My crutch

It was my first productive day all week. I got a ton of things done, and the only area that was left untouched was really just fitness, as I don’t want to do anything too strenuous while I’m trying to get over this stupid cold. So it was a nice way to end the work week! 👍

I then started watching this TEDx Talk on YouTube (my new best friend, if you recall my post from yesterday) – which is almost entirely in Chinese!! It has subtitles, though – but that is also in Chinese! English subtitles is obviously the best, but Chinese subtitles is the next best thing, as my listening is still really really bad. My reading isn’t that great either, but it’s way better than my listening, and if the dialogue is simple enough, I can get the general gist of what they’re talking about.

I got about halfway through the talk, and was pleasantly surprised that I somehow magically fumbled my way through what she was saying! It was nowhere near perfect comprehension, but I probably got about half of what she was saying, if not more. And that is freaking good for me! I’m still using subtitles as my crutch – and it’s a pretty damn big crutch, if I’m being honest – but that’s ok, over time, I shouldn’t have to use it as much, if at all. Hopefully everything is coming together, piece by piece, to eventually create this big huge web of Chinese language “stuff”, which I can just pick and choose from at my leisure. Wouldn’t that be nice 😊

So after this rather promising (and completely unexpected) experience, I’m even more motivated now to continue working on my listening!

Walking and learning

We went to Sham Shui Po this afternoon and just wandered around the neighbourhood for a little bit. While we were walking around, we discovered this little hiking trail that quite a few people were walking, so I did a quick Google search to see what trail this was. Apparently it goes up to Garden Hill – and it’s a really easy trail! So we’ll have to go back and walk up there next time – when we’re both wearing sneakers, perhaps 😊

We decided to do a flatter walk instead, and walk the 3km from Sham Shui Po to Yau Ma Tei. There are a few kitchenware shops in Yau Ma Tei, on Shanghai Street, which N wanted to go and check out. But by the time we got there, though, the shops were actually all starting to close! And it wasn’t even 7pm yet, which is rather early for HK, so we were quite surprised that they were all closing already. So we’ll have to return to Shanghai Street as well, maybe on the same day before or after we climb up to Garden Hill 😊

We then just went home and I watched a few TEDx talks on YouTube in the evening. Some are a bit boring, but some are actually quite informative and/or inspirational, so I enjoy watching these every now and then. Today I watched a few on learning languages, and got a few tips from them 👍 One that I liked is 10 adjectives x 10 nouns x 10 verbs = 1,000 combinations. So even if you just know ten of each, you can make a ton of different sentences. And I’m pretty sure I know much more than ten of each type, so I want to be more conscious in practising the various combos (no matter how outrageous the sentences are – the more outrageous, the better, anyhow, as they’ll be more memorable that way! 😆) and continue to add to my vocab each day. And if I say the sentences out loud, it’ll reinforce the tones of each word as well, which is one of the hardest things that I find about the Chinese language. These tones! Argh! 😩

And then we finished the evening with a few more episodes of Friends. It was quite a relaxing day 😌