My new challenge

I didn’t have the most productive day today. I just wasn’t in the right headspace πŸ˜” I really wanted to do more stuff, but I just didn’t have the willpower. Sighhh…

N and I were also hearing negativity around us, which didn’t help matters. Sighhh… This is one of many reasons why I don’t like giving out negativity into the universe. If someone is already down, you’re just going to compound that feeling and make them feel worse. I don’t want to be a source of negativity. I want to be a source of inspiration, of motivation. But I, too, have down days, so it’s not always easy. But I try 😊

I’m thinking of doing this 8-week decluttering challenge set by Marie Kondo. It’s a tad longer than my 30-day splits challenge, but I’m sure she made the daily tasks bite-size and totally doable. Plus week one sounds really fun and easy πŸ˜† I totally go into these decluttering sessions with guns blazing, but then six months later, I fall back into my old habits, and the house looks almost exactly the same as it did before I did the decluttering session πŸ˜” I say ‘almost’ because I do improve incrementally each time. But it’s never as neat and tidy as straight after the decluttering session. So if I do a full-on 8-week deep dive, then maybe I can actually change my habits during those 8 weeks and actually see long-lasting results. Maybe… 🀞

And as per my one-word theme for the year, you may as well just do it and see what happens! Much like my 30-day splits challenge, sure I didn’t get all the way down to the floor, but I’m so much closer to the floor now than I’ve ever been my entire life. And now that I have a new daily stretching habit, I may actually eventually reach this goal too! But I won’t know unless I keep stretching every day and keep pushing myself. I’m definitely going to keep tracking this goal and see where I am at the end of 90 days, and then after 180 days – a whole half year of stretching! 😱 Much like so many things in life, if you just keep working at it consistently, more often than not, you will see progress. That’s what I’m hoping for with these stretches and with this 8-week challenge 😊

My first 30-day challenge

I decided to stay at home today for three reasons:

  • Partly because of 🦠;
  • Partly to save money; and
  • Partly because it’s still so cold right now! πŸ₯Ά

So we just watched TV. We finally finished Modern Family; and we also finished the Matrix trilogy, watching The Matrix Revolutions today πŸ‘πŸ»

I have also been thinking about what things I should work on for 30 days straight. It’s the New Year, and I always try and change for the better whenever January 1st rolls around. And one of the things that I always have problems with is consistency. So I figured, what better way to start the new year than with a 30-day challenge?? πŸ˜†

So for the next 30 days, I have decided to do stretches specifically for the splits. I have been doing yoga quite consistently for about a month or two now, so instead of just general yoga, for the next 30 days, I’m going to concentrate on poses that will target the muscles that will help me get as close as possible to the splits. Today was day 1. Wish me luck! πŸ˜†

I’m not sure what I’ll do after the 30 days, though. I’m really just focused on the 30 days right now and making sure that I get through them! I might just go back to general yoga after that, as I’m sure I’ll miss all the other poses after a while. But who knows, I may have built up a new habit after this period?? πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

I have also considered doing other 30-day challenges this year, but 12 other challenges may be a bit too much. Plus I don’t know if I want to tackle 12 different things in one year?! So I might just focus on this one first, and if anything else strikes my fancy during this 30-day period, then I might consider it as my next challenge. Otherwise, I might just repeat the challenge again.

I can also just try something for 30 days, and if I don’t like it, then I can abandon it and just learn from the experience. Or maybe change the criteria or the conditions if something isn’t working. That’s part of the fun, right, just to try.

And this 30-day challenge idea ties in with my one-word theme for the year: to DO. So I’m pumped and ready to give this a go! πŸ’ͺ

My one-word theme for 2021

Have I told you about my one-word theme for the year? Have I told you that I have been setting a one-word theme each year for the past few years?? Surely I have. But just in case I haven’t, it’s one word that I choose at the beginning of each year to give me something to focus on for that year. Last year, my word was ‘growth’. Growth in a number of ways: growth in my subscriber base on social media; growth in my student base; personal growth; and also in wealth. It was a great word, and it served me well last year πŸ‘ And I think I did a good job keeping to that theme too 😊

This year, my word is ‘do’. I have a tendency to over-think things, and so this is my way of just stopping myself from over-analysing and to just actually bit the bullet and DO it.

That’s one time that I can tell myself to just DO something. The other time is when I’m procrastinating. And I procrastinate a LOT. So now, instead of um’ing and ah’ing about when I should do it, I stop myself from thinking about it and I just do it then and there.

And it has done wonders so far! I have done things like fold the laundry; soak dirty clothes; put groceries away; even sending an email that I’ve been putting off! 😱 Just these small things that niggle at you, and I tell myself that I’ll do them later but never do (or at least not until a few days have passed! πŸ˜’)

So here we are, a few days into the New Year and my theme is going strong already. LOVE IT! πŸ‘