Felt like déjà vu

I felt like I had just as productive a day today as I did yesterday, only today I spent more time on Chinese than trading. I think it was the other way around yesterday, but regardless, it was productive 😊 It felt a bit like déjà vu, in a way.

By the time I finished working, I couldn’t be bothered making my way down to the supermarket, so I just had whatever was in the pantry: so I had spam for dinner tonight! Eating into our emergency food stash 😂 Not the healthiest of meals, so I shall make an effort to go to the gym tomorrow 💪

And I finished off the evening with an episode of Love O2O, my current Chinese drama. I’m getting closer and closer to the ending, so I really have to start looking for my next drama! Even if it is a Korean drama 😆 I’d prefer to find a Chinese drama so I can continue working on my poor listening skills, but the Korean dramas are just too good to pass up sometimes…! (Most of the time?? 😇)


Mozzie bites and TV dramas

Today was my first day back into my normal routine, after being sick for a few days and then family visiting for a few days after. It was nice to get back into the swing of things 😊

I got bitten really badly I assume when we went to Kowloon Walled City Park. I don’t think I’ve ever been bitten so badly in my life: I have at least half a dozen mosquito bites on each leg 😲 And I’ve also somehow reacted quite badly to them, as they’re all really massive and itchy. Mozzie bites on steroids, I tell you 😱 I actually got a bad sleep last night because they were so damn itchy! I’ve been putting some cream on them all day today, topping up every few hours when the itchiness becomes unbearable again. It’s been two days now since we went, so I’m hoping that they’ll start to die down tomorrow… Surely…?! 🤞

We have started watching this show called The Umbrella Academy, and we’re both really enjoying it! I haven’t enjoyed a tv series as much as this one in ages, so it’s refreshing to finally find a series that I am looking forward to watch. They’re only up to the first season, so we’ll be caught up in no time, and then we’ll have to find another series.

Speaking of finding another series, I am still yet to find a new Chinese drama… Love O2O is okayyy, but it’s a bit too soppy for me, and not enough excitement. I’m still just watching it for the listening practice 😆 So if I can’t find another semi-decent Chinese drama, I’ll have to go back to my Korean list, I have a huge backlog of those! 😂

Grunting and looking for recommendations

I slept until noon today, excluding the time when the FedEx guy buzzed in this morning 😒 I must’ve looked so out of it when I opened the door, I felt pretty shite when he buzzed in, pretty much just grunting at him the entire time 😂

But somehow I managed to still do some work in the afternoon, but then I had to take a bit of a nap in the early evening to get some more rest.

I then got up and finished off Goblin, my current Korean drama. This drama actually picked up in the second half of the series, as a lot of them seem to, so overall, I enjoyed this series too. It has nice music and impressive cinematography, and quite artistic at times as well. I think this series has the potential to be watched a second time, and you’d still get something out of it the second time around. I don’t say that with many (any?) dramas, so I think this one is a bit more multi-layered compared to other dramas.

I went looking for a Chinese drama to watch, to work on my poor listening skills. But I can’t find any that I like! I resumed watching Love O2O, which is okayyy… But it still doesn’t have the same pull as the Korean dramas 😔 But I’m persevering with it anyway, just so I can work on my listening skills a bit, and continue looking for a series that is more up my alley – that is not a Korean drama! 😂 The Story of Yanxi Palace and Eternal Love have both been recommended to me, but the former is a period drama and the latter is a full-on fantasy, neither of which appeal to me. I prefer dramas set in the modern day, with a bit of fantasy thrown in – much like Goblin! 😆 So I’m open to other recommendations, if anyone has any!

I was barely even trying

In complete contrast to yesterday, I had the most productive day today! I was focussing on stuff in and for the house, so I got a ton of chores done, including setting up my Bullet Journal for August 👍 And then outside of the house: we brought some big items down to the laundromat; and we also picked up and dropped off some dry cleaning. And then we also went to two different supermarkets, as each supermarket stocks different items. A bit of a hassle, I know, but that’s just the way it is here, I guess because space is such a prized commodity, and each supermarket can only stock a limited number of items on their shelves 🤷‍♀️

We also got to the gym, and afterwards watched The Secret Life of Pets, the original one, as we hadn’t seen it yet. I’ve been wanting to watch it so I can then watch #2 😊

And I also managed to squeeze in a few more episodes of Goblin, my current Korean drama. I’m now up to the final episode! I just want to finish it so I can move on to the next one. I have so many on my list of dramas to watch, I can’t keep up! They make so many! 😆

I can’t believe we managed to squeeze all of the above into one day, I’m quite proud of our effort – and even more so, since I was barely even trying! 😲

My bizarre skill

I finally got my online Chinese lesson today. It was really good! Stressful as, but really good. She apparently had some stuff prepared, but once I introduced myself and gave her an idea of my level, she had to scrap her plan as she thought it was too easy for me, and so she gave me the harder stuff 😱 The lesson was probably 90% in Chinese, which was so full-on, as you can imagine! Especially since my listening skills are so bad, I was focussing sooo hard. But it’s probably exactly what I need to push my listening to the next level.

I think she was also quite impressed with my reading. Believe it or not, though, I can “sound out” a lot of words in similar vein to English, I just don’t necessarily know what it means. Much like a kid learning to read! 😆 I know that’s mega bizarre, since we’re talking about Chinese characters and not an alphabet, but I can somehow do it. It’s sorta like seeing “car” and “ton” and knowing what these two words mean, but then I see “carton” and then I don’t know what this new word means. It’s the closest analogy to English that I can come up with! 😂 The difference is that I just do this with Chinese characters. I don’t think native speakers understand how I do that – and to be honest, I don’t know how I do it, either! So I think the teacher thinks that I’ve just forgotten a lot of words through lack of practice, but really, it’s just this bizarre skill that I seem to have 😂

But overall, notwithstanding the stress at the time, it was a really good lesson! I’ll definitely want to continue the lessons. I’m still wondering, though, whether I need to be learning new materials at this stage or whether I should just continue practising what I already know and internalising that. I might ask her about that.

I went to the gym afterwards, and then spent the rest of the evening trying to catch up on Masterchef Australia episodes. We’re in finals week, so we’re at the tail end of the competition 😅 Which means I will soon be finished with this season and I can resume watching my Korean dramas! 😂

Great work

I decided to go to IKEA today to buy a new bath mat, one that our lame washing machine can handle, so I don’t have to go down to the laundromat each time I need to wash it. But IKEA’s current bath mats come in blah colours! I was going to just get white, but then I was undecided because the mat is actually quite small. So I hesitated. And when a non-shopper like me hesitates, it means nothing gets bought. And that’s exactly what happened today. I need to mull over this purchase now! This underbuying tendency can be so ridiculous sometimes. I can’t remember how much the bath mat was, but it’s IKEA, for crying out loud, it wouldn’t have broken the bank. Plus it cost time and money to get there, so now if I do decide to buy it, I’m going to have to spend the same amount of time and money again – and including the cost of today’s trip, perhaps with a total spend of almost the same amount as the cost of the mat itself! Ridiculous. Just ridiculous. If I had thought of this when I was at IKEA, I probably would’ve made the decision to buy the small, white bath mat then and there. Sighhh… But as it stands, I still don’t have a replacement bath mat, and the one in the bathroom is still stained with Kitty’s vomit. Lovely. Great work, 99, great work.

On a more positive note, after a good sesh at the gym, we watched the Christmas special of season two of Black Mirror. It was goood!! It’s such an awesome series. Jon Hamm was in the episode, which I didn’t expect, so that was a pleasant surprise. Lucky I’m behind with the series, so I still have a few more episodes to go before I’m fully caught up 👍 It was good to watch some western tv for once 😆 I’ve been stuck in my Korean drama world for ages, it’s nice to get out of my little tv bubble every now and again 😂

A lame cop-out

I went to bed quite late last night, and was woken up a few times by Little Miss, which has been the norm for her now for goodness knows how long 😩 So the lack of sleep, which was also disrupted, didn’t leave me very alert today 😔 I wonder if there’s a way to stop her from waking up in the middle of the night. I might try spraying this “calming spray” that we bought at the vet, for when your cat is about to do something stressful – like go to the vet! 😆 It’s supposed to help them relax a bit. I don’t know how effective it is with her, but I use it anyway, just in case it actually does help her to relax. I tend to use it more for when we’ve just moved into a new home, which is obviously very stressful for everyone. But it may help her for more day to day relaxation as well.

We were supposed to go to the gym again tonight, but I was tired and also rather comfortable on the couch watching Goblin, my current Korean drama, so N just went without me. Not good! Especially after yesterday’s session that felt really good. A pretty lame cop-out, in all honesty 😔