A tough day

Kitty threw up quite a fair bit in the middle of the night, and so I had to get up and clean up her mess 😔 She recovered pretty quickly, though, and proceeded to scratch at whatever doors at least once per hour after that 😒 For what purpose, I have no idea, but it meant I got a very interrupted sleep 😔

But I have to give her credit: she somehow managed to guide me to the kitchen in the wee hours of this morning, to point out that she had no more food in her bowl, and so got me to give her breakfast 😆 She’s a smart little bugger, that one!

I had my Chinese lesson today, and man, it was tough. We talked about the HK protests for pretty much the entire time – in, surprise surprise, Chinese. Not quite a topic you would find in an ordinary textbook in any language. So you can imagine just how challenging this lesson was! 😂 And my Chinese language skills are already put to the test in every lesson, so it was multiplied that many times over today! I learnt some interesting words pertaining to the protests, though: attack, to shoot / open fire, media bias, fight in self-defence 😲 Again, things you wouldn’t normally learn from a textbook!


Multiple emotions felt today

I felt great today, after getting a pretty good night’s sleep. It’s amazing just how much of an effect a good night’s sleep can make to your mood and productivity 👍

And then the evening rolled around and my good mood soon dissipated. The protests escalated after Carrie Lam announced the face mask ban. Businesses were urging staff to go home early to avoid getting caught up in it all, and shops closed early. The entire rail system was eventually shut down due to the escalating violence. And another kid was shot, as yet another lone police officer was being attacked by a group of protesters and was defending himself. Faaantastic.

And then Kitty threw up again – three days in a row now 😔 There wasn’t much that came up in the previous two days, tonight was the most she’d thrown up. She’s pretty much been sleeping since that happened, so I hope she can get some rest tonight and that she’ll feel better tomorrow. I may have to start increasing the dosage of her meds. I’ll have to check with the vet if she doesn’t improve over the next few days 😔

We have a long weekend here, but I suspect the protests will just continue as per usual, if not ramped up even more now. Sighhh…

Continuing my mediocre week

The vet rang today to give me the results of Kitty’s thyroid test. It was fine, which means we still don’t know what caused her to lose her balance last week 😔 So all we can do now is just monitor her. At the moment, she’s doing ok, so I guess that’s all I can ask for 🙏

I managed to make it to the gym today. It was my first visit this week, which isn’t the best attendance rate for me. I haven’t been feeling all that great this week, so I guess this poor attendance rate isn’t too much of a surprise. But at least I went, that’s the main thing 💪

It’s Friday tomorrow, which means my mediocre week will soon come to an end – thankfully! 😅

My subjective goal

Kitty threw up again this morning 🤮 That’s the third time in the past week 😔 Poor thing. At least she wasn’t losing her balance today, though, and she still somewhat had an appetite. She was also jumping up onto the couch whenever daddy had food, so this feisty one still has some energy in her 👍

I had my online lesson again today, and it wasn’t as much of a train wreck as it normally is 😂 I still ask her to repeat things, but it didn’t feel like I was doing it as much today. Maybe my listening is improving after all…! 🤔

She mentioned the HSK tests again today, and suggested that I sit for it. She reckons I’m HSK4 or above, which I thought was pretty damn good! That’s effectively a high intermediate level (B2) in the CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference) levels. I think I’m more like a lower intermediate (HSK3 / B1), but hey, I’ll take HSK4/B2 if that’s what they’ll give me! 😆 But those levels aren’t my goal. They’re milestones, I suppose, but that’s not what I want to achieve with my Chinese. So I want to continue with my language learning until I do get to a point where I am happy with it 💪 I guess only I will know when I get there – and I’m pretty damn sure I am nowhere near it yet! 🎯

An improvement on yesterday

I had one of those mega-productive days that I wish every day could be like 😆 I finished a module in my TEFL course, as well as another lesson plan; I had an unusually good trading session; and I made it to the gym! Oh, and then to relax, I watched a few episodes of Ode to Joy, my current Chinese drama. Pretty good, even if I do say so myself! 😊

And Little Miss also seems like she’s back to her usual self. She’s not losing her balance today, and she’s come up to me numerous times to get some attention. And she’s eating quite well too. I feel as if I was just crying wolf at the vet yesterday! 🙄 I guess she is getting older, and she does have kidney problems, so I guess these things will show up every now and then. I should just be thankful that they don’t happen very often and that she is still somewhat pretty good for someone her age 🙏

Kitty did not have a good day today

N flew to SG today. He and a mate are going to go and watch the F1 over the next few days. The drawcard is really the Red Hot Chili Peppers, but the races are pretty fun to watch too 😊 I’m not a Chili Peppers fan, so I decided not to go this year and just let the boys have a long weekend away.

It was a good thing that I didn’t go too, because Kitty did not have a good day today. She threw up and was losing her balance, and then also peed in the corner in the bedroom, which she’s never done before. The losing balance and the peeing in the wrong spot just wasn’t right, so I called the vet to see if I could get an appointment today. Luckily they could accommodate me, and I made my way over soon after I made the call.

Kitty was being her usual feisty self when we got there, so I felt a bit like I was crying wolf! It was as if there was nothing wrong with her, and she was making a point to prove it to the vet herself then and there. The vet couldn’t find anything physically wrong with her, and suggested that we do a blood test to rule out a few other things as well. But that involves sedating Little Miss, since she won’t let anyone get even near her, let alone draw blood.

The vet was hesitant to sedate her so late in the afternoon, in case there are complications with her waking up, and the clinic won’t be open in the evening to help with any issues. But I said to go ahead anyway, because I don’t want to have to put her through the stress again tomorrow of heading back to the vet. Plus she’s so strong anyway, chances are she’ll be ok.

And she was. The vet said she might be groggy for a while when we get home, but she was up and alert before we’d even left the clinic! Well that was an unnecessary stress on me! 😂

Her test results weren’t too different from her last test in January, so that was promising. They have to do a few more tests in the next few days, and they’ll call me with the results, but in the meantime, there’s not much else I can do but monitor her.

And so far, she’s doing better than I expected her to be! When I thought she was losing her balance and was unsteady on her feet, she still managed to jump into – and out of – the bathtub with no issues! 😲

She’s also started to eat again. Not with the same gusto as she usually does, but it seems like her appetite is slowly coming back. She always manages to surprise me, this little one 😊

I was so emotionally exhausted when we got back from the vet that I fell asleep on the couch, and never got to the gym tonight. Hopefully tomorrow she’ll show signs of further improvement, and maybe I can head out then 💪

Incessant beeping and vomit didn’t stop me

I had yet another crappy night’s sleep, sighhh 😔 The aircon in our bedroom is on the blink, and last night it kept switching itself on and off – even after I had switched it off. It kept beeping every time it switched itself on, so it wasn’t the fact that it was warm in the room without the aircon on that kept me up, but all the incessant beeping! 😩

And because I was half awake already, I heard Kitty throw up while all this beeping was happening 🤮 I couldn’t just let her vomit fester on the floor or rug or wherever she threw up, so I went to clean up her mess as well.

Eventually, the aircon somehow sorted itself out. It finally decided to stay on for the rest of the night, so I ended up getting some sleep sometime after 3am 😒

As a result of the crappy night’s sleep, I did struggle to stay awake during the day, so I had some tea in the afternoon, which seemed to have helped. I actually ended up having a more productive day than I thought I would 👍

And then in the evening, I headed down to the gym. I did another round of Jive kicks while I was there, building up my stamina and working my legs 🦵 I’ll probably feel it tomorrow 😂 We’re going out for dinner tomorrow night, so I wanted to get a workout in beforehand (and hopefully afterwards too, on Sunday 😊)

And then we watched another episode of Lucifer to round out the evening. It ended up being quite a productive Friday, so I’m happy 😊