My crappy week continues (or does it?)

Aaand my crappy week continues: I woke up with a headache, and I never managed to get get rid of it, even after taking a quick nap in the afternoon. It lingered around for the entire day 😔 Thankfully it was only mild, and I still managed to do stuff throughout the day. I still think the crappy weather isn’t helping my mood…

My one and only goal for the day was to film my next video, and I actually managed to do that! 😲 I even surprised myself 😂 And that’s even with Little Miss scratching at the door; some baby upstairs (or downstairs, I don’t know exactly) crying; and people generally making noise in the apartment upstairs 🙄 Hopefully very little of their noise actually found its way onto the audio… 🤞

And then in the evening, we watched the first episode of season three of Community. This is the western tv show that I’m currently making my way through. I’m still slowly working my way through the Korean drama, Crash Landing On You 😊

Okay, so it wasn’t the worst day. But I’ve had better 😆

What is ‘normal’?

I felt so much better today, I should now definitely be on the mend. My fever broke, and I felt pretty normal today, just a bit tired and my sore throat is still hanging around. But compared to feeling nauseous and running a fever all day, this is sooo much better! 😆 I still took it easy, though, and pretty much still just rested today.

I started ‘reading’ this young adult novel called From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs Basil E Frankweiler by EL Konigsburg. It’s actually not too bad so far. I’m usually not a big fan of young adult novels, but sometimes they surprise me, like the Twilight series did. That series totally drew me in 😆 So I like to give them a go every now and then because some pretty good ones do come up from time to time 😊

N is heading down to Oz tomorrow for work. I’m going to ask him to bring back some toilet paper 🧻 🧻 🧻 😂 If people here keep thinking the apocalypse is coming, then what choice do we have?!? 🙄

HK currently has 53 cases, so we’re right up there at the moment, unfortunately. School closures have now been extended to mid-March, so kids and parents alike are probably going crazy being cooped up with one another at home. Fingers crossed this can be contained soon enough so the world can go back to some semblance of normality – although one could argue that the world pre-COVID-19 hasn’t been all that normal for the past few years anyway 🙄

Sick as a dog

I was as sick as a dog yesterday and missed a blog post. I think it was the first one I’d missed since I started writing in here 😱 Little Miss mort waking me up the night before, and then all of sudden, in the early hours yesterday morning, I suddenly felt really cold and really ill. I felt like throwing up. I thought I might have eaten something bad and this was just my body’s way of getting rid of the toxins. I was completely out of it the rest of the day. I managed to eat some fruits and some toast during the day, and then a little bit of soup in the evening. My greatest achievement for the day was taking a shower! 😆

And today wasn’t much different. I don’t think I had as much of a fever today as I did yesterday, I felt more lucid and managed to watch some tv today, rather than just sleeping the entire time. I’m taking that as being on the mend 😊

Excuses and douchebaggery

I didn’t have the most productive day today. I had good intentions right from the start, but then my motivation waned and I ended up pretty much wasting the day 😔 Oh well, we can’t all be superhuman and be productive 100% of the time. Or maybe I’m just making excuses for myself 🤪

I spoke to my parents again tonight. They’re both going through a bit of a rough patch medically, so I’m trying to call them a bit more often these days to get regular updates. It’d be a bit more manageable if only one was going through stuff, but they both have problems at the moment. A double whammy 😔 So it’s a bit rough right now. Fingers crossed that they’ll both be ok 🤞 Ageing can be a real douchebag sometimes 😞

Out of whack

My routine is totally out of whack at the moment. I’ve been trying to sort out the internet at my parents’ place, and still not having any luck. And then dealing with my parents, who can be rather draining, each in their own way 🙄😂 AND lacking sleep. All happening in 40°C weather. A great day 😔

My mum is still in the hospital. She can’t be discharged until the senior doctor gives her the all clear. He wasn’t working at the hospital yesterday, so we have to wait until tomorrow (ie today, I’m running late with this post 😔) when he’s back.

She had a small bleed in her brain, and the junior doctor thinks that is what’s causing the intermittent numbness in her arm. But I’m concerned about a bleed in her brain! That’s totally not normal. And what do we do going forward? Has the bleeding stopped? Can it happen again? How do we minimise this from happening again? What can she do if it does happen again? I’d like the senior doctor to come by today and talk to us and answer our questions, and give us some more information.

So that’s where I’m at this morning in Sydney. At least now I am somewhat more awake and a bit more functional, so I can think a bit more clearly and not be operating in this fog 🌫 Second day in Sydney, so hopefully I can establish more of a routine today.

Feeing grateful

Yesterday I said I was felling better. Which was true, but that was emotionally. Today I physically started feeling better. I’d been feeling pretty rundown all week, with a sore throat, lack of energy and a headache, so I’d been taking it pretty easy. Today was the first time I’d actually started feeling somewhat normal again 👏 It’s such a good feeling! I always appreciate my health whenever I get sick. It’s something I take for granted too easily, but I really should be thankful for it each and every day that I’m well.

And today, I was also thankful for having moved to Asia and being able to understand China more and more. I’ve always been so blind to the country, having been bombarded with the usual western rhetoric about it for most of my life. But there’s actually more to the country than what the collective west would have you believe.

I was already starting to see a different side to China when we were first in SG, as SG is much more neutral towards China than the west. And so my western blinkers started to slowly be taken off. And now that we’re in HK, my understanding of the country has grown even more. And the escalation of these protests has probably accelerated my understanding more than if they hadn’t happened at all.

It’s not like information about China isn’t out there. It’s just that you actually have to care enough to look for it. And of course, the west (ie Google) doesn’t make it easy for you to find it 🙄 And to be honest, if I wasn’t living in HK, I probably still wouldn’t care so much, and continued to just absorb whatever mainstream media told me about it. But we do live in HK, and that mere fact alone has let me see things that I would’ve completely ignored before.

I have taken one positive out of these protests and I’m not so angry and frustrated about them today. The benefits of gratitude 😆

Update on our fur babies

They put down my friend’s cat today 😭 I really didn’t expect her to tell me that 😞 I really thought that once he saw her, he would at least stabilise, and hold on for Just that little bit longer. But I guess it was just time for him. He led a good, long life, so we should be thankful for that. At times like this, I always start reflecting on what’s important in my life, and just being more grateful overall.

I ordered flowers from Roses Only to be sent to her tomorrow 💐 I hope they can at least brighten up the house for her for a few day during this terribly sad time. I also hope that she takes the day off to grieve, and just go and do something for herself. She won’t be able to concentrate at work anyway, and she needs the time to process her emotions.

Kitty seems to be a little better today. She’s eaten a bit today, and she’s walking around a little more than she did yesterday. She still seems weak, but I suspect that’s because she hasn’t eaten much yet, and needs to build up her energy again. She jumped up onto the dining room chair on her own today (to sit with me – awww 🥰), so it’s good to see that she can still do that. But she too is showing signs of her age. But for a 17-year old who has travelled quite a fair bit, I think she’s doing pretty damn well.