New experiences

N flew out to SG today, he’ll be there for work for the next few days. And for some reason, I like going up to The Peak whenever he’s not in town 😆 So I went back up there today. I had lunch up there, and my table had a pretty awesome view of Victoria Harbour.

I saw they had a pav on their menu, and so of course I had to order it 😆

There was a bit of a haze today, unfortunately, but it was still nice enough.

I was stuffed after lunch, so I figured walking down would be a good option today. I was going to do the easy trail up there again, but decided against it as it was getting quite late and I didn’t really want to walk back down if it’s already dark. And it’s getting darker earlier now, since we’re in autumn and all 😒

I watched a few more episodes of my new Chinese drama, Ode to Joy II, before checking to see if they have any live footage on the protests. If they do, it means it’s serious. And they did, sighhh…

N doesn’t understand why I watch this live coverage, and frankly, neither do I. It just ends up frustrating me and draining me of my limited mental energy. I’ve watched hours of this stuff. Ridiculous, I know! But it’s sorta like a car crash, I just can’t tear myself away…. 😂

But nothing ever happens in them, and what does happen is absolutely nothing like the mainstream western media reports it. I never realised just how biased they were until these HK protests happened. And I’d never even heard of Five Eyes until recently. I’ve lived in a Five Eyes nation for most of my life, so now I’m starting to question just how accurate the news really was that I had been watching my entire adult life right up until I moved to Asia, when I started to get news more from Singaporean and now Chinese perspectives. Moving to a different country really does open your eyes and can give you new experiences on a whole other level.

Slightly off the tourist track

We went to the Yamataka Seafood Market in Wan Chai today. I can’t believe we hadn’t heard of this place until quite recently. Food wise, it’s as close you can get to being in Japan without actually going. They have a supermarket for Japanese groceries, and also a few food outlets. And the Market also has an awesome view, looking out across Victoria Harbour. Service was also really good, for HK standards. It was such a good experience. It also wasn’t very busy, I assume because there’s a lot of construction happening in the area, and it’s not so easy to get to. But we’ll definitely be going back! Totally worth the trek! 😆

The Seafood Market is right above the Wan Chai ferry pier, so we just caught a ferry from there over to Tsim Sha Tsui, on the other side of Victoria Harbour. From there, we caught the train to Sham Shui Po and visited the computer centre there. The computer centre there makes the one in Wan Chai seem really small! And the number of people there is also way more than in Wan Chai. It’s Wan Chai on steroids 😆 So I’d definitely recommend the Sham Shui Po one if anyone needs anything computer related! It’s not quite as tourist friendly (although HK tourism has been advertising Sham Shui Po a bit lately), and a bit farther out from where tourists would normally stay when they’re in HK, but it may be worth a visit even if just to experience the craziness of HK! 😆


I stayed home all day, didn’t really do much at all. We got the home office somewhat sorted, so it’s starting to look a bit more presentable now. Not long to go before the New Year!

I watched a few more episodes of Lover’s Lies, and then chatted online to family and friends about tv and movies to watch. Here are a few of their ideas, in case you’re interested.

Sneaky Pete – tv series: crime, drama

A Star is Born – movie: drama, romance (musical)

Mother! – movie: drama, horror, mystery

The Purge series – movies: action, horror, thriller

I think I’ll stick to just the first two, thanks 😆 Horror movies are definitely not my thing!

Maybe we’ll just stay home and watch tv tomorrow, to finish off 2018. We are so boring 😂 Plus it’s so cold, we don’t feel like doing much at all! 10°C is cold for us. I much preferred my 30°+ weather in SG!

Oh speaking of weather, I found this app recently, What the Forecast?!!, and I absolutely love it. It’s got sass, and I find its comments absolutely hilarious. Here is the current page for HK.

You can set the profanity level: none, some or on. I have it set to on, obviously 😂 It’s much more entertaining that way 😊

But it’s our first NYE in HK, so part of me wants to brave the bajillion people who will no doubt be out tomorrow to watch the fireworks along the harbour. Maybe we’ll do that: just plonk ourselves somewhere along the harbour and freeze to death while we wait for the fireworks 🎆🎇 You can probably tell just how excited I am about this idea 😂