It had finally tuned into a full-blown cold today 🀧 I spent more of the day sleeping than awake, so with all this rest, I hope I start feeling a little better tomorrow. Sighhh… I hate being sick πŸ˜”

I managed to watch Avengers: Endgame, though, all three hours of it. Despite the length, I still enjoyed it, and I thought it was a nice way to end the series, if it is indeed the end of the series. I assume it’s the end, but I thought they were in the middle of filming another Thor movie, so maybe there’s still a few more to go… Maybe it’s the end of the Avengers movies, but maybe they’re still making more for each of the individual characters πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

And then after a lonnnggg nap – N managed to sneak in a gym session while I continued to rest – we then watched the first episode of The Umbrella Academy, which looks quite promising. It’s a little different, and a bit dark, so it’s piquing our interest… They’ve finished the first season and now working on a second, so hopefully we enjoy this first season, at least 🀞


The protests continue this weekend

As I expected, this sore throat has now turned into a full-blown cold πŸ˜” It hasn’t completely knocked me out, thankfully, but it’s enough to hinder my day-to-day activities πŸ˜’ So coupled with the rain today (it’s still raining, can you believe it?!), I ended up just staying home and resting.

We were about to watch Avengers: Endgame when I got a news update on my phone saying that the protesters were out again, this time at Tsim Sha Tsui. So we switched on the live coverage and watched that instead. Apparently protests are planned for tomorrow as well, and people are also calling for a city-wide strike on Monday. N went to the office earlier today to pick up his laptop, in case this actually does go ahead. Given the intense emotions in the city at the moment, this will probably indeed go ahead πŸ˜” The students (who comprise the bulk of the protesters) are still on summer holidays at the moment, so I suspect these protests will continue at least until the new semester starts. Sighhh… I still wonder how this will all end…

We’re both a little out of sorts πŸ˜£

They eventually downgraded the typhoon warning from a T8 to a T3 today, and then eventually to the lowest level T1 in the early evening. The rain was still quite heavy all day, and I could hear the wind howling outside every now and then (and still is, as I write this after midnight!). Totally gum boot weather all day today! But once the winds die down, the Observatory will remove even the T1 alert, and I can feel at peace once again πŸ˜…

Kitty was behaving rather strangely last night, and I was concerned that she was ill again πŸ˜” She just sat by the hallway all night, which is very unusual for her. And then today, she was sitting under the dining table when I woke up and pretty much stayed there all day. She was eating and going to the toilet fine, but she just wasn’t sleeping, and wasn’t being her usual affectionate self (as affectionate as she can be, that is πŸ˜†) She just sat there, staring into space. She wasn’t hiding or pacing or doing anything that she would normally do when she’s sick or in pain, so I figured she just felt the change in weather. Plus she spent all her time away from the windows, so she must’ve instinctively known that the weather was a bit insane outside. Poor little one πŸ˜”

And then I started getting a sore throat this afternoon, sighhh… So the gym was out for me today, and slept for a few hours instead. The sore throat is still there, and I’m still tired, just less so. What normally happens for me, though, with history as my guide, is that it only gets worse from here… πŸ˜’ I asked my brother if they can buy some Night Nurse from the UK when he stops by, as I’ve been told it works quite well when you have a cold. I just didn’t realise that I would be using it already, it’s not even the season for it πŸ˜’ But now that he’s in Oz, I’ll get him to buy some Sudafed and Codral for me as well while he’s there 😊

A public holiday in a bajillion countries

It was a public holiday in HK today (and a bajillion other countries as well, apparently: Switzerland, France, Germany, Italy, China and Singapore), but N has come down with the flu and so pretty much slept all day. So I ended up pretty much treating the day as a regular work day. A bit of a waste of a public holiday, but hey, such is life, what can you do πŸ€·β€β™€οΈ

I took a nap in the late afternoon / early evening, and when I woke up, it was 9pm! OMG! I was obviously rather sleep deprived and I didn’t even know it 😱

After I woke up, we resumed watching the Marvel series, after an unintentional 6-week break. We watched Captain America: Civil War, which started off really boring, but fortunately it got better. The next movie is Black Panther, which I’ve actually already seen, so maybe we just skip it and move on to the next movie on the list: Spider-Man: Homecoming, as we still have a ton of movies to get through! The series is lonnnggg!

Trying to keep things interesting

I spent pretty much all day on our finances, so you can imagine just how unbelievably boring my day was πŸ˜‚ But it was the end of the month, and I just felt like it would be a nice way to finish off the month, which is what made me persevere through the extreme boredom.

And then in the evening, I just did some more Chinese study. I wrote out a few sentences from the Chinese half of The Little Prince book, and studied them in more detail. I also compared the Chinese in my book to the one that she was reading in this YouTube clip, which was slightly different – and actually very different at times. I found my book easier to understand, so maybe my one is aimed more for kids, hence perhaps why the book was in the kids’ section of the library 😊 But I like watching and listening to the YouTube clip so I can hear a native speaker reading it, and also see the text that she’s reading, so I can read along with her and try and emulate her pronunciation.

N is now sick too, btw. We seem to get sick more often in the city. I’m always sick, so that’s no surprise, but for him to also be sick almost as often as me is a big surprise πŸ˜” What’s the dealio, HK??

My new best friend

As expected, since it always happens this way, my cold has now gotten worse. Isn’t that great. I still managed to get a few things done this morning, at least, and then I slept for most of the afternoon. Argh, what is it with me and sickness?!? πŸ˜’ It’s sorta good that N is in SG this week for work (did I mention that already?), so he doesn’t catch it off me.

And then I just watched random stuff on YouTube, trying to improve my listening, and also practising my speaking, repeating sentences to myself. Some clips also have subtitles, so I try and say things along with them. I find listening the hardest, because a native speaker can say things in however way they want, they’re not going to restrict their choice of words to whatever is in your textbook. Plus people have all different accents, and some accents are harder to understand than others. Then you have speed to contend with: some people speak so damn fast! So there’s a ton of variables when it comes to listening. Speaking isn’t tooo bad, as I seem to have this ability to get my message across with the limited amount of words and sentence structures that I know. But I still need to grow my vocab, as I think that’s part of the reason why I find listening so hard. Plus it’s just my lack of exposure to the spoken language. So YouTube is currently my best friend! πŸ˜„ There is sooo much stuff on there, there is no way I will run out of things to watch!

Another polyglot

I still felt pretty shite today, and so I ended up sleeping for most of it. But it paid off, and I’m feeling somewhat better now.

And in the evening, I just watched a few more YouTube clips that polyglots have posted. I came across Lindie Botes today, and came across this clip of her time in SG. It made me miss that country so much! πŸ˜”

She absolutely LOVES Korean, and she also seems to gravitate towards various Asian languages. And what I like about her the most out of all the other polyglots I’ve come across on YouTube so far is that she’s learning my top three Asian languages: Chinese, Korean and Japanese. She’s even made clips about learning all three, which is sooo inspiring! She’s most advanced in Korean, which – despite all the fantabulous dramas that they make – is actually the language I’m least interested in out of the three! πŸ˜† But she says Japanese and Korean are so close that it sounds like you’d sorta get a 2-for-1 package deal if you learn these two languages πŸ˜‚ So I may consider picking up Korean later on down the track when I get a better handle on the first two πŸ˜ƒ