Together, apart, and then back together again

We did a bit of shopping today, and the shops now have their winter gear out on sale. Greeeat… My favourite season will soon be coming to an end 😔 So I focussed on stocking up on cold weather gear, as I felt like I was severely lacking on this front last winter. But we did just arrive from SINGAPORE, the place with an endless summer. So my wardrobe was definitely more tropical more than anything else when we first arrived in this city. I had to quickly stock up on a few winter items when we finally settled in 😆

N then headed back to the office again to do some more work 😔 And so I decided to continue with my TEFL course, and prepare yet another lesson plan! They’re quite time consuming for me to do, firstly because I don’t really know what I’m doing, so I constantly have to refer to my notes; and secondly, I’m not very creative, so I’m constantly racking my brain trying to come up with fun and interesting things to do in class! But it’s a new skill, so I have to be patient with myself 😊 So I probably spent twice as long preparing this lesson plan as it would take me to teach the damn lesson! 😂 I can’t wait until I get this skill under my belt!

And then we headed down to the gym once N got back from the office. I did another round of Jive kicks ðŸĶĩ They are still an absolute killer. I don’t know how many rounds of Jive I have to do until this gets easier, coz at the moment, they’re still torture! 😖

To give you a bit of an idea of what it is that I’m doing, check out the first five seconds of this video on YouTube. He’s doing it mega fast, and doing a fancy double kick – not to mention dancing really nicely as well! – but hopefully you get the gist. Now imagine doing that for an entire 3.5-minute song, and you get the self-inflicted torture that I’m putting myself through. And I’m certainly not looking as fresh and excited as he does in the video! 😂 So now my legs feel really heavy, and my whole body is sore from the whole session at the gym. I guess looking at it positively, you could say that I had a very successful session today! 😜


Blahness everywhere

The water supply to the toilets in our apartment building were switched off for the whole day, I assume because they were undergoing some sort of service. Blahhh… So that meant that my original plans for the day were totally thrown out the window and I had to spend the day outside 😒

I went and had brunch first, before going shopping for a little bit to buy some make-up. Another blah thing 🙄 I think I just don’t like it when people fuss over me, which is all that they do at these make-up counters, putting various things on your face and buttering you up so you buy more of their products. But now that I’m well stocked with my bare essentials, hopefully I won’t have to return for at least another year ðŸĪžðŸ˜‚

I then made my way to the library and continued working my way through my TEFL course there.

And before I knew it, I could go home! 😄

I was planning on going to the gym before a 7pm trading seminar that I wanted to join, but Kitty had other ideas. She kept wanting attention until it was just too late to make it to the gym if I wanted to join the webinar on time. So I decided I’ll just head over to the gym after the webinar, and just wait it out at home until it started – only to find out that, once again, I got the time wrong 🙄 It started at 8pm! Blahhh… So now I definitely couldn’t make it to the gym tonight 😔 But at least I got to join the webinar this time, albeit joining a tad too early. Unlike the last webinar that I wanted to join, which I completely missed because I got the time completely and utterly wrong.

But despite having to change my original plan for the day, it still all worked out in the end 😅

Finally x2

I finally bought a long skirt today. Despite searching for one for months now and finally finding one today that actually fit me really well, I still had to force myself to buy it 🙄 I am such an under-buyer to the extreme sometimes! I got a free gym towel with the purchase too, so that made me feel a bit better 😆

I also found another new potential Chinese drama: Ode to Joy. It has been described as China’s version of Sex and the City, but going by the other Asian dramas that I’ve watched while we’ve been living here, I suspect it will have much less sexual content – if any – and definitely nothing like the shenanigans that Samantha got up to! 😂 I watched the first episode, which was really just about the main female characters and how they meet one another, so guys aren’t even in the picture yet ðŸ˜ē Maybe in the next episode… Nonetheless, it was a good episode, so maybe I have finally found my new Chinese drama ðŸĪž And I can continue working on my listening skills ðŸĪ“

Citygate and the end of season one

Our grocery home delivery came at around 11am today. Their morning window is 9am-2pm, which is such a huge window! But they seem to come at around 11am each time, so that’s not too bad.

We decided to watch an episode of The Umbrella Academy before heading to Citygate, a discount outlet store out near the airport. We actually spent more time out there than I had expected to, and we didn’t even finish the whole mall. Probably worth a visit a few times a year to stock up on anything that we need, as their stuff actually isn’t too bad 👍

We also discovered Taste out there, this supermarket that has the most awesome ready made food section. Rivals Takashimaya in SG, if you ask me! And that’s saying something, because I thought Takashimaya’s downstairs food section was pretty good ðŸ˜ē I was wondering if there was another Taste closer to home, as I don’t really want to be travelling all the way pretty much to the airport each time I want some ready-made food for dinner! They apparently have one in Wan Chai, so I will have to go check it out 😊 Hopefully it’ll be as good, although I don’t have high hopes on this, as I suspect there is much more space out near the airport to have a massive supermarket compared to other parts of the city 😒 I’d like to be wrong, of course, but like I said, I’m not getting my hopes up.

Korean! 😋

There was karate tonight, but N was feeling too tired to go – and so decided to just head down to the gym with me ðŸĪŠ Never mind actually just resting! 😂

And then we finished off the evening by finishing off season one of The Umbrella Academy. It was such a good first season! Now we can’t wait for them to finish season two so we can start watching it 😊 I really hope it’ll be just as good as – if not better than – season one ðŸĪž I have a feeling we’ll be waiting until 2020, though… Sighhh… 😔

An odd shopping experience

I went to Bonjour today to buy some moisturiser, and one of the staff members noticed that I had some in my basket. She then proceeded to say that there was a better product for my skin than the one I had in my basket, as my skin is “so dry” ðŸ˜ģ Really?! If anything, I thought it was more on the oily side… But my point is, who goes around insulting their customers?? 😂 Although I’m sure this is just a language thing, but still… 😆 And besides, I wasn’t sure if she was just flogging this other product… ðŸĪ·â€â™€ïļ But just in case, I think I shall be lathering my face with more moisturiser – with my current brand! 😆

I then went to Watsons to buy some Clarityne for N – and walked out with some free instant noodles, as you do ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚

Walk in to buy some meds, and walk out with some free noodles, as you do ðŸĪŠðŸ˜‚

OK I did buy other stuff too while I was there, so I’m not sure exactly what item(s) I purchased that made me eligible to receive a free pack of instant noodles, but regardless, it’s not the type of free item that I would expect from a health and beauty store! 😂

We went to the gym tonight, apparently my first visit in two weeks. Two weeks! But I was sick for a few days, and then my brother, sister-in-law and nephew came to visit, and that all happened in those two weeks, so I haven’t been slacking off all that time. I don’t feel so bad now 😅

And then we finished off the evening with another episode of The Umbrella Academy. I’m really enjoying this show! 👍

Start of the long weekend

I got up at 8am this morning, to make sure I was awake for when our home delivery arrived today. Their window was 9am – 2pm, which is a pretty damn huge window! 😂 Luckily they arrived at around 11am, so we didn’t have to wait around for too long.

We had lunch in Wan Chai at Sabah Malaysian Cuisine, which apparently is in the Michelin Guide! It reminded me so much of SG, where all these types of dishes were just readily available. Awww SG, still missing you 😔 But they’re closing in October, due to their lease expiring, so we’ll have to find out where they end up setting up shop again, for those times when we have a hankering for Malaysian food 😋

We stopped by the computer centre once again, since we were in the area. It’s almost obligatory to stop by if we’re in Wan Chai 😂 This time N bought some charging cables. I think electronics are his gazingus pins, a term coined by the authors of Your Money or Your Life to describe items that you are just compelled to buy, even if you already have a bajillion other similar items at home. So he always wants to stop by electronics stores and check out whatever gadgets they have there. In SG it was Challenger; here, it’s pretty hard to beat the Wan Chai Computer Centre! 😂

My gazingus pin is stationery 😊 I love stationery, and I really have to stop myself from buying the stuff. This is one area where I am not an underbuyer! 😂 But I have reined in this buying habit a fair bit now, and I have told myself that I have to use up all the stationery at home first before I can buy any more. I’ve kept it under control so far, as my desire for a less cluttered home is also quite strong. But yeah, stationery is definitely my gazingus pin 😆

We’re planning on going to Macau tomorrow, I’m very excited! Another new country to visit 😊 Although technically part of China, like HK is, it also falls under the “one country, two systems” policy, so it’s also a “Special Administrative Region”. But I still see it as a country in its own right, despite the technicalities. I’m excited to be doing this day trip! 😊

Biting the bullet

We tried to catch up with one of N’s mates from Oz today and go and have yum cha with him and his wife; they’re in HK for a few days for his wife’s work. But it didn’t quite pan out that way, so we just ended up having our usual weekend brunch on our own 😆

We were a bit adventurous today and thought we’d try a place that didn’t have an English menu ðŸ˜ą

Yum cha menu all in Chinese ðŸ˜ą

I know the Chinese for most of the dishes that we like now, so I’m relatively more comfortable walking into these places nowadays, and seeing a yum cha menu entirely in Chinese isn’t as intimidating anymore. Plus it gives me the opportunity to learn a few new dishes, so it’s all good 😊 Dinner menus, on the other hand, are a different story… But we don’t tend to do Chinese for dinner; and if we do, we would normally go with friends who can read Chinese anyway, so they end up doing the ordering 😆

We went to Muji afterwards to buy a portable essential oil diffuser. I’ve been wanting one for ages now, but the under-buyer in me continually stopped me from buying one. But for some reason, something just compelled me to go and buy it today, so I bit the bullet and just went for it. And I absolutely love it! People go on about the health benefits of essential oils, but I just love the smell of bergamot and can’t sniff enough of it, it’s like a drug for me ðŸĪĢ And if it’s a drug that’s good for me, then even better! 👏 I won’t say no to the stuff *sniff sniff* hehehe

My new Muji portable aroma diffuser 😊