Lantau Island

I continued my exploration of our new city today. I went over to Lantau Island, out near HK Airport. I went to another outlet mall there, Citygate. I found a replacement pair of black ballet flats, which I desperately needed as my current pair were looking really povo and getting to the point where I was getting quite embarrassed to wear them. OK, not getting to the point, I’m already at that point! 😳

I then realised that Inspiration Lake is pretty close to Citygate, and since I was out there already, I figured I may as well just go and check it out while I’m in the area. Inspiration Lake is part of the Disneyland Resort, so it’s all nice and pristine, and relatively easy to get to, with even a Disneyland MTR station taking you straight there on the cute Disney-themed train 😊

I’d like to go back there again with N, maybe hire a bike and cycle around the lake, and/or even hire one of those pedal boats and pedal around the lake.

I then went and had dinner near Lan Kwai Fong at Central. It was just some random restaurant that I found on OpenRice, this popular dining app here in HK. I got there not long after they opened for their dinner service. I happened to be their first customer for the evening – and their only one for the next hour or so 😳 I felt rather self-conscious for that entire hour, and felt a surge of relief when two friends came to occupy a second table in the restaurant πŸ˜† My phone was also running very low on battery, and I didn’t have a charger on me, so I couldn’t just occupy myself by playing on my phone the entire time. It wasn’t the best time to have your phone low on battery! So I just sat there and tried to be mindful 😌 The juice did eventually run out, so I was also forced to be quite mindful on my trip home πŸ˜†

It was a good weekend, I had fun exploring this city 😊 Let’s see where we can go next weekend, since N will be back by then. He flew back to HK tonight, actually, but is flying out again tomorrow, this time to Taipei. I still can’t believe we’re now in North Asia! 😲


Merry Christmas!! πŸŽ„πŸŽ…πŸ₯‚

We had a really nice, quiet Christmas Day, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Usually it’s filled with too many people, too much socialising for an introvert like me, even if the socialising is with family. So today’s quiet day was absolutely wonderful.

I got up ridiculously early this morning and spent about an hour on Facebook wishing friends and family a Merry Christmas. I then watched a few episodes of my new Chinese drama, Lover’s Lies, before the two brothers woke up. After breakfast/brunch, N and I made our way up The Peak, one of the most famous hiking trails in HK. It’s paved and you go past a number of residential buildings, so it’s not like you’re roughing it at any point. But it’s tiring. Unless you’re used to doing lots of uphill climbs. It is steep, and there are barely any breaks where the trek flattens out. The signs say it takes half an hour to walk to the top, but that’s assuming that you’re pretty much at the starting point. Getting to the starting point is an effort in itself πŸ˜†

But once you’re up there, it’s a pretty nice view. You get a view of both Victoria Harbour as well as the south side of the island, which is totally worth the hike. Today was a bit overcast, so the view wasn’t as great as it could be, but what we could see was still pretty awesome.

View of Victoria Harbour from The Peak

So if the other hikes around HK are just as well laid out as Victoria Peak, then I’d definitely want to do more. I’m not sure how easy it is to get to the other trails compared to this one, as you basically just take the Mid Level Escalators right to the end, turn left, and then make your way up to the start once you see the pink sign pointing to The Peak. All within a residential area. But other trails may not be so close to civilisation… I will have to do some research on them. Dragon’s Back is apparently quite nice and relatively easy to do (although that is quite a subjective term!). And it is one of the more popular ones too. Maybe that can be our next trail 😊

We then went back home to freshen up; met up with N’s brother; and then we made our way to Lan Kwai Fong for a nice, quiet family dinner.

But as soon as we walked out of the building, this was the chaos on the street:

On Christmas Day!! 😲 Crazy stuff! I’m used to very quiet streets on Christmas Day, with virtually everything closed in Oz. This is the complete opposite to that πŸ˜‚

So that’s one more Christmas done βœ… I hope you enjoyed this one as much as I did 😊