Hermione and a trip to Bishan

It was a full house in Chinese class this morning. I think it was the first time this year that all of us were in the same room together 😲 I always wonder if the teacher gets frustrated with us. He asked if anyone had any questions with their homework, and the general response was “I didn’t do my homework” hahaha I was the only one who did my homework! I sometimes feel like a Hermione in that class 🤓 So he quickly checked my homework, reading through in five seconds what took me probably at least an hour to do, omg. I guess it’d be the same if I was reading the equivalent in English so I shouldn’t be so surprised, but still! So I reckon we’re probably at primary school level, if that, so you can get a bit of an idea at what level we’re learning (ie pretty damn basic stuff! 😳)

We went to Bishan in the evening to go check out the karate national team selection, but apparently it was a closed door event (why?!), so that was a bit of a waste of a trip out there. So we had dinner in the area instead and just went home. That was a bit of a disappointing way to end the day. Hopefully our second trip back over the bridge to Malaysia tomorrow will be better 😊


Osaka week – Sunday

I was mega tired this morning again. Maybe the excitement and craziness over the past week finally caught up with me. I headed over to the karate comp around 11:45am – only to encounter the Osaka marathon runners running near the stadium where the karate comp was being held. So I ended up having to walk around the long way to get to the stadium. I bought my lunch while I was making this detour, and just ate it in the stands in the stadium 😊

Kata was on when I first arrived, then weapons followed straight after. I just so happened to be right in front of the mat where the experts were competing. Well that’s what I’m calling them, coz the next mat over, in comparison to them, had the rabble 😆 Relatively speaking, of course, because I think the competitors across the two mats were all black belts. I don’t know much about karate, but even I could tell how amazing this guy was:

Kumite was in the afternoon, and the kids were first up. They were soooo cute! These guys were so young that they didn’t even have to wear the head gear, probably because they won’t really do any damage to their fellow competitors. Hahaha cuuute!

After the comp, I made my way to Umeda and visited the Umedakita Garden. It was already dark by the time I arrived, so I couldn’t really appreciate the place. There was a ¥1,000 entry fee, which was a bit of a waste. Definitely would have preferred to go during the day, because it did look like it would look quite impressive during the day.

Umedakita Garden in the evening

I then headed over to the observatory deck at the Umeda Sky Building. I was expecting it to be total freezation up there, since the rooftop area was all open, and also that it would be packed as. But despite the long queue for the lifts to get up there, the observation deck itself wasn’t too bad. Nor was it too cold either! I was pleasantly surprised.

View from Kuchu Teien Observatory #1
View from Kuchu Teien Observatory #2
Christmas wish trees down in the area below the observation deck

I paid ¥100 to get my fortune before I went back down 😊 There was a German theme festival happening down at the bottom of the building, and had a quick bite to eat there before I went back to the apartment to pack. We’re leaving Osaka tomorrow morning, how sad. We’re halfway through our holiday already 😔