Keep calm and dance on!

The protesters were out at the airport today, so no closures due to safety concerns affected our area. So we managed to get some dance practice in! We got through our entire samba choreography, to music and all! That was total amazeballs 😂 Now we just need to remember our other bajillion choreographies and then we’ll be back, baby! 🤣

School goes back for a lot of students tomorrow, so I’m hoping that these protests will now start dying down, as they start the new school year. Wishful thinking, probably, but one can only hope…! 🤞

And a T3 signal is currently in place, so I’m expecting quite miserable weather this coming week 😔 Just as long as we don’t get anything higher than a T3, then I’m (relatively) fine 😊

If it’s not the protests, then it’s typhoons! So all you can do is just keep calm and dance on 😄

A little bit of progress

We had quite a relaxing Saturday, despite a rather early start to my day – I got up at 7am 😲 That’s early for someone who’s not a morning person!

We went and had yum cha 😋 and then went home via the vet to pick up some medicine for Kitty. We then just chillaxed at home for a while before N went to karate, while I went to the gym. I did some more samba to that Dura song that I’m obsessed with at the moment. I’m going to milk this song for as long as I can, as it’s apparently making me practise samba a whole lot more than I otherwise would! 😂

And I also spent some time on Tandem, that language exchange app. I probably spent more time chatting in English than in Chinese today, as I was just too tired to focus for too long in Chinese. I helped people with their English instead 😊

So a bit of progress on a few of my goals today, so I’m happy with that 😊

A successful day

So it seems like you can feel the humidity quite a fair bit in this city… It’s only just the start of spring, and yet I can already feel the humidity, interesting… I think N is not going to enjoy the other three seasons of the year, then. He hated the SG weather, I don’t think he ever got used to it, and now we may effectively be going back to SG type weather…! 😆

He came back from Taipei today, and so of course the aircon has been on in the house ever since he arrived 😆 It’s going to be the same as SG on this front, I am guessing. I, on the other hand, am perfectly comfortable without the aircon, so of course now that it’s on, I have to wear a jumper around the house. Much like our routine in SG. At least from a weather perspective, it’s almost as if we never left! YEAH! 👍

And my tweaked schedule for today worked amazingly. I ticked off almost everything that I wanted to do today, in terms of the tasks that are helping me reach my various goals. It was sooo good. It was perhaps the most productive day I have had in a long time. So I will definitely be bringing this schedule idea into next week too 👍

I came across this song somehow called Dura, by Daddy Yankee, and it is my song of the year so far – I’m in love with it! I had it on repeat at the gym today. I was going to use the elliptical machine as warm-up, as I usually do, and turned on some music to keep me company. I decided to listen to Dura, and as soon as it came on, I was like, “stuff the elliptical, let’s do some samba!!” 💃🏻 And off I went, spending the next half an hour working on different parts of our samba routine, with this song on repeat the entire time 😆 I have forgotten just how exciting dancing can be when I find the right music. It brings me into a whole different world 😌

At this point in time, this song is the answer to Q16 for my future 2019 year in review 😊 I will have to start my draft for the year, before I forget any answers that I can already write down now. It’ll be a better representation for my year if I periodically add to it throughout the year anyhow, rather than trying to rack my brain at the end of the year, trying desperately to remember what happened in the preceding twelve months. So one question down, 34 more to go… 😳

Changes because of HK

We had a Latin lesson today. Our teacher asked to see all four dances, and I was thinking “pffft, yeah right! You’ll be lucky to see two today, before your eyes start hurting from our terrible dancing and you’re going to spend the next hour fixing just the first dance” 😂

But surprisingly, we got through all four dances! 😲 That was surely a first. We barely touched Rumba, he seemed happiest with that; Cha Cha and Jive were also not too bad; and he just really wanted to work mainly on Samba today. I guess he knows we can only do so much before our next competition, so he’s just fixing the blatantly obvious bad bits 😆 Sigh, we have to find another Latin teacher yet again when we get to HK…

We had a few friends come over for some drinks this afternoon. We were hoping to get through the whiskeys that we have, since we probably can’t take them with us to HK. But our friends aren’t big drinkers, so we barely got through any of the whiskeys! Argh! 😂 So I think we’ll be drinking a fair bit of whiskey between now and takeoff. Today is T-54…

And then in the evening, we watched the latest series of Strictly Come Dancing. They’re showing it here! 👏 Tonight was the first and second episodes. It’s the first time I’ve seen the British version, and it’s quite a fun series! The judges are harsh but fair, so I actually like that, it’s quite “refreshing”. If they dance poorly, the judges won’t have an issue giving them a score anywhere from 1-3 out of 10 😲 Their feedback is honest, so overall, I think the contestants are getting judged really well. And there’s a ton of celebrities on the show too! The show’s been going for years now, and they still manage to find celebrities each season, so they’re obviously doing something right 👍

I also found out that there’s this show called Casualty, which seems like a British Home and Away ie a drama that’s been part of the country’s landscape for donkey’s years. According to IMDb, it’s actually been going for slightly longer than Home and Away! 😲 Crazy stuff.

So we’re enjoying the British version, and we’ll probably watch it right up until we leave SG. Let’s see what tv shows we get to see in HK in a few months’ time…! 😒

A bit overwhelming

We had our first Latin lesson this morning, our first one in what felt like over a month, although it’s probably only been two weeks. It was a bit of a struggle to get to the studio by 10am, I just couldn’t get up this morning. So I had to skip breakfast in order to get there on time.

Despite the lack of food, the lesson was actually ok. We focussed mainly on Rumba, always a good dance to start with, and we finished with some Samba. A few things fell apart, but once we got into the lesson, muscle memory kicked in, and it was all ok. Our teacher didn’t even mind our Samba, which was total amazeballs 😂

We went home after grabbing some lunch near the studio, and we both fell asleep because we were so tired from the early morning start 😂 So much so that we missed Ballroom practice this afternoon, which is a bit of a shame, as we are so out of practice at the moment. Our last comp for the year is just over one month away, and it will also probably be our last comp in SG, so it’d be good if we can actually put in a good attempt for this comp. But with everything going on with this HK move, I’m not sure if we’ll get much time to practise for it during this coming month! 😔

I think we are both a bit overwhelmed at the moment with this move. I’m sure it’ll be more exciting once we’ve settled in, but at the moment, getting everything organised to actually move is just stressing us both out, on top of the usual day-to-day stuff that we do. Argh! We just need to focus on getting everything sorted over the next few months: make a checklist, do some serious decluttering, and start ticking off everything on that checklist. We just need to be methodical about it and not let the sheer length of the checklist stress us out.

An everything Sunday

We had our usual Latin lesson today, and Samba actually felt quite good. But feeling good and looking good are two totally unrelated things 😂 I’m sure if we filmed the best part of today’s lesson, we would still be cringing and going “oh gawd, it feels so much better than it looks!” Sighhh…

And then after lunch, we spent an hour on Ballroom. It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t that great either. Sighhh… Will Ballroom ever feel good?! My thighs were totally spent just one hour into the two-hour practice class, and I couldn’t go on for longer than an hour. Maybe I pushed myself too much at the gym and I’m still trying to recover? Maybe it’s just the lack of energy at my age? Maybe a bit of both? Nonetheless, we still managed to work on Ballroom for an hour, so that’s better than not turning up at all!

We then went home and N did some work 😔 He rarely does any work at home; he and I would rather stay back in the office and work back late, rather than bring stuff home. We prefer to separate work and home life that way. But sometimes it’s inevitable, and today was one of those days 😔

A friend posted this recipe on FB for salt and vinegar potatoes, which was simple enough for even someone like me to try. I knew we had some leftover potatoes in the pantry, so I decided to give it a go tonight, since N was working anyway. It didn’t turn out too badly! I’ll definitely make them again. The three small leftover potatoes today just weren’t quite enough 😊

Perhaps not the best photo by a long shot 😂 but they were yummy nonetheless

And we finished the evening off with two episodes of Masterchef Australia. It’s become a bit of a mid-year anchor, they always broadcast it around the summer months. So it’s now starting to be quite comforting watching it at this time of year every year 😊

Another jam packed day!👍

Dancing and a few firsts

We had a good Latin lesson today: we did Samba, which feels like it’s improving – until our teacher filmed it for us. Bleurghhh! It definitely feels better than it looks! 😞 I’d rather it the other way around! That is, looking better than it feels. Coz at least it doesn’t hurt the audience’s eyes that way! 😂 Oh well. I read this quote on the interweb today: “I am always doing what I cannot do yet, in order to learn how to do it” – Vincent Van Gogh. Pretty much sums up my life!

And then we actually lasted for the whole two-hour Ballroom practice session. Normally we die about 3/4 of the way through, but today I somehow managed to tough it out. Probably because we weren’t running through entire routines, and just focusing on sections of each dance. But it was good. Sometimes you just need to break it down like that, and work on the technique.

We decided to go to Changi City Point afterwards, a mall with a lot of discount outlets, to check out a sale at 2XU. It’s a pretty cool mall! We’ll have to come back another time, when we have a bit more time and energy to walk around. Coz today, after three hours of dancing, we were just ready to go home.

And then we watched The Lost World: Jurassic Park, the second movie in the Jurassic Park series. It’s the first time I’d seen it, and I definitely haven’t missed out on anything all these years 😂 It was terribly disappointing, after watching the first one, which I thoroughly enjoyed. Oh well. Two down, two to go. Hopefully we can squeeze the third one in sometime this week. Ooo, Tuesday is a public holiday here, so maybe we can watch it then 😊

So that was a disappointing way to end the weekend, but overall, it was still a good one 👍