A flicker of light

We spent the afternoon just chillaxing at the HK Cricket Club with one of N’s workmates and a few of his mates. All of them have their families stuck in Oz or the UK, and they’re all unsure about when to bring their families back into HK, with HK potentially forcing people into mandatory quarantine centres if they’re coming back from specific countries, which of course would be countries where the outbreak is spiraling out of control. And at the moment, that includes both Oz and the UK. And with Oz going into partial lockdown mode, the number of flights will probably decrease too, so just physically coming back will also be that much harder. Plus rules keep changing at the drop of a hat, so the earlier they can get back, the better. Tough times for these guys 😔

And then we just stopped by the supermarket and bought some more groceries before heading home and watching a few more episodes of The Good Place 😊 You’ll be pleased to know that toilet paper supplies are well and truly back to normal here 😆 It did take a few weeks for the people here to calm down, but they eventually did, and supplies of rice, frozen foods and toilet paper have all gone back to normal now. Oh, and supplies of masks and hand sanitisers have also gone back to normal too. So if people in your country are just starting to panic, I hope calm can return there just as quickly as it did here. It felt like foreverrr as we were going through it, but we eventually got through it, and now, hopefully, we’re starting to see a flicker of light at the end of the long, dark coronavirus tunnel.

But I think the supply chains are a bit stuffed, though, with other usual products not in stock, and other brands are in their place. Like I keep saying, challenging times ahead for everyone!

So stay safe during these crazy times, and take all the necessary precautions that you need to.