Food, yoga and languages

N felt like Malaysian/SG food today, so we decided to try this new place we’d never been to before in Sheung Wan, Asam Chicken Rice. I thought the food was good, but N thought the food in SG is better. Well, it’s tough to compete with The Source…!

They didn’t have dessert, though, so we went to Shake Shack for one of their shakes 😆 N was so full that he was ready to take a nap, but for some reason I was full of energy beans. I have no idea where all that energy came from. All the sugar in my shake, probably! 😂

So I decided to do a power yoga session when we got home, to use up all this excess energy that I seemed to have. I forgot just how hard yoga can be! I’ve been doing more of the relaxing ones or the ones that are more about stretching and flexibility, and only in 10-minute bursts, but today’s session was all about power and strength. And it was tough! But totally what I needed. I’m so glad I did it today 👍

And then in the evening, we went out for Korean BBQ in Causeway Bay with a few of N’s workmates – well, 18 of them 😂 One of the guys is from Spain, and that motivated me to learn some Spanish before I see him again at the next dinner / drinks event. The last time I saw him was a good few months ago, so surely I can get through an entire Spanish textbook for beginners in a few months?? It’d be nice to practise even just basic Spanish with him next time. Man I love learning languages! #polyglotgoals 🤓

Since I was out quite a fair bit today, I noticed something else that I do now whenever I’m outside: I assume that everything I touch is infected. Which means that as soon as possible, I need to wash my hands or at least use hand sanitiser. So I’d add this to my list of things that I do whenever I’m outside now, which I talked about in a recent post. So continue to stay safe and take all the precautions that you need to.

Daily habits

I didn’t have the best sleep last night, so I wasn’t feeling all that great today 🙁 My upper back was really tight, so I did a 45-minute yoga session specifically working on my upper back. It still feels tight, though, I could do with another 45 minutes, to be honest!

Speaking of yoga, though, I’ve been maintaining this daily habit, which is great 👍 I’d like to extend it to more than just ten minutes a day, though, like I did today, but it’s not always possible, so I’m just happy that I can maintain the daily habit, even if it’s just 10-15 minutes each time. 10 minutes every day is better than one hour every month. That’s how I’m viewing it. And I also say this about my language learning 😊

The coronavirus numbers here in HK (and mainland China) have slowed down, while it continues to rise in other countries. I wonder just how long it will take for the virus to be contained worldwide…. 😔 I’d like the travel restrictions to be lifted so we can travel freely once again.

In the meantime, stay safe, and take all the precautions that you need to in this current environment.

Fell off the wagon

OK, I sorta fell off the wagon today with my daily routines. It didn’t help that we got up so late this morning, and that pushed the rest of my day out as well 😔

I also didn’t do my morning yoga session. I’ve been doing it so consistently this past week, but because we got up so late, I just couldn’t really fit it into my morning routine today.

And now it’s close to midnight as I write this, and we still haven’t even eaten dinner! So you can see why I’m a bit concerned about falling off the wagon today 😒 I was doing so well getting to bed early and becoming a morning person, and now I’m already slipping back into my old ways…. 😔

Hopefully this one day won’t have too much of an impact, and I can get back into my routine next week 🤞

Just 10 minutes

A few days ago, I added yoga and meditation to my morning routine. Nothing too onerous, just around 10-15 minutes all up. I figured anything more than this will just be too much, and I won’t do it at all. So I’ve been going with the idea that 10 minutes every day is better than doing an hour-long session every once in a while. So if I don’t feel like doing it, then I just tell myself “ten minutes, that’s all”, and I do it. I don’t sit there thinking about it, um-ing and ah-ing about whether or not I should do it, and ultimately just waste even more time not doing anything. I just do it. And, of course, before I know it, the ten minutes is up, and I’ve already accomplished my goal for the day ☺️

I’ve started to do this with my language learning too. I always get overwhelmed as to how much there is to learn or review in any one chapter in my textbook or whatever material it is that I’m studying. But if I tell myself that for ten minutes, I’ll just review the vocab list for that chapter, say, then it doesn’t feel so overwhelming anymore. And ironically, I actually usually do more than ten minutes anyway. It’s usually just the initial hump of starting that is my biggest problem. So this is how I’ve been tricking myself lately to get over that hump 😆

And on a totally different topic: N found toilet paper!! 👍🥳 It’s just so sad (and ridiculous!) how happy I am that he found toilet paper supplies at a nearby supermarket!! It’s not the usual brand that we buy, but hey, when you’re in an apocalyptic situation, you gotta do what you gotta do to survive (and stay clean!) 🤪🙃



Productivity Week continued throughout my day today 👍💪👍💪

Firstly, I got up at 7am. 7am! I never get up that early. I’ve been trying to become more of a morning person ever since we got back from Sydney a few weeks ago, and today was probably the closest I’ve gotten to getting there 👍

I went and had brunch at one of my favourite cafes, and then did almost two hours of walking, running errands around the city. The city was much more lively today, so I’m wondering if the crazy apocalyptic situation is actually starting to ease up a bit now. I still haven’t gone into a supermarket to check out the current toilet paper situation, but hopefully things have improved on that front too. I’ll try and pop into one of the supermarkets tomorrow 😆

How pretty was my matcha latte today?? 😁

And then I did yoga for the first time in yeeears. OK, so I still do a number of poses on a regular basis, so it’s not like I’m returning to yoga after not doing anything for years. But this was the first time in years since I followed a yoga video or did an actual class, which meant I also did poses that I normally would avoid if I was just doing yoga poses on my own. The poses that I don’t like to do are probably the ones that I need to do 😂 Anyway, it was great, and I think I’m going to try and do even just ten minutes every morning, if I can.

And then I did a few other bits and bobs throughout the day. Crazy productive! Loved it! Plus the weather was divine, it was like a perfect spring day. I didn’t get to go to a park today, so hopefully the weather tomorrow will be just as nice as today and I can head out for a bit of a wander around again. It was nice to get out of the house! ☺️