Friday is the day that I tend to spend editing my YouTube video for the week. And because I’m still editing on my phone, the whole process is still sooo painfulll… 😣 I really want to move to the editing software on my computer, but I need to learn how to use the damn thing first, and I haven’t had any time to do that yet. I was hoping to spend some time playing with it tonight after I finished editing my latest video, but that took wayyy longer than I expected, so of course now I’m just too tired to do anything 😔

N was out at drinks tonight at Central, so at least he was busy with other people, and not waiting around for me to finish my damn video!

Apparently Central was pretty busy tonight. You’d think there was no pandemic situation right now, based on how people are behaving. We’ve gotten a fresh new batch of cases in recent days, people coming back from overseas as well as local transmission cases 😔 So I’m starting to get antsy again… We’ve never gone into lockdown here in HK, and I’m grateful for that, but I don’t want things to deteriorate to a point where the government sees no choice but to finally impose one on the city 😔

Paid stuff and free stuff

Our anniversary is coming up and we are wondering if we should do a staycation somewhere in HK. It’s really popular at the moment since no one can travel, and people’s photos on social media are really tempting me…

The only problem is my new hobby. Or rather, the cost of my new hobby. I am torn between spending money on a hotel room for the weekend or on getting tech stuff 🤣 This wouldn’t have even been a choice in previous years!

I might do some research on what staycation deals are being offered at the moment. Surely hotels must still be offering some pretty good deals?? ☺️ If not, then tech gear it is, then 😂

I also started watching tutorials on how to use the free editing software that I downloaded onto my computer. I’m pretty comfortable using the editing app that I’ve been using on my phone, but you can imagine just how limited the features are on that compared to software on my computer. So not only do I have to learn how to do the really basic stuff, but I’d also like to learn the other features too that I just wasn’t able to do on my phone. I obviously need to take this one step at a time and learn the basics first! But once I get that down pat, then the editing process should definitely be much faster and I won’t have to stress about it each and every week 😅 And hopefully when I learn the more advanced features, my videos will also start to improve too! Fingers crossed! 🤞

I also filmed my next YouTube video today, so I would like this video to be edited entirely on my computer this time. It’ll be my first video filmed on my new camera, and it’ll be the first video edited on my computer. How exciting! 😁

In low power mode

I had one of those days where I just felt blah. I didn’t feel motivated to do anything, all I wanted was to just sit there and not do anything. Because I felt so blah, I dubbed today a ‘low power mode’ day, which meant I wasn’t going to do anything that required too much energy. My main goal today was to conserve.

But despite this, I still managed to write the script for my next YouTube video; I called my mum; I reviewed some Chinese and I had my Chinese lesson. That’s more than I expected to get through today! 👍

We sometimes usually have some pretty serious discussions during my Chinese lessons. We’ve talked about the HK protests, media bias, coronavirus. It’s pretty impressive that I can talk about these things in Chinese, even if Im communicating at a 7-year old level! 😂 I try not to use any English at all unless I just can’t find any way to express myself in Chinese. For example, if I don’t know the Chinese word for banana, I will describe it as a long, yellow fruit, and then she will tell me the Chinese word for it 😂 This is okay up to a point. When you want to start talking about abstract things: influence, threat, perspective etc, it starts getting harder to express yourself in alternative ways. And this is when I revert to English. And I learn new Chinese words 😊

And once I get through such a conversation, I always feel so motivated to continue to improve, to be able to express myself as an 8-year old, a 10-year old, and then hopefully a teenager 😊 But at the moment, I still feel like I’m in primary school 🤣

Turning into a techie!

It was raining quite heavily this morning, so I didn’t think I would be able to go out for a walk to test out my new camera today. But apparently the rain didn’t really want to stick around: about an hour later, the sun was out again and it never went away ☀️👍

I decided to go for a walk around the ferry piers at Central as well as Harbourfront, as there are quite a lot of photo opportunities around there. I took a ton of videos, of course, but not sure yet if I’ll turn them into a vlog or if they will just feature as pretty backgrounds in my next video.

I went at a really good time actually, in the late afternoon, and I stuck around until sundown, so I could also see how the camera would cope in low light conditions. It’s not the best, but still pretty good for a compact camera.

What I did realise, though, is that my regular handbag does not handle all the extra little things that I need to carry with me now if I want to be vlogging outside with my new nifty little setup. So when I got back home, I started looking at some product reviews of camera bags on YouTube. OMG I am turning into a techie! 🤪😱 This is insane! So now I need to think about what I want in a camera bag.

As a female, I would actually want a camera bag that doubles as a handbag. Does that even exist?? Is there enough of a market for such a bag?? One possible solution is that I just buy a bigger camera bag, and put all my other stuff in the other spaces in that bigger bag. Would that work? Any other women out there that have the same problem??

Things didn’t go my way today

It was one of those days that really tested my patience.

Firstly, I remembered yesterday that my library books were due. But I remembered after midnight, so there was no way I could renew them online and I knew I had no choice but to go and return them today.

But when I got to the library, I found out that they have changed the opening times for some reason. They now only open from 1pm! Not sure what prompted this change. I can only assume it has something to do with the pandemic, as almost everything revolves around that these days 😒

And then when I went to go and edit my next YouTube video, I discover that there is a mismatch between my audio and video files. The audio was actually great, but I don’t know if I didn’t hit the record button or if I deleted the file, but the corresponding video file wasn’t there! O.M.G. So the final video ended up being around four minutes long, when it probably should’ve been closer to double that length. Sighhh… 😒 But I am learning one additional skill from all this video making: the ability to adapt and create the best thing that you can with what you have. Being creatively resourceful 🤣

But now I want that new Sony ZV-1 vlogging camera even more badly now!! 😩 I’m going to do some research online now to see if anyone has any good deals, and then we can go shopping tomorrow 😁

And then N came home early today with suspected food poisoning 😔 He slept for most of the afternoon, and luckily felt better when he finally woke up. At least he got it out of his system really quickly.

So not the best day, unfortunately 😔

I think I’m getting a bit TOO excited

OK, I have pretty much decided on my new camera: a Sony ZV-1 👍 It’ll actually be my first camera since maybe the 2000s. I don’t even remember when I last had a camera that wasn’t my phone, that’s how long it’s been! 😱

So now I can’t wait to buy it 😊 Hopefully there won’t be protesters around Causeway Bay on the weekend again and so the Sony store will actually be open 🤞 I feel like I’m entering a brand new era with my videography/vlogging and photography journey with this new camera. I might actually even create a vlog about it 😂

N and I haven’t really found a new tv show to watch after we finished Community, so while we’re searching for our new show, we’ve been watching product reviews on YouTube of the various cameras in the market at the moment! 😆 I don’t know why I keep watching review after review of the Sony ZV-1. It basically does everything that I need from a camera at this stage of my journey, so more reviews of the product isn’t going to change my mind 🤣

Can you tell I’m so excited?? 😁 I’m building it up in my mind to be this mega awesome camera, but then what if it doesn’t deliver? I need to stop getting all hyped up about it. It could end up being very anti-climactic… 😒

Expat life and expat friends in HK

I used the HK Taxi app for the first time ever today. I must’ve registered my details on the app ages ago when I was first told about the app, because it had me down as “English only” in one of the fields 😂 That’s handy. It took ages for a taxi to accept my booking, though, so not sure if it was because I had “English only”, or if they were all just genuinely busy. It was a Saturday, after all.

Apparently you can also pay by credit card on the app, which is very handy because almost all taxis here only accept cash. But that too may cut down the number of drivers who’d accept your booking, as they all seem to like being paid in cash. For tax purposes and all… 😉 I rarely catch cabs anyway, so I’m happy to just pay cash for the odd time that I need to jump in one.

We went to a friend’s birthday brunch today (and the whole reason for the cab), and I filmed some background stuff to add to a future YouTube video. But everyone saw me filming, including the birthday girl, so I feel like I should try and cobble something together for her with the random shots that I took today at the restaurant. I hope I have enough footage to make it worthwhile…! 🤞 Not that I’m a filmmaker by any stretch of the imagination, so it’s not like she’s expecting anything grand (or even good 🤣). But I think it’s the thought that counts 😊 So I’ll see what I can put together tomorrow. Hopefully it’s decent enough to give to her as a birthday gift of sorts!

We then went to a bar at Central for a few drinks as a few of the people at the brunch wanted to watch the AFL game (Essendon vs Carlton). I’m not really into AFL, it’s my least favourite football code (sorry, my Melburnian friends!). They had rugby league playing on another TV, but it was farther away, but I could still make out the two teams playing. I still know the different teams’ colours after all these years 😊

But as I might have mentioned in an earlier post, my favourite football code is rugby union. And at brunch, we happened to sit next to a guy who referees rugby union games around Asia! 😱 How cool is that?!? He was actually pleasantly surprised that I knew the positions in the game. Frankly, so am I 🤣

My gear saga continues

I spent wayyy too much time on my next YouTube video again. My current process is now just taking way too long. All the editing that I want to do with my videos just takes too long to do on my phone now. I really need to move my editing onto my computer 😔

I am also now considering getting a new phone, but specifically for its camera. Basically, I want a new camera. But rather than getting an actual camera, I’m thinking of just getting a phone with a really good camera. I’m all about portability and convenience, so for the same price point, I’d rather carry a small phone and forego the mega awesome features that a larger, more bulky camera would provide.

I am thinking of getting a Huawei. The camera on their phones are apparently pretty damn amazing, and they’re not as expensive as Samsung or Apple. The only downside that I see with Huawei is that apparently you can’t use Google products on them because of the strained US/China relations at the moment 🙄 For crying out loud. But if I’m only using the phone primarily for its camera, does this downside really matter??

And even though it’s not as expensive as Samsung or Apple, it’s still a pretty hefty price at around A$1,300. I’m sure I could get a pretty decent actual camera for that price. So it’s not something I could just comfortably go out and buy tomorrow without doing my research and thinking about it some more.

So that’s where I’m at. What do you think? Is it silly to just buy a phone for its camera? Shouldn’t I just buy an actual camera?? Although size and portability are pretty damn important to me…

Argh! The saga continues…

Looking for efficiency

OMG I’m so exhausted. I spent pretty much all day working on my next YouTube video. I decided to edit a totally different video from the one I started yesterday, so I knew it would take me ages to finish the video starting from just the raw footage. But I managed to do it 😅 And at least I now have my next video half done too 👍

It was good that N went on the junk, though, so I could just work on my video all day. And now that my video is done, we can just go and do something together tomorrow 😊

I really do need to become more efficient in my video making process, though. I think each step in the process is still taking forever, and I want to do more and more things in each video, which is also adding to the time taken to make a video. Maybe I can just focus on one step each week and see how I can be more efficient during that step when making my video that week. Yeah, lemme try that for next week’s video 👍

But for now, I need to crash, because I’m just so freaking exhausted! 😓 Have a good night, see you back here tomorrow 😊

YouTube and Junks

My one goal for today was to do as much work on my next YouTube video as I can. I did work on it and it has definitely progressed, but for some reason, I was really pumped to film another video, so I did that too 🤪 So now I have another video ready to be edited 👍 Ah if only I could get paid to make YouTube videos. Yes, I know I can be, but YouTube has set minimum criteria before you can be eligible to monetise your channel, and I am nowhere near meeting those minimums right now 😔 But hopefully one day I can meet them. That would be so awesome if I could achieve that one day, because I’m really enjoying making these videos! #goals

We’re going to try and get an an early night tonight. N is going on a junk tomorrow, this popular activity here during summer. I went on my first – and probably last 😂 – one last year. But because I get motion sickness really easily, I felt ill pretty much right from the get go. I did take motion sickness tablets before we hopped on board, but then I didn’t top up in time before the first batch of pills subsided, and after that, I never recovered. So I spent the entire afternoon half asleep, feeling pretty 💩, on a bean bag on the boat. I didn’t eat any food because you never feel like eating when you’re sick. Plus you know it’s just going to come up again anyway 😂 I wasn’t the only one either. There were a few others who felt the motion sickness too. And then there was also the odd person who was just passed out from too much alcohol. At least I had company! 🤣

And we never actually got off the boat! It just floated around somewhere in the harbour for a few hours before heading back to the ferry pier at Central. So I couldn’t actually recover somewhere on dry land 😔 So you can imagine just how lovely this experience was for me! So never again! 😂

So while he’s on the junk, I’m going to work my butt off to get my next video done! 🎥