A relatively quiet Chung Yeung Festival

Today was the Chung Yeung Festival, and the last day of the long weekend. With all these protests still going on – and the fact that the protesters have ramped up their violence this weekend 😒 – we’re still reluctant to venture too far from home, in case we get stuck somewhere with no way back home. So we decided to just go out for brunch somewhere nearby.

Protests were actually quieter today compared to the past few days, but the protesters were still out wreaking havoc in little pockets around the city. And the train network still shut pretty early, so they could continue doing their repairs. I’m sure they’re going to want to open as many train stations as they can tomorrow, with everyone being back at work again, and the MTR network being such a crucial mode of transport for residents in this city.

N decided to head to the gym while I took a nap 😂 I did manage to make my way down later, though, while he went for a massage 😅 And then we ended the evening off with a few episodes of Lucifer.

Another relatively quiet day to round out the long weekend. But at least the quiet day was on all fronts today.

Worrying too much

I feel like I’m losing my hair. I’m sure it’s linked to ageing, as everyone does lose hair as they age, but still, *I* know the difference from how my hair was when I was in my teens to how it is now. Yeah, ok, that was over a quarter of a century ago now 😂 So I really shouldn’t compare. And then I just got my hair straightened, so it’s feeling “flatter” than it normally would too. And then all this worrying is probably not helping either! Argh! 😫 I should just accept that this is a fact of life and move on. Although it’s hard to when I see my parents’ hair still looking pretty damn good at their age! I was hoping to have hair as good as theirs when I get to that age. Now I’m wondering if I will… 😔

I watched more of Ode to Joy today, my current Chinese drama. I’m getting close to the end, which I didn’t expect, actually. I felt like I was aaages away from the end, but apparently it’s crept up without me even noticing. It’s been a really good drama, I’m so glad I found it 😊 And it’s also serving as good Chinese practice too, which is awesome 👍

Tomorrow is a public holiday here, it’s National Day. But HKers are pretty much seeing it as non-National Day, with a number of protests planned all around the city. So I’m not sure if it’s really worth doing anything tomorrow. It’s all quite sad, to be honest. I feel for the city. It’s really suffering as a result of all these protests 😔

Planning for tomorrow

I had quite a productive day today. There’s a public holiday here tomorrow, it’s Dragon Boat Festival. I was probably subconsciously trying to make up for losing a work day tomorrow 😊

I am thinking of going more south tomorrow, to Stanley, to watch the dragon boat races. Apparently it’s mega popular, though, so it’s also going to be mega crowded 😒 I hope it’ll still be fun… fingers crossed! 🤞 I also want to try some zongzi, some glutinous rice dish wrapped in bamboo leaves, stuffed with different fillings. These are apparently traditionally eaten on this day. So hopefully we can find one or two to try! If the crowds are especially crazy, we may just cut the day short and head back somewhere that’s not so dragon boat race focussed – ie where the crowds won’t be! 😂

I’ll let you know if we manage to go anywhere, as we are also notorious for wasting public holidays, just hanging out at home and watching tv or playing on our phones 😳

Resuming my routine

I lost a bit of momentum of my routine while we were in Melbourne, and then also feeling a bit off when we returned to SG didn’t help me get back into the swing of things as soon as we returned. I lost my daily streak in Duolingo and Drops, the two language apps that I’d been regularly logging into prior to our Melbourne trip. I started up again today, and I can see the difference in recall after not logging in for about a week 😔 You really have to just keep pushing on until things just become automatic, you can’t take such a long break. I guess it’s that much harder learning a language as an adult. Lesson learnt.

I also resumed my gym sessions, which also fell by the wayside in the past week. I would normally go the gym if we were staying in a hotel with one, but we didn’t stay in one this time, so I took a break from this too. It was a good session, I was particularly proud of my 3 sets of 35 squats, rising to my top toes in between each squat, which should help my strength in Ballroom, which is all about the rise and fall (except Tango, the black sheep of the Ballroom family of dances). Now my legs are totally spent 😂

It’s a public holiday here tomorrow, Hari Raya Puasa, the end of the fasting period of Ramadan. SG is very good at being fair across the different races and religions of the people who make up this small country, and that includes its public holidays. So I’m thinking of doing another cycling trail tomorrow 😊 I want to use my scooter 🛴 so maybe N and I can take turns on it, while the other one uses a share bike 🚲 I want to do a different trail tomorrow, just to see another part of SG that I haven’t seen before. Hopefully my legs will hold up after my 105 squats today 😆

And now I’m off to watch the first match of the World Cup, one of the few times when I actually watch football ⚽️ One of my old bosses got me into the World Cup in 2014, so this will be the second one that I will follow. Not that I can tell you anything about the previous one 🤣

Decided to take the day off too

Apparently it’s a public holiday in a bajillion countries today: Switzerland, France, Italy, Germany, China, Hong Kong, and here in Singapore. 1 May seems to be a popular day for it! With so many markets out of action today, I decided to take the day off too. As you can imagine, markets don’t move much when there are fewer participants, so I presume trading today would be akin to watching paint dry. So rather than do that, I figured I’d do something more productive with my time today.

So I reviewed my progress towards all my goals. It’s May already, can you believe it?! Where did the first four months of the year go?? I reviewed my progress last month, and wrote down some ideas on how I can continue to progress in May. It’s always good to look back and see the progress, because sometimes I forget to see the forest for the trees, just getting bogged down in the day-to-day minutiae. So I try and see the bigger picture by reviewing my goals each month, and see if if I’m deviating too far off the track, or to see which goals I’m lagging behind in or spending too much time on and so can dial back a bit on those ones. Overall, I have to say I’m quite happy with my progress! I’m relatively surprised 👍

And then in the evening I watched a movie, Kiki’s Delivery Service. It’s an old movie (1989) from Hayao Miyazaki, the guy who brought us Spirited Away and My Neighbor Totoro, along with numerous other works. I wanted to watch something that won’t scare the bejesus out of me, maybe a comedy or a rom com. And somehow I came across this movie, so I thought I’d give it a go.

It actually wasn’t bad. I probably would’ve preferred a comedy, but this was ok too. It was a feel-good movie, about friendship, cooperation, courage, optimism and determination. And of course her cat Jiji made me enjoy it that little bit more. I watched the dubbed version in English, which was dedicated to Phil Hartman, who did the voice of her cat. The cat reminded me of Salem, the one in Sabrina the Teenage Witch. Maybe Jiji was the inspiration for Salem 😂 I’d like to watch the original Japanese version too, for learning purposes 😊 And second time around, it’ll be easier for me to focus on the learning, now that I know the storyline. Sorta like my Orange manga… 😉

I’m still not going to cheat and read the English version of that manga, though. That one I’m going to persevere and only refer to the English version when I need help with the translation 😊