In an earlier post, I talked about my constant attempt to find the right balance in my life. And today I came across this quote on the interweb: “The quest for balance is universal, but perfect balance is a myth.” And as you can imagine, I am absolutely in love with it. It could be my quote for the year. Heck, I’ll make it my quote for the year! 😆 It made me feel better about not getting the balance right, and that I shouldn’t be so hard on myself.

I remembered Randi Zuckerberg’s book Pick Three: You Can Have It All (Just Not Every Day), and she proposes choosing three areas each day that you want to focus on, and her categories were work, sleep, family, friends and fitness. I’m going to try and bring this back into my daily routine, but change the categories to better suit my own personal focus areas, and keep track in my Bullet Journal to make sure I don’t focus too much on any one area at the expense of other areas. June is about to start, so I’ll incorporate it into my monthly tracking for the new month. How exciting! 😊

And I finally finished Nice Witch, my current Korean drama. I will have to decide on what my next drama will be, as I have a huge backlog to choose from! 😆 Maybe I’ll switch to a Chinese drama, to get some listening practice in… The only problem is that the Korean dramas are just sooo good, it’s hard to tear yourself away from them…! Maybe I should learn Korean instead… 😆 Well… Taiwan, Korea and Japan are my favourite countries in Asia (and Singapore, now, of course 😊), so it’s actually not a half-bad idea to add Korean to my Asian language repertoire… Well I have learnt the Korean alphabet, so it wouldn’t hurt to learn a few basics from here, right? 😉

  • Nah, languages is one area where I can’t take a balanced approach. I am dedicating as much time to Chinese as possible, so I can work on my proficiency in this language as quickly as possible. And I already have Japanese lined up after it, so if I do want to learn some Korean, it may have to slot in to third place. That is, if Spanish or French don’t call me with greater urgency before then…! 😆 #polyglotdream
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    Pick Three

    We had our Latin lesson, and our teacher was actually quite pleased with our Samba today. And our teachers are never pleased. So when we get a compliment, it’s a pretty rare event, and so very worthy of being noted! I came across this quote on social media recently: “You know you’re a dancer when you pay someone to yell at you and cause you unbelievable pain” Hahaha so true! 😂

    We then practiced Ballroom for a little while after lunch, but this didn’t seem to gel as well as Latin did today, which was a shame. We were both quite tired, and we barely lasted an hour before we had to call it a day. Oh well, practice isn’t always great, no matter how much I want it to be. I guess I’ll just have to settle for a good Latin lesson 😊

    N sent me this article the other day. It’s a summary of her book “Pick Three” by Randi Zuckerberg. Basically it’s about focusing on only three areas of your life each day, so you can actually make a decent effort on each of them, and not get overwhelmed with doing too many things on any given day. She lists her five broad areas (work, sleep, family, fitness and friends), but obviously you can tailor it to whatever suits you. And you can choose the three however way you want: you can choose three different ones every day; you can choose the same three; you can have a weekend or weekday three; you can have a summer or winter three etc etc so you can balance it out as you deem fit.

    I thought this was a pretty cool idea, because sometimes I do feel like I’m not progressing with some of my goals, because I’m focussed too much on others. So starting tomorrow, I’m going to give this a try and instead of beating myself up for not doing enough on my goals each day, I’ll actually give myself a pat on the back for kicking butt on three of them 👍

    Oh and of course this book is now on my to-read list 😆