My luck with plants

I wanted to go to this nursery nearby to see if I can pick up a few plants to put around the house. Just really easy-to-take-care-of plants, like succulents and cacti 😆 But it turns out that they’re closed on Sundays! 😔 I was really looking forward to sprucing up the house with a bit of colour 🌈

I like plants, but I just don’t have much luck with them, unfortunately. A lot of them die under my care. All of the plants that we had in SG died, and I have a feeling that it will be quite similar here too 😔 But I don’t want to jinx myself since I’ve never actually owned a plant here in HK! And surely a few succulents will be fine?!? 😜

N is taking tomorrow off (since he’s got his annual leave for the year but we have nowhere to go 😒), so we’ll head back to the nursery again.

The loss of a close friendship

Have I mentioned a friend who I am having trouble parting ways with? I think fully parting ways will be impossible, as I have known her for a very long time, so I have moved her from my ‘close friends’ list to just a ‘normal’ friend. And even the latter is stretching it.

I have struggled with this friendship for a long time now, and what finally sealed it for me was when I told her that I’d be in Sydney because my mum was in hospital (this was before the pandemic all started so international travel was still happening) and the only thing she said to me was, “I can’t meet up with you because I’ll be in Melbourne”. Nothing about wishing my mum well or sending her regards. And no follow up about how she was doing afterwards either. I found it quite upsetting that a supposedly close friend of mine didn’t even bother to ask how my mum was doing 😞 She’s fine now, btw, in case you’re wondering 😊🙏

So that was the final straw after years of constantly making snide remarks about me. For years now, I haven’t felt like she supported me in any way. And even with my relatively new YouTube channel, she hasn’t bothered to even watch the videos or show her support in any way, Yeah, sure, she’s not my target audience, but she’s supposed to be one of my close friends, and I would like my close friends to show some interest or support in something that is important to me 😔

So I’m distancing myself from her, not engaging with her on social media as much, if at all, anymore. I think friends should bring each other up and not make you feel like you’re not worth their time, or only talk to you when the friendship is convenient for them.

It’s just really sad because we’ve been friends for so long now. But I guess friendships evolve, and unfortunately, this one has evolved into the loss of one 😔 I guess I can still remember our years of friendship when we did have a good time together, and just accept that we have now both changed and we are no longer the same two people anymore. It’s just a bit sad to have to mourn the loss of what was once a close friendship 😞


Someone recommended Floradix to me a few years ago – when we were still living in SG – as an all-natural iron supplement. I didn’t notice too much of a difference when I was taking it back then, so I eventually stopped taking it.

A few days ago, I discovered that I had another bottle in our cupboard, but I don’t remember where I bought it! I’m guessing I bought it during our last trip back to Oz before all this rona business changed the world forever. So when I saw it in the cupboard, I figured I should start having it before it expires, so I’ve been having it once a day for the past few days.

And I think I am actually feeling a difference this time around! I have a lot more energy, and I feel like I always just want to go, go, go! 🏃‍♀️

I only have one bottle, though, so hopefully I can find it in one of the shops here in HK. N tried it this morning, so if he’s seeing an uptick in his energy levels too, then I will definitely have to find a local supplier!

Still going strong

Kitty’s just not letting me have a good night’s sleep 😔 I should just let you know when I do have a good sleep, because they occur much less often these days!

Today she wanted more food – at 3:15am. Because what better time is there to eat than smack bang in the middle of the night?!?? 🙄 She had licked her bowl clean, so I had no choice but to give her some more food. Luckily I could get back to sleep today, though, unlike yesterday’s tossing and turning.

Anyway, have I told you about how I reframe these disruptions? I am just grateful that she is still alive to wake me up in the middle of the night 🙏 I still remember the vet three years ago now, when we were living in SG, emailing me while we were overseas, saying that our pet sitter had brought her in, and that she was weak and wasn’t eating. Her condition was pretty serious and potentially life-threatening, he said. We were in Sydney at the time, and I still remember being really upset that I might not see her alive again 😢

We went to see her as soon as we could once we got back to SG, and miraculously, she perked up as soon as she saw us, and even the vet was surprised. He really didn’t think she had much left in her.

And here she still is. I am still grateful every single day that she’s still going strong. She’s almost 90 years old in human years, and she can still attack me, so that’s pretty impressive! 😄

I’m going to go and give her a big hug now – while also being careful not to be scratched yet again! 😆🤗

An uneventful day, but still feeling blah

The typhoon signal was actually ‘upgraded’ to a T9 overnight, the second highest level, but it was back down to a T8 when I woke up this morning, and then all signals were cancelled by around lunchtime. An uneventful typhoon, thankfully. Hopefully all typhoons remain uneventful while we’re living in this part of the world! 🤞

I had another meh day today 😕 I called my mum to see how they are. My dad is continuing his long road to recovery, and my mum is tired from all the walking going to and from the hospital each day 😔 But otherwise, they’re holding up ok 👍

I watched more Bondi Rescue today 😆 I’m so obsessed with this show right now that I made my Chinese teacher listen to me talk about it for our entire lesson today 🤣🤣 It was a good lesson because there are so many words about the show that I didn’t know how to say in Chinese: things like people drowning (or almost drowning); people getting stung by jellyfish; lifeguards catching petty thieves; ringing the ‘shark alarm’ if one is spotted in the water; and chasing them away when there is one nearby 😆 Lots of new words and phrases!

And I try and hold as much of the conversation in Chinese, so I had to try and describe all of this to her in Chinese with my limited vocab! And sometimes I just had to rely on charades 🤣 But I still didn’t use English, that’s the main thing!

The show just makes me miss Sydney 😔 I wonder if that’s adding to my blahness lately. Normally we fly back quite regularly, but with the rona, that’s all been ground to a halt. And then with my dad in hospital but not being able to visit him in person, that’s pretty tough too 😔

Family and beaches

Kitty woke me up at around 3:30am because she wanted more food. She finished everything that was in her bowls and she needed a top-up. Her appetite enhancing meds had kicked in 👍

At around 6:30am, she went to the toilet. And she didn’t miss the tray! Woohoo! 👍

But then she kept going to the toilet. Again and again, trying to empty her already very empty bowels for the next hour or so. As you can imagine, I was up this entire time, cleaning her tray for any urine skerricks that she might’ve left. I tried to go back to sleep, but she kept making all this noise each time she used her litter tray, so by the time 7:30am rolled around, I just decided to get up. So another night of broken sleep of around 4-5 hours 😔

I rang the vet to ask for some advice, because she’s already on a second round of meds for this infection. They’ve decided to dispense more meds 😔 I just feel like we’re just feeding her so many drugs at the moment 😔 Poor thing. I hope that at least one of them clears up this infection! 🤞

My next YouTube video is going to be about safety at Australian beaches, but because I can’t film in Oz right now, I was going to film at one of the beaches here in HK instead. But as I was getting ready to head out to one of the beaches, the skies opened up and it just poured 🌧 Filming at the beach all of a sudden became out of the question 😒 So I just filmed it in our bedroom, like a few of my other videos 😆 Now I just have to find some photos and videos of a few Sydney beaches that I’ve taken in recent years to add to the video. It’s the best I can do given the circumstances!

And then to top it all off like a big fat cherry, my dad had his bypass surgery today. Apparently everything went fine, though, thankfully, and he’s now just recovering. I’ll give my mum a call tomorrow, hopefully I can get to see them both in a video chat or something.

Family update

I got up at ridiculous o’clock this morning, thanks to Little Miss (who else?? 😒). So by around 9:30pm, after dinner, I fell asleep in front of the TV. I was really trying not to, as now this nap may disrupt my sleep tonight. But what I shouldn’t have done was lie down in the first place! That was where I went wrong! 😂

My mum rang me this afternoon to let me know that the date has finally been scheduled for my dad’s bypass surgery. I’m surprised it’s happening so quickly, given all the rona issues in Oz at the moment. But I guess the biggest problem is in Victoria, so maybe the hospitals in Sydney aren’t too bad at the moment, which is great. Under normal circumstances, I would fly back, but right now, I don’t think it’s a good idea to do so. There’s the 14-day quarantine, and the increased risk of being exposed to the rona myself 😔 So I’ll just have to keep in touch with technology. At least we have that option these days! 🙏

Mindfulness and passports

I started reading The Power of Now by Eckhart Tolle. It’s actually not too bad so far. It’s helping me become much more present and aware of what’s going on around me. I don’t think I can ever become fully enlightened, which isn’t really my goal anyway. I just want to lead a more mindful life, not get too anxious about things and just try to really experience each moment. It’s doing exactly that so far, so I’m happy! 👍

I also organised stuff to get our passports renewed. Fat chance we’ll be travelling overseas this year, but our passports are expiring soon, and I want to be ready for when things do start returning to normal. I don’t want to be scrambling around at the last minute. So we got our photos taken yesterday; printed out the application forms today; and I’ve also booked our appointment at the consulate on Wednesday 👍 Hopefully the photos will be fine when I go pick them up tomorrow 🤞 For the price I paid for them, they better be!

And because no one is travelling right now, bookings are eeeasy to make at the consulate at the moment! Their website says they’re usually booked out at least one week in advance, so we should take that into consideration if we have travel plans. But because of the rona, no one’s travelling, so I could’ve made a booking for tomorrow if I wanted to! 😱 Crazy days! But I’m not complaining ☺️

Open to suggestions

It’s Monday and also the first of the month. I love fresh starts like this, especially a double whammy like today! 😁 It just feels like the slate has been wiped especially clean or something 😆

Not that I had a very productive day anyway 😔 I did some research for things to do for N’s birthday later this month. I thought we could do a staycation and/or maybe go for a couple’s massage or something. I’m hoping hotels are offering some cool discounts at the moment, given the current pandemic situation. But apparently spas are still closed because of the rona – grr! So there goes that idea 😒

He’s probably not going to want to go hiking in the HK heat, so anything outdoors is out of the question. So unless I can come up with something interesting soon, we may just be going out for lunch or dinner. I was hoping to do something more interesting than that, so if you have any suggestions, please let me know! 🙏

Seven locally transmitted cases have been recorded in the last few days 😔 There goes our nice record of having no local cases for over two weeks. Dannng. When will all this end, sighhh… When (if?) they develop a vaccine, perhaps…

And when will we feel safe to travel overseas again? I always just took it for granted that I could fly whenever and wherever I wanted to 😔 It’s funny how you appreciate things so much more when it’s taken away from you. #gratitude


I had my Chinese lesson today. I didn’t have a lesson last week because my teacher went to Sanya for a holiday last week. Prices are really good at the moment because of the rona: apparently their flights for the four of them cost around the same amount as the price of just one ticket normally 😲 And their hotel room in a five-star hôtel with a sea view cost something like A$60 per night! 😲 I wish we could travel to Sanya too!

It’s really close too, the flight is probably only around 1-1.5 hours, much like a Sydney to Melbourne flight. I think it’s about 1.5 hours to Taiwan (also on the map below), so I’m guessing that Sanya would be roughly the same. The problem is the rona and quarantine measures 😔 For mainland Chinese, they can travel around freely domestically to cities that are not deemed high-risk. But HK, despite officially being part of China, still runs very separately to the mainland (despite what the protesters and western mainstream media would have you believe) and so we follow the HK government’s regulations on travel. And that still means a mandatory 14-day quarantine for anyone coming back from overseas, which I think also includes mainland China.

So I have basically succumbed to the fact that we won’t be travelling anywhere in 2020 😔 And you know what one of my goals was for this year? Explore different parts of China! 😩 I thought that’d be a pretty cool goal, given our current proximity to the mainland at the moment. We may as well take advantage of it!

And then February rolled around, and all those ideas went out the window 😔