I decided to go and have cake at Lady M today, and noticed that they had osmanthus tea on their menu. I had never even heard of this tea before we moved to HK, and now I see it everywhere. It’s in sooo many things here. The funny thing for me is that I actually find the Chinese word for osmanthus (桂花 guì huā) even with tones easier to say than ‘osmanthus’! It’s such a tongue twister! So today, I ordered and said pretty much this: “Can I have the pistachio mille crepe and can I try the 桂花茶?” 😂 She had to repeat the tea to make sure she got my order right, as I probably threw her off by mixing English and Chinese 🤣

The fun and enjoyable time I had at Lady M was then soon wiped out by a shite trading session 😔 You’d think I’d learn by now, but no, I keep repeating the same damn mistakes over and over 😒

I took out my frustration at the gym and had a pretty good session there tonight. I did a few Jive kicks, which were a real killer, but definitely something that I need to do more often to help boost my stamina. I should end each gym session with one song’s worth of Jive kicks. And then work my way up to two songs, then three songs, then who knows how many songs! 😆

I’ve actually been so focussed on my goals lately that I have barely had the chance to go on the usual social media sites, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. I should make an effort to log in more often, and get the latest on what’s happening in the lives of my family and friends. I tend to be all or nothing when it comes to my goals, but I think a more balanced approach would be better and more sustainable over the longer-term. But with my detailed schedule now and achieving a good momentum with my goals, I feel like all the progress is just feeding itself and I just want more of it! 😆


Shiteness and a bit of indulgence

I read a few old blog posts from last year, around about the time when we were getting ready to leave SG and move to HK. This post in particular made me re-live all the stress from that time 😩 And not a long enough time has passed yet for me to be able to look back at this time with fondness. It was only just a few months ago, so I still feel all the stress from that time when I re-read these posts!

I went to Flying Pan for brunch, that 24-hour breakfast place in Central. I still can’t believe it is literally an all-day breakfast! It is just sooo good! I felt like something sweet afterwards, so I decided to go to Lady M for a slice of cake 🍰 I was feeling rather indulgent today, obviously 😊

And then after yet another shite trading session, I watched a few more episodes of Devilish Joy, my current Korean drama, while N went to karate. I’m glad I gave this series a go, as it has definitely improved since the mediocre first episode. I was almost ready to give up from that first episode, actually, as it really just wasn’t that appealing. But then it improved right at the very end of that episode, and it has just gotten better ever since. Ah, these dramas are so addictive! ☺️