Changes in my daily routine

I got up at ridiculous o’clock with N this morning. He’s been going to the gym before work, and normally, I just go back to sleep once he leaves. But today, I was actually quite awake, and so I just got up. I didn’t feel too bad throughout the day, but I did have more caffeine than I normally would on a typical day 😳 Hopefully the caffeine won’t keep me up tonight because I’d like a good night’s sleep for the busy day that I have tomorrow! 🤞

I had my Chinese lesson today, and it actually wasn’t too bad! I didn’t stress out as much as I normally would, which allowed me to understand more of what she said. But my general problem is my lack of speaking and listening practice. I need to do more! Watch a little bit of a TV show or YouTube video each day. I need to incorporate that into my day somehow. I’ve made so many positive changes into my daily routine now, surely I can figure out how to incorporate this one thing??

Here are the new changes I’ve made recently:

  • I’ve started to review my Anki flashcards first thing in the morning, as soon as I wake up. It’s virtually the first thing I do once I wake up;
  • I’ve been doing my splits stretches on a daily basis, except on my one rest day a week;
  • I’ve been listening to podcasts in the morning while I’m getting changed;
  • I’ve been listening to an audiobook while getting ready for bed in the evenings.


How awesome is that?!? And I only introduced all of these new habits recently, possibly just in the last month. That’s pretty damn good! So surely I can figure out how to incorporate listening to a TV show or YouTube video in one of my target languages into my day?? 🤔

After listing that out, I’m quite proud of my effort! Well done, me! 😁 It’s amazing just how much you can achieve just by pairing activities today:

  • Anki flashcards – paired with getting up first thing in the morning;
  • Podcasts – paired with getting ready each day;
  • Audiobooks – paired with getting for bed.

Can I pair this TV show or YouTube video with something? Or maybe I can just set another 30-day challenge for myself? I just have to try and see what works for me.

Bad Blood, The Inventor, The Dropout

Like yesterday, we didn’t leave the house again today. And I’m glad we didn’t: apparently there were 108 cases today! OMG! I think that’s a record number of cases in one day that we’ve seen throughout this entire pandemic. I’m really not wanting to go outside these days 😔

So I just spent most of the day just reading Bad Blood and actually finished it 🤪 I couldn’t put the book down, it’s so addictive! Even though I already know what happens to the company and to the CEO, it’s still a very riveting story. One of those times when you just can’t believe that something as crazy as this actually happened.

I then watched The Inventor after I finished the book. I’m obsessed with the story now! I also found The Dropout, a podcast on the whole crazy story about Elizabeth Holmes and Theranos. So obviously I can’t wait to start listening to that! 😂 And of course I’m going to watch the Jennifer Lawrence movie when that comes out 🤣

I had heard about Theranos and Elizabeth Holmes years ago, but I never really followed the story. And then all of a sudden I heard how it was all one big fraud, and I was like, howww?!? How did it go from being this mega awesome company to becoming the biggest fraud case in recent times?? I just couldn’t believe it. And part of me still can’t. The whole thing is just so surreal.

Low power mode

I got up really late this morning, I was so tired. It felt like I just crashed from yesterday’s high, we had so much fun.

And then from that late start, I never really recovered. I was just barely functioning 😔

I listened to this podcast today where they were talking about going into “low power mode”. The idea is based on the iPhone setting when it’s low on battery, and it only operates the most essential things on your phone to conserve the little battery that it has left. So the idea is about only doing the most important things when you only have a limited amount of energy. I should’ve told myself that I was going into low power mode today! I totally needed this idea today.

I always go into this “full or nothing” mode, but this idea of choosing to be somewhere in the middle of that scale instead is quite liberating. I won’t feel so disappointed that I didn’t get as much done as I would’ve liked if I had jut set the expectation that it was going to be a low power day. Dang, I wish I had listened to this earlier! 😆

So yeah, low power mode. See if that’ll work for you 😊

I have started editing my next YouTube video, though, I just haven’t done anywhere near the amount of work on it today as I would’ve liked. I guess I’ll be working on it quite solidly tomorrow 😔

And then I watched some more YouTube videos as well. A lot of the YouTubers that I like are Canadian! I wonder if Aussies and Canadians just happen to be on the same wavelength or something 😁