in a car park! 😲 [[[[[[
It’s won a few different awards, so obviously enough people have come here in order for the restaurant to have won them! Really good food, I’ll definitely come back here again, if we have guests coming from overseas 😊

A few of the karate guys trained in the afternoon, and I decided to join them and do my own dance training in the corner. I ran through five of our eight dances, so that was a pretty good attempt, I thought. We trained for just over two hours, and we all could have continued on for longer, if we didn’t have a dinner reservation.

The taxi driver on our way back from training asked their karate instructor what level he is in karate. He said 8th dan. Wowww. I know he’s one of the most senior guys in their karate style, but when you actually hear “8th dan”, it’s so impressive just how much he must know about karate. I’ve seen him so often outside of the dojo for almost two decades now that I just “forget” this rather important side of him!

A few other spouses joined me for dinner, so it wasn’t just a dinner where the topic of conversation was dominated by karate πŸ˜‚ We all escorted the karate instructor and his wife back to their hotel after dinner, and then we just caught the train home from there. Apparently there is a lift that goes straight down from their hotel and into the train station. I didn’t realise the train station was that close to the hotel – ie directly underneath! Sooo convenient! His wife was saying that the hotel was quite good, so I’m thinking that maybe we’ll recommend this hotel to friends and family who may be visiting SG. Rooms are a bit small, but it’s Asia. Everywhere is small! πŸ˜‚

Dorsett Singapore

333 New Bridge Rd, Singapore 088765

It was a busy day with lots of food and training with friends 😊

Dinner, training and finances

N’s karate instructor from Australia is visiting SG for the next few days. He and his wife flew in late this afternoon, so we met up with them for dinner near their hotel in Chinatown. They’re training with him all weekend, so not sure what I’m going to be doing…! πŸ€” I’m toying with the idea of just doing my own dance training in the corner of wherever they may be training, depending on if there is enough room for me to do so. But not sure yet, I’ll see how I feel tomorrow 😊 I may just go to the gym and do my usual training there instead…

That was probably the most interesting part of my day! I spent a lot of time on my trading, which I won’t bore you about, and I paid a few bills. Just as exciting πŸ˜‚ And I did remember yet again that I still need to do my taxes! FY17 and FY18. Now there are two years looming over me. Ughhh! It’s one thing that I really struggle to do each year… I really have to force myself to just get it over and done with next week. C’mon, you can do this! πŸ’ͺ πŸ˜‚