The Peak (again!)

We woke up to rain 🌧 So our idea of heading up to The Peak didn’t look like a good idea anymore 😔 I’ve been up there when the weather hasn’t been great, and the view of Victoria Harbour is also just as blah, so I wouldn’t want to repeat that mediocre experience. Sighhh…

But wouldn’t you know it, after about half an hour, the weather actually cleared up! Wth! Not that I’m complaining, hehehe 🤭 And it stayed nice and sunny for the rest of the day. So by the time evening rolled around, we were back on our original idea 👍

Because no one is travelling at the moment, The Peak basically had no tourists. And the current restriction of takeaway only at restaurants after 6pm seemed to have extended to ‘closing’ at 6pm for almost all the shops up at The Peak. So by the time we got there at around 8pm, hardly anything was open 😔 There were others around, but it wasn’t anywhere near as vibrant and buzzing as it usually is, especially in the middle of summer. It’s all quite sad, really.

But with or without the rona, the view never disappoints. In a way, The Peak is now my new Gardens By The Bay. It doesn’t quite bring me the same level of happiness and joy as Gardens, but I think it’s the closest that I will get in HK.

View of Victoria Harbour from The Peak


I couldn’t have asked for a more productive day today. I have no idea where all the productivity came from, but I ain’t complaining! 😆 And it’s a Monday, so I’m even happier! 👍

Oh I don’t think I told you: the birthday girl liked the video that I put together for her of her birthday brunch last Saturday! I forgot to add the date and place somewhere in the video, though, that was a bit disappointing. But it was the first ever video I’d ever put together for someone else, so I’m just happy that I got to even do that 😊

I should definitely try and do more vlogs while we’re living here in HK. They’re so much fun to do ☺️ Plus they’ll be a really good way to remember our time here. And like SG, we don’t know how long we’ll have the privilege of living here, so I’m going to try and make the most of it 😆

So maybe I can start tomorrow 😊

Completely opposite rona trends

We had no new rona cases today. NONE. Zip. Nada. Woohoo! Day 1 of 28, I’m counting down! 💪 The last time the city recorded no new cases was back on the 5th March. And then after that, people started rushing back to beat the mandatory 14-day quarantine that the government imposed on all overseas arrivals sometime in mid-March, and then the second wave of cases started coming in 😒 But pretty much one month later, we have managed to drop that back down to zero again. So we just need to get through one more month of this, and then we could possibly start easing up on the restrictions. 27 more days to go… fingers crossed…🤞 The two restrictions that are really impacting me are the closure of gyms and libraries. Once they’re open, then I’d be as close to my pre-rona routine as I could possibly be in this new era that we now live in.

SG’s numbers, on the other hand, are going in the complete opposite direction. Their foreign workers are making up the vast majority of their cases 😔 Of the roughly 1,500 new cases today, only 16 were local residents. It goes to show how quickly the virus spreads if social distancing measures are not – or, in this case, cannot be – put in place. Their dormitories are apparently very cramped and overcrowded, with 10-12 workers in one room. So I really hope that this will indeed be a wake-up call to the SG government that a major review of the working conditions for these workers needs to be undertaken – and that they actually take action to improve them.

Busy busy

I had a mega-busy day today, getting up at around 8:30am and then eventually getting home at 1am 😱 We went over to a friend’s place tonight, and just hung out there for the entire evening. It was nice to actually catch up with friends during this time 😊

We caught a cab to their place and back, and both cabs that we got into had hand sanitiser available for passengers to use. All the cabs that we’ve been in in the past few months have had hand sanitiser available, so I’m guessing this is now part of the taxi regulations. And, of course, there is the obligatory ‘please wear a mask’ sign on the window. Like I’ve said before, you can’t really go anywhere in HK these days without wearing a mask 😷

But I think all the measures here are working: we’ve had single digit increases for one week straight now, so things are looking promising 🤞

But SG… They had almost 1,000 cases today, the vast majority being foreign workers. Local cases are actually falling 😔 If anything good comes out of this, I hope it’s a wake-up call to the SG government about improving the conditions of the dormitories for these workers.

More good news than bad

I had one of those now seemingly rare days when I actually got a good night’s sleep – and this was despite Kitty still waking me up in the wee hours of the morning scratching at a door or miaowing to ‘announce’ that she was about to drink some water. Yes, she does this 🙄 Whyyy would you have the need to announce to me that you’re about to drink some water??!? Sighhh…

But despite this, I woke up bright and chirpy this morning, and my energy levels stayed with me for pretty much the entire day 😮 So I was mega productive and I got a ton done! I was basically working until about 11:30pm 😱 So N and I barely spoke to each other today. He left quite early for work this morning, and then I was in the study for pretty much the whole evening 😔 Thankfully tomorrow is the start of the weekend!

And some more good news: we have recorded our sixth straight day of single-digit COVID-19 cases – woohoo! It’s looking promising! 👏 The government is now considering opening some outdoor recreational facilities and libraries! Woohoo! Although I have been enjoying being able to continually extend my library loans indefinitely 🤣

But SG’s foreign workers are still suffering, making up the majority of the country’s cases this past week. They’ve now exceeded 5,000 cases 😔

So please continue to stay safe out there, no one is quite yet out of the woods 😔

More rona updates from this part of Asia

So you know that ‘leaderboard’ that lists all the Chinese cities and regions by number of people who are still sick from COVID-19? Well HK is still on top, with 574 people still sick 😔 Really not liking being at the top of this particular ‘leaderboard’!

And do you know who’s second? A province called Heilongjiang, right up north near Mongolia and Russia, with 336 😱 And of those 336, apparently 325 are people who have brought the virus into the province. Greeeat… Just when you think you have it under control in your province/state, people from outside bring it back in… 😔 Wuhan is now at 218, FYI.

And apparently Taiwan had no new cases today. Wow, that’s impressive 👏 They’ve done well to control this virus, actually, with less than 400 cases to date. But like I keep saying, this part of Asia lived through SARS, I’m sure they all know the drill, and have each refined their process over the years. They all don’t want a repeat of SARS, understandably.

Having said that, though, SG is still suffering 😔 They’ve had 300+ daily cases two days in a row now, with the vast majority being foreign workers, apparently 😔 They’re now at 3,200 cases overall. The government has introduced compulsory mask wearing whenever you’re outside, with a S$300 fine for your first offence. I hope things improve over there soon 🤞

But hopefully some good news locally: we only had three new cases today 👏 I hope this isn’t because of a delay in testing/reporting due to the Easter extra-long weekend here. HK has both Good Friday and Easter Monday as public holidays, so I’m nervous that there may just be a lag in the testing/reporting…. Fingers crossed it’s not the case and that the numbers are indeed definitely dwindling…! 🤞

I had lunch at a local cafe today, and as is the norm now at so many places, they took my temperature before allowing me to dine in. But today, the guy actually showed me my temperature! It was the first time I’d actually seen it. I was 36.5°C 😅 A bit on the low side, is it not?? In any case, I shouldn’t have any problems entering any establishments with this body temp! 🌡

A walk and a potential new show

We went out for a bit of a walk, going from Central to Kennedy Town and back, following Victoria Harbour. I didn’t know that there’s effectively a promenade that runs by the water for pretty much the whole way! 👍 It was a bit humid and also a bit smoggy today, but the walk was pleasant nonetheless. Now that I know that this promenade exists, I may make more of an effort to go for a walk there every now and then 😊 But maybe after this damn virus is under control… 🦠

SG numbers are still increasing, and now they’re enforcing stricter and stricter measures there 😔 We’ve hit 1,000 with 11 new cases today. Even lower than yesterday’s number. And ten of those were people who had arrived from overseas, so it’s looking promising! Fingers crossed! 🤞

We watched a trailer for The Crown, which looks promising. It may be our next series… 😊 And IMDb has a rating of 8.7/10 for it, so that’s promising too… But first, I want to watch Parasite! Have you seen the movie yet? What did you think of it? What about The Crown?

A change of plans

We wanted to go have yum cha at one of our favourite restaurants today, but apparently it’s temporarily closed! I can only assume it’s because of this damn virus 😔 So we decided to go to another one of our other favourite places – only to discover that they too are currently closed! Argh! So we ended up at a Japanese restaurant in the end. It was really nice, don’t get me wrong, but it wasn’t yum cha! 😔 I wonder just how many other yum cha restaurants in the city are closed…

We then just did a bit of window shopping and then made our way back home. We finished watching Living with Yourself, the comedy drama with Paul Rudd. So now we’re back on the hunt again for another show to watch! I seriously think I should just go back to the Asian dramas and just find one that N may also like, one with action or comedy, perhaps 😆

SG is now over 2,000 and HK continues to inch towards 1,000. And the US is making its way to half a million cases 😔 Sighhh… When will all of this end…

Happier in the midst of all this doom and gloom

All that gratitude from yesterday might’ve paid off, because I actually felt better today! 😊 Even when I discovered that the audio on my latest video was shite! I went to edit the video, only to discover that about half the audio was basically inaudible 😩 I did do some spot checks on the day that I filmed it, but I must’ve just heard the decent sections. Dannnggg… So I spent a bit of time re-recording the video today. But even this unexpected spanner didn’t affect my mood. I groaned for a little bit and then just continued on with my day 👍

So maybe we should all try to be more grateful, especially with the current state of the world at the moment. We are up to 1.5 million cases globally! I really did not expect this explosion in the numbers 😞

HK had its lowest one-day increase in three weeks, with only 13 cases today. SG, on the other hand, had an explosion today, with 287 cases 😱 They’re seeing a huge number of foreign workers infected. So HK is inching towards 1,000 cases, and SG towards 2,000 😔 And yes, HK is still at the top of the ‘leaderboard’ that lists all the Chinese cities and regions by number of people who are still sick from Covid-19. HK has 676, Wuhan 398. Faaantastic 😔 BUT both numbers have decreased from just a few days ago, so that’s promising!

The ‘leaderboard’

I went out for lunch today and then went to IFC and sat up on their rooftop for a little while in the afternoon. HK feels quiet at the moment. I didn’t feel the usual buzz that I normally do walking around Central. I guess there are very few tourists at the moment, and HK residents are probably staying at home these days if they can. Good for maintaining my distance from others, especially in this densely populated city, but not good for the city’s economy as a whole 😔

Our numbers are still increasing, we’ll probably reach 1,000 cases soon enough. SG is still reporting more cases, despite the ‘circuit breaking’ measures put in place last week; and Japan’s PM has just declared a state of emergency in Tokyo and six other areas with large population numbers. Although East Asia (and SG) isn’t struggling anywhere near as badly as Europe or the US, this part of the world still doesn’t have this damn virus under control 😔

HK officially now has more cases than Wuhan in terms of people who are still sick. We have 715 to Wuhan’s 515. So we are now on top of the ‘leaderboard’ of all Chinese provinces and regions by number of people who are still sick. This isn’t really the leaderboard I want to be on top of! 😔