A few pleasant surprises

N left at some ridiculously early hour this morning – something like 6am! – and when I asked him why he was leaving so early (I presumed coz of some stupid early meeting again), I thought he said “phone”. But I was half asleep, and no doubt he was too, so I just left it at that cryptic response and went back to sleep.

It turns out that he went back to the karate venue where they were training last night to go and get his work phone, which he left there last night! Crazy stuff. The lights were all switched off, apparently, which I can completely understand: it’s the middle of the night! πŸ˜‚ And yes, he got his phone back! πŸ‘

After a shite trading session (argh!), we went and had our usual Ballroom lesson. We didn’t do Quickstep! 😲 That was a pleasant surprise. I thought our teacher may want to focus on it for the next few weeks since it’s our weakest dance, but apparently he still wants to make sure the other dances are still progressing nicely. So we ended up doing Waltz today 😊

We ended up having a quick dinner down at the hawker centre near the dance studio: S$3 for chicken rice! 😲 We couldn’t make dinner for that cheap. The portions aren’t huge, but adequate for me. I just can’t get over how cheap this place was! That’s what you get when you go to a local joint πŸ‘ Makes paying S$6 at the touristy hawker centres a total rip offπŸ˜‚

Losing weight and my β€œfavourite” dances

Kitty and I went to the vet again this morning. She’s been eating quite a fair bit, more so than she used to, but when the vet weighed her today, she hasn’t gained any weight, and hasn’t gotten back any of the weight that she lost while we were away late last year. I hope there isn’t something else wrong with her πŸ˜” As per usual, we just have to keep monitoring her to see how she goes over the next few weeks. Poor little one.

And then in the evening, we did a bit of dance practice, again focusing on my two “favourite” dances, Quickstep and Jive. Can you believe it: after I was complaining last night about how we just can’t do this particular section of the choreography to music, we were getting pretty damn close today! I was so excited! πŸ‘ It’s not great dancing, but at least it’s a step in the right direction, that’s the important thing. Hopefully it’ll all be good by mid-March, when our next comp is – which isn’t all that far away! 😲

The complete opposite to yesterday

It was a pretty damn good day for a Wednesday, and perhaps the complete opposite to yesterday! πŸ‘

Trading: I was totally in sync with the market. I missed a few entries, but even then, I didn’t dwell on missing out, I actually just moved on. I followed my plan consistently probably for the first time ever. If only every day was like today!

Dancing: We worked on Waltz and Quickstep in our lesson today. Even our teacher agrees that our Quickstep is atrocious πŸ˜‚ Although he would never actually say that, it wouldn’t be very professional! But we can read between the lines… πŸ˜‰

And then we spent two hours afterwards practising mainly Quickstep and Jive, my two “favourite” dances 😩 I asked for a Jive song that I liked, and so we had Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off on repeat 🀣 It makes such a difference for me when I like the song. It’s like the song gives me energy, and it makes it that much more enjoyable to dance.

Mum’s birthday: Unfortunately I couldn’t get through to her today when I tried to ring her, but apparently they went out tonight to celebrate her birthday, which I thought was really nice. I’m glad that they went out and did something nice for her birthday πŸŽ‚

Chinese: A friend replied back to something I asked her on Facebook – in Chinese. I thought it would take me forever to read it, but when I actually focussed and gave it a go, I was pleasantly surprised that I could make out what she was saying, even though I didn’t know each and every word in her message. My basics are getting strong enough that I can start to get a feel for the meaning of new words now! Plus I could read about 90% of the characters! 😲 I was very surprised. Some stuff is apparently seeping into the grey matter, after all πŸ˜‚

Time out: And we finished off the day with another episode of Game of Thrones. Halfway through season two now.

It was an awesome day πŸ‘

A tired Quickstep and Jive

I struggled a bit today. Firstly I was very tired and lethargic for some reason. I thought I had a pretty good night’s sleep, but I just never quite felt normal at any point during the day πŸ˜‘

It probably helped during dancing though! Just letting muscle memory take over and not worry so much about the choreography or technique or anything else, and just allow my body to relax and just perform. We had a good Ballroom lesson; and then afterwards, we did a few good practice runs of four of the five Latin dances (since we can’t remember our Paso Doble choreography! Argh!). And can you believe it: we did my two least favourite dances today, one from each style hahaha Quickstep and Jive. Wahhhh! What a double whammy 😩 I’m glad we did them, though, as we hardly ever practice them 😊 It was good to get some feedback on how we’re progressing (or more like not progressing πŸ˜‚) with each of them.

Hopefully I can get a better night’s sleep tonight…

Spent my morning QUEUING

First mission of the day: get some Irvins salted egg chips! 😊 I got to their Orchard Gateway outlet at 9:50am, a bit later than I had planned. And there was NO queue! They open at 10am, but there was already a guy there, so I asked him if they were open. He said yes, but said that there’s a queue that I need to join. He looked over behind him and pointed at the queue. Apparently the queue snakes outside! Omg. So much for no queue. Very misleading, Irvin! πŸ˜’

This is not my ideal way of spending a morning! Especially outside! These freaking chips better be worth it! πŸ˜‚ Plus I was just grumpy at the time I was in the queue: I hadn’t had my morning coffee yet!

After almost an hour in the queue – and most of that time waiting outside, mind you – I finally got my hands on a few of these babies:

I waited for almost an hour for this!!

Actually, these chips are gifts, so I’m not even going to get to find out what all the fuss is about! I’ll have to queue up for a second time to get a packet (or three 😊) for myself. Argh!

I was in yet another queue later in the morning, at Crabtree & Evelyn this time, and two separate people actually asked me where I bought my Irvins Salted Egg chips. They’re damn popular, I tell you! They were so excited to find out that they had an outlet nearby. Gotta try these soon to find out what all the fuss is about.

While I was in that Crabtree & Evelyn queue, someone came up to me and asked me something in Chinese. Since my listening skills are so bad, all I got was something-something-δ»€δΉˆ πŸ˜‚ couple with his hand gesticulation, I assume he was asking what we were all queuing up for. I said “to pay” in English, but he didn’t seem to understand that. So I tried in Chinese – well, what I think “to pay” is in Chinese (δ»˜ι’±?). That seemed to have come across better… although I still wonder if I said the right thing and/or if he understood my dodgy Chinese 🀣🀣

Kitty got picked up this afternoon for her own holiday πŸ˜” always sad to say goodbye to her. It’s the worst part about going on holidays πŸ˜”

So without Kitty in the house, I tidied up her food and litter areas, and tidied up the house in general. I always like having the house quite orderly before we go on holidays. I did a bit of trading while I was doing this, which is never a good idea! I don’t know why I even bothered. I need my full focus to trade (and even then, sometimes it doesn’t even help!), and being half switched on meant I took really bad trades. Sighhhh… Lesson learnt!

We had our Ballroom lesson as per usual in the evening. Quickstep today. We need to remember this routine! This is always one of the dances that we dance at competitions, so we need do dance it, unfortunately hahaha it’s my least favourite Ballroom dance. On par with Jive in Latin. Need to take notes, so I don’t forget everything while we’re in Japan!

Gotta get to bed early tonight. Planning to wake up at 6am tomorrow, to get to the airport well in time for our flight! Excitement! ✈️ Goodnight!