In an earlier post, I talked about my constant attempt to find the right balance in my life. And today I came across this quote on the interweb: “The quest for balance is universal, but perfect balance is a myth.” And as you can imagine, I am absolutely in love with it. It could be my quote for the year. Heck, I’ll make it my quote for the year! 😆 It made me feel better about not getting the balance right, and that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

I remembered Randi Zuckerberg’s book Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day), and she proposes choosing three areas each day that you want to focus on, and her categories were work, sleep, family, friends and fitness. I’m going to try and bring this back into my daily routine, but change the categories to better suit my own personal focus areas, and keep track in my Bullet Journal to make sure I don’t focus too much on any one area at the expense of other areas. June is about to start, so I’ll incorporate it into my monthly tracking for the new month. How exciting! 😊

And I finally finished Nice Witch, my current Korean drama. I will have to decide on what my next drama will be, as I have a huge backlog to choose from! 😆 Maybe I’ll switch to a Chinese drama, to get some listening practice in… The only problem is that the Korean dramas are just sooo good, it’s hard to tear yourself away from them…! Maybe I should learn Korean instead… 😆 Well… Taiwan, Korea and Japan are my favourite countries in Asia (and Singapore, now, of course 😊), so it’s actually not a half-bad idea to add Korean to my Asian language repertoire… Well I have learnt the Korean alphabet, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few basics from here, right? 😉

  • Nah, languages is one area where I can’t take a balanced approach. I am dedicating as much time to Chinese as possible, so I can work on my proficiency in this language as quickly as possible. And I already have Japanese lined up after it, so if I do want to learn some Korean, it may have to slot in to third place. That is, if Spanish or French don’t call me with greater urgency before then…! 😆 #polyglotdream
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    Another polyglot

    I still felt pretty shite today, and so I ended up sleeping for most of it. But it paid off, and I’m feeling somewhat better now.

    And in the evening, I just watched a few more YouTube clips that polyglots have posted. I came across Lindie Botes today, and came across this clip of her time in SG. It made me miss that country so much! 😔

    She absolutely LOVES Korean, and she also seems to gravitate towards various Asian languages. And what I like about her the most out of all the other polyglots I’ve come across on YouTube so far is that she’s learning my top three Asian languages: Chinese, Korean and Japanese. She’s even made clips about learning all three, which is sooo inspiring! She’s most advanced in Korean, which – despite all the fantabulous dramas that they make – is actually the language I’m least interested in out of the three! 😆 But she says Japanese and Korean are so close that it sounds like you’d sorta get a 2-for-1 package deal if you learn these two languages 😂 So I may consider picking up Korean later on down the track when I get a better handle on the first two 😃

    Asian dramas and languages

    I came across this on Twitter today, which I really needed to see. I’ve been mentioning my shite trading the last few days, and I’ve been feeling rather dejected with my recent results. So seeing this has actually perked me up a little. Maybe I should make a printout of this and paste it up on the wall, so I can see it every day… 😊

    I finished my current Korean drama today, Devilish Joy. I really enjoyed the last episode – in complete contrast to the very first one! The first episode was so bad that I actually gave up on the series initially, but then decided to give it a second chance, as I couldn’t find anything else better to watch. I’m so glad I gave it a second chance, as every subsequent episode was way better than that first one! 😂

    But now I am back to feeling empty again, with no Asian drama to keep me entertained. I would like to watch a Chinese drama next, to help me with my listening skills. But it’s only the Korean dramas that are luring me in! Damn, why are their dramas so good?!? 😆

    I’m reading Benny Lewis’ Fluent in 3 Months, it’s my non-fiction book at the moment. It’s given me a few tips so far, and is motivating me to push on with my Mandarin. In fact, it’s making me want to venture into Korean and Cantonese now as well! The former because of all these Korean dramas that I’m watching at the moment 😊 and the latter because we’re currently living in a Cantonese speaking city. And of course continue to improve on my existing Japanese knowledge. Never mind the fact that these three languages (Chinese, Japanese and Korean) are notoriously the hardest to learn (along with Arabic) for a native English speaker 🤣🤣 Of all the languages in the world, why do my target ones have to fall into this hard basket?!? 😩 So let me continue reading his book and see what other tips he has about learning foreign languages…

    Not quite the day that I had planned

    I wanted to take it a bit easy today to try and get better, but instead I spent the day cleaning around the house, in preparation for Chinese New Year 😂 I always try and clean the house in time for New Year, and now I get to clean up two times each year, one for the end of the Gregorian calendar year and a second time for the end of the lunar year 😆 I still didn’t get to finish all that I wanted to do today, but I was just getting quite tired and I didn’t want to over exert myself, so I’ll just leave the last few bits for tomorrow.

    I decided to learnt the Korean alphabet today 😂 Just in case learning Chinese wasn’t enough to keep me occupied 🙄 I’ve been wanting to learn it for aaages, as I see it pretty often, but I just can’t read any of it. And even though I can now read it (albeit really really slowly and with numerous errors, but hey, I just learnt it!), it just means that I can sound it out, but not know what any of it means 😂 Although I can now read the name of my current Korean drama! I thought that was pretty cool 😊 And surprisingly, it’s just “Who Are You” written phonetically in Korean! Anyway, it was pretty exciting when I could read it, though 😊

    And in the evening, we watched The Avengers, the next movie in our Marvel movies. It wasn’t baaad, but I’d definitely rank it pretty low out of all the ones I’ve seen so far. Just above Captain America: The First Avenger, I think. Next up is Iron Man Three. Let’s see how this one stacks up against #1 and #2 😊

    Not quite the day I had planned, but nonetheless happy with how it turned out 😊