No more bouncing back

The dull ache from yesterday has subsided, and it’s now between 0 to 1 on the pain scale. It’s still there, albeit virtually gone, but I decided to finally go and see a doctor anyway, the first time I’ll have visited a doctor since moving to HK.

We asked friends here for recommendations, and so I made my way to Central to go and see one of their recommendations. When I got there, I find out that she is on leave! ðŸ˜Đ Whaaat?!? She returns on Tuesday, but her first (and only!) available appointment is on Friday next week! So I decided to book myself in. If she’s that booked out, then she must be good. Well, hopefully 😆 Even if this weird dull ache subsides before then, it’d still be good to get a general check-up anyway, given that we’re getting older now and things are just generally deteriorating 😔

Speaking of check-ups, one of our friends here had to go and have heart surgery! ðŸ˜ą Did I tell you about this? That was very concerning. The surgery was a few weeks ago now and everything went well, but still, the fact that he even had to go and have this surgery was rather worrying. We’re entering that stage in our lives when we can’t just bounce back like we used to when we were kids 😔 So I really want to get into the habit of getting regular check-ups done: medical, dental, and also my eyes -optometric?! Why yes, that’s the adjective! I just looked it up 👍 Something to add to my list… ✅

I then met N for dinner afterwards. He had a 2-for-1 voucher at a pretty casual restaurant near his office, so we decided to redeem it today. Not bad! The restaurant was pretty quiet when we got there, which was nice. No issues with social distancing 👍 It was a nice way to end the evening 😊

A dull ache

I feel like there’s something not quite right in my lower right abdomen, which is starting to freak me out a bit. Is that where your appendix is? I’m wondering if something is up with my appendix. There’s this dull ache there, which comes and goes. It’s not painful, maybe a 1 or 2 out of 10 on the pain scale. And it hurts a little bit more if I press on the area, so it’ll bump up to 2-3. But still, it’s not zero, and that’s what bothers me. So I’m feeling a bit anxious about it, and I’d like to get it checked out asap. But I’m not good with doctors (or dentists or optometrists etc), especially overseas. I’m not familiar with the whole medical process here. And I’m also worried about the cost, again because I’m not familiar with how it all works. But I guess once I go, I can start to find out more about it!

Ugh, I really should go tomorrow, get it over and done with. At least then I’ll know what the problem is, or if I need to go and see a specialist to find out more. And the longer I leave it, the more anxious I’ll get. So I may as well just get it sorted tomorrow, and find out what the next steps are, if there are any.

A lottery

I ran a few errands today, including getting my Octopus card all set up with automatic top-up. A few weeks ago, I lost my old Octopus card, if you remember all the stress associated with that 😒 Now I have finally got it all sorted: I got the balance on my old Octopus card transferred to my new card, and I also got the automatic top-up set up on the new card – woohoo! It’s now all done 👍 I really should just set it up on my phone like N has, so I don’t have to worry about carrying one extra item – and therefore worry about having one extra item to lose!

One of our friends here just went and had his annual check-up. Apparently the doctors have recommended that he go for an angioplasty! ðŸ˜ą He’s not even that old, I think he’s in his mid-40s, so I don’t understand how the doctors can recommend surgery straight away. What about changing his diet first and seeing if that will improve the situation?? What about lifestyle changes? Medication? Surely there are other things he can do before surgery?! Obviously I’m not a doctor, and I don’t know his medical situation, but unless his heart is in really bad shape, then I can’t understand why surgery is what they’re recommending already. Maybe his heart really is in bad shape? Hmmm… Anyway, he is still relatively young, so even if he does go for the surgery, he should come out OK ðŸĪž

It’s news like this that jolts me back to reality, that life can be a real b!tch and ðŸ’Đ happens to good people, and not always to the bad ones; that children can die from incurable diseases; that you can lead a mega-healthy lifestyle and still be struck with some disease; that you can be diagnosed with something with NO family history – and that you can escape something even if everyone else in your family had it. It’s such a lottery sometimes. Which is another reason why I try and enjoy my life as much as I can, because who knows what the universe has in store for you tomorrow ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ

Being creative while freaking out

Today was all about dancing. It’s the last free weekend that we have before the comp, so we tried to do as much dancing today as we can. But after all this dancing, there is now a dull ache in the lower part of my abdomen. I’m getting completely freaked out, as I always do whenever I have a health-related issue, and am coming up with crazy-ass ideas as to what could be causing it. My current thought is that one of my ovaries is about to explode ðŸ˜ģ See, I can be creative at times ðŸĪŠ

But it is freaking me out. Last time we did this much dancing, I strained my back, and a part of my spine swelled up. My spine. So of course that freaked me out to buggery too. The doctor gave me some cream to help reduce the swelling that time, and after a few weeks, it did eventually go away. I used the same cream again today, just in case I strained some other muscle, this time in the abdomen area. Not that I think I pulled a muscle today, but just on the off chance that I really did… If it doesn’t get any better in the next few days (or if it gets progressively worse 😟), I may just have to visit a doctor to get it checked out.

And on the topic of health, I’m supposed to have my follow-up appointment about my comprehensive health screening results Monday week. That’s freaking me out too 😟 Fingers crossed that is all ok too ðŸĪž

Eyes 👀

I went and got my eyes checked today. But before I did, I had to go get a GP referral, in order to be covered under our health insurance. And that meant stopping by the hospital. And I don’t like hospitals! Well, I don’t like anything medical that pertains to me. It just freaks me out. Even when it’s just a general check up, like what today is. The nurse took my blood pressure, and it was 140/77. I was nervous as hell! I could feel my heart thumping as I was waiting to see the GP.

I went back to the eye clinic after lunch with my GP referral. They gave me eye drops, I think to dilate my pupils so the doctor could see right to the back of my eyes. They warned me that my eyesight would be blurry for the next 4-6 hours, so that meant no work today. And no reading! I was texting friends telling them about my eyesight situation, and I could barely see what I was typing. There was no chance I could read what my friends were texting back! 😂

But the most important thing that came out of all of this: the doctor said that my eyes are all ok 😅 OMG the relief that this piece of news brought to me. I was so happy 😁😁😁