Banksy on Christmas Eve

We went to see the Banksy exhibition today in Kowloon Bay. It was in the same space as the Van Gogh exhibition earlier in the year, but it was a much better exhibition. There are more interactive displays, plus there were more actual Banksy pieces. And lots of photo opportunities 😆 So I got a ton of footage for another vlog post. I want to spend some time editing it, but we just haven’t really spent all that much time at home in order for me to do any of it! 😔

And then we just had a quiet Christmas Eve dinner near home. It was relatively quiet in the restaurant, but I’m just happy that virtually everything is still open on Christmas Eve! And even tomorrow will still feel pretty normal, which is so different to Australia, where everything effectively shuts down after 5pm Christmas Eve. So I’m expecting a pretty typical public holiday tomorrow, being able to do whatever we feel like! 👍 Woohoo 🎉

A makeshift police station

I signed up for a TEFL course today! It’s a course to teach English to foreigners. There are a ton of people in North Asia who want to learn English, and I’m thinking of maybe helping out at least a few of them. I’m thinking of doing it as a side gig, while I continue with my trading. Trying to work on building multiple sources of income! 😊

There were a few arrests made tonight in relation to the continuing protests. They had coverage on tv where they show that the police had (intentionally or not, I don’t know) turned a bus into a makeshift police station in Kowloon Bay, and were going through the belongings of everyone on the bus. I feel sorry for the people who were already on the bus when the police jumped on, who probably had to endure the interrogation as well! The media covered the makeshift police station for a few hours, and when I stopped watching, the bus was almost empty and they had made a number of arrests, escorting people off the bus and into police vans. Crazy stuff 😔

A shitty mood never helps

I had one of those days where everything felt shitty. Firstly, I didn’t get a very good night’s sleep, so that already wasn’t a great start to my day. But then that shitty start just carried on throughout the day 😔

Firstly, we went to a karate expo out in Kowloon Bay. We caught a bus for part of the trip, but ended up missing our stop, so we just got off at the next one, which, according to Google Maps, was FIVE KILOMETRES AWAY. W-T-H!! It felt like we were well on our way to China, that’s how far the next stop was!! It was a bit insane ðŸĪŠ And then the drizzle wasn’t helping matters either 😒

I have mentioned this before, but it was apparent again today, and exacerbated when one is in a shitty mood: HK is not very tourist friendly. The signs to various tourist spots are not very clear, if they even exist, and signs in general are pretty lacking. So we were just wandering around the general area where the expo was being held, not knowing where in the world the entrance actually was. And even when we found the entrance, there was still no sign saying what the venue was called, so we weren’t even sure if we were in the right building! ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ

Well we were, and we managed to fumble our way to the expo , after a rather frustrating journey to get there. It actually wasn’t all that great, even for N, so it was a shame that we went all the way out there only to be disappointed when we finally got there. I think it was the inaugural one, though, so hopefully it’ll continue to improve each year. We didn’t stay for long. And afterwards, we just had a quick lunch in the food court there, and just went home.

N then went to karate and I spent most of the evening just watching Chinese language instruction videos and general polyglot videos on YouTube. They’re still so inspiring! Which then made me want to practise some more Chinese, so I did 😊