Last day of our extra-long weekend (Easter day 5!)

I finished our extra-long weekend just chillaxing at home for most of the day. I was still really tired from all the walking that we did the last few days, so I just took it easy for most of today. I watched a lot of YouTube videos πŸ˜‚ and then took a nap in the afternoon because I was still really tired.

And then in the evening, we went to a friend’s place for dinner. We hadn’t seen them since we first moved to HK over two years ago now 😱 So it was nice to see them again today.

It was a nice, relaxing way to end our extra- long Easter weekend ☺️ The Ching Ming festival, which is the tomb sweeping festival, was apparently yesterday. And because it coincided with Easter Monday, which is also a public holiday here, we got today off to make up for the β€˜double’ public holiday yesterday πŸ˜† Not bad. Not bad at all.

Easter day 3: confusion all around

We booked tickets to go see the 11:15am session of Godzilla vs Kong at Admiralty. We get there, and the woman at the counter said that we were at the wrong cinema. WTF. So I asked her which cinema we actually booked the tickets for. She said somewhere in Kowloon – i.e. on the other side of Victoria Harbour. I checked where it was exactly on Google Maps: around 14km away, which Google Maps estimated would take 20 minutes 😱 We got to Admiralty at around 11am-ish, so chances are, we’d get to apm, the mall where the other cinema is, by around 11:30am. If we’re lucky, we might just get there right when the movie starts. Otherwise, we’ll be 5-10 minutes late.

Google Maps’ recommended route

Amazingly, we arrived right when the opening credits were rolling. So we might’ve missed a few minutes, but not much. I won’t say much about the movie in case you want to watch it, but I will comment on our 4D tickets. Maaan, they were totally worth it! If you can watch it in 4D, then I would go for that option instead of just the regular 2D. It just adds a whole new level of fun to the movie! I seriously felt like I was going to be flung out of my seat πŸ˜‚ N felt like he was going to be flung out of his seat, and he weighs almost twice as me! So he kept looking over to make sure that I wouldn’t actually literally fly out of my seat! 🀣 I felt like I needed a seatbelt! Now I understand why there was a height restriction sign outside the cinema. Kids would easily get flung out of the seat! And you’re not allowed to bring food and drinks in at the moment because of COVID, but I don’t know if they’d let you bring food and drink in there anyway even without COVID. Popcorn and drinks would just be flying everywhere in that cinema, all over yourself and those sitting around you! πŸ€ͺ But that was fuuun. I want to watch more movies in that 4D cinema now!

We had lunch in the shopping mall afterwards, and then just wandered around and did a bit of shopping. We then just went home and I called my mum to help her log into her YouTube account on their new TV. What would ordinarily take less than 5 minutes took around 1.5 hours with her πŸ˜±πŸ˜’ It’s just so hard teaching them over the phone. It would’ve been faster if I was there in person, but it still wouldn’t have taken 5 minutes πŸ˜’ It’s hard when she’s never really used a computer in her life, and all of a sudden, she’s being asked to do all these foreign things. So I was trying to be as patient as I possibly could, seeing her as a student who wanted to learn. But I could tell that there was an element of ‘just tell me what to press so I can log in’ in her attitude, which doesn’t really help her learn. But I persevered and tried to teach her, instead of just telling her to press this button and then that button. Hopefully she learnt something today!

My long to-do list and a purchase update

I got up relatively early this morning feeling really pumped. I must’ve had a really good night’s sleep! πŸ˜† I wrote down everything that I wanted to do today, as I usually do in the morning, and it came to 10 things 😱 Errr, yeah right. As if that was going to happen. And in terms of the urgent-important matrix, this is the breakdown of those 10 things:

Urgent AND important – 5

Urgent but not important – 0

Important but not urgent – 5

Neither important nor urgent – 0

And where were the 5.5 completed items in the above matrix?

Urgent AND important – 4

Urgent but not important – 0

Important but not urgent – 1.5

Neither important nor urgent – 0

So not bad. I did attend to 4 out of the 5 urgent AND important items. But Thursday is my busiest day, so I don’t know why I thought I would magically have all the time in the world today to get all of the items done πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ

And by the time the evening rolled around, I was totally shutting off, getting ready for the Easter long weekend πŸ˜† So yeah, I don’t know what I was thinking. I think it was my keen bean-ness early this morning that made me think I’d be superhuman and be mega-productive today.

I spoke really quickly to my mum this morning: they bought their new TV and it was delivered today! 😱 That was a very quick delivery! Didn’t I just speak to her yesterday about their planned purchase?? How did they order the TV and get it delivered all within 24 hours?! Efficiency is not a very Aussie thing! πŸ˜‚ I was very surprised. I only spoke to her briefly, so I’ll have to get more info from her about it next time.

N had dinner with some workmates, so in the evening, I just watched some of my favourite YouTubers for inspiration. I don’t watch YouTube for entertainment (apart from watching music videos). I watch YouTubers for educational purposes first and foremost. And I like them. Something about their personality and/or the way they deliver their content appeals to me. And so I continue to watch more of their stuff because I like them and also for the content that they produce. I also need to start watching more of their videos with a critical eye, to learn how I can improve my own videos. There is so much to learn, and I don’t think I spend enough time trying to improve with each video. Something else to add to that to-do list! πŸ™„πŸ˜œ

Feeling good

I had one goal today: write the script for my next YouTube video and film it. I did that – and then some! Woohoo! I totally did NOT expect to be that productive today πŸ‘ So today, I did what I was hoping to have done yesterday πŸ™„ Oh well, whatevs. Either way, it’s done, and that’s all that matters. It doesn’t matter when I actually did the work, just as long as it was done 😁 Now it’s time to edit, and I’m hoping that I can finish that tomorrow. There are only two more workdays this week, and Thursday is my busiest day, so I’d rather get all my editing done tomorrow rather than having to add to the busy-ness on Thursday.

I bought dinner from this place that N recently discovered. It’s this cosy little restaurant that maybe only has around 5 tables all up. I went to go pay, and the waiter asked me if I could pay in cash. The owner manager had just left, and apparently the wait staff can’t operate the credit card machine without the owner manager πŸ€·β€β™‚οΈ What’s up with that?? The bill was something like HK$148, and I had something like HK$143 in my wallet. A HK$100 note and the rest in coins. I literally emptied out my wallet πŸ˜‚ The waiter said that was fine and let me take my food, but I still felt bad. I didn’t want her to have to pay the extra HK$5 out of her own pocket. I don’t know if she’d actually have to, but I didn’t want that to happen if it did come to that. It’s only HK$5 (~A$1), but still, that matters for some people.

The restaurant is only 5-10 minutes away from home, so I walked back, dumped all my stuff, grabbed a HK$10 note and walked back to the restaurant and paid her extra. She told me to take my change – all my coins were still on the table πŸ˜‚ – but I said not to worry about it. I thought it was nice of her to just let me take the food earlier, so this was a tip for her, in a way.

Maybe next time we can actually dine in, now that dine-in services has been extended to 10pm here πŸ‘ Oh, and 7 cases today! We’re staying below ten cases! Yayyy! Suck it, 🦠! πŸ˜‚

Ambitious and motivated

I just discovered that I hadn’t seen a few comments to some of my posts here, OMG 😳 I feel so bad that I didn’t respond until now. I apologise if you were one of the people who commented on one of my posts last year and I only just replied back today! πŸ˜”

There’s this one YouTuber that I follow because she’s quite inspiring. She’s built her freelancing business to quite a successful one in just a few years. I’ve been thinking about setting up my own business for a while now, but today, she’s motivated me to actually make this happen 😱

So I did a ton of research about how to set up a website and how to create an email list, and also thought a bit more about what type of digital products I could sell. And I learnt a marketing term today: a lead magnet! And I already have an idea for my lead magnet! 😱 OMG I feel like I’m learning so much at the moment. It’s great πŸ‘πŸ»

So I’ve set a goal for myself to have my website up and running in the next week or two, and to have my lead magnet all set up and ready to get people in to sign up soon after that. But once they sign up, what happens then?? LOL So many things to think about – and then do! 😱

That’s my short-term goal. My slightly longer-term goal is to have my first digital product all created and ready by the end of June. OMG that’s only three months away. Ambitious, I know, but for some reason, having this self-imposed deadline is really spurring me on to actually make this happen.

And now that I’ve told you my plans, I feel like I’m committing that little bit more to this ambitious goal 😱

I’ll keep you posted on my progress!

Too many questions?!?

It’s now past 1am and, as you can imagine, I am really tired. It was my fault, I stayed up watching YouTube videos for the last few hours. N went out for dinner with one of his mates, and so when he came home, we continued watching some more videos together πŸ˜† I would’ve stayed on the couch and watched even more if I could keep my eyes open. They were just shutting themselves for me πŸ˜‚

What was I watching, you ask? Various camera reviews, and general info about the Sony range of cameras. I am totally geeking out on cameras right now! Not that I am going to buy one any time soon, since the one that I want is so damn expensive πŸ˜”, but I want to have done all my research for when the time finally comes.

Does it make sense to go from my little point and shoot to a fullblown ‘proper’ camera? Will it be like going from a little Hyundai hatchback to a Ferrari, when I am really only just learning how to drive my little hatch?? Is it too big of a leap, or will I just grow into the new car/camera? Or is it just not a fair comparison and you really just can’t compare them??

Or am I just asking too many questions in my half-asleep state of delirium?? πŸ˜‚

My fun, productive, awesome day πŸ˜

I had one of the most productive yet fun days that I’ve had in a long time! 😁

We started the day off having an online meeting with our financial advisor in Oz. That took longer than I expected, but I should’ve known it would take ages. It’s not like we’ve just met the guy πŸ™„ But it was productive, and totally worth taking the time to catch up with him πŸ‘

My mum called soon after. My parents needed help looking at stuff online, so I helped them out as much as I can. I have somehow found how to be zen when talking to them. I don’t quite know what I’ve done, but I’ve solved the mystery πŸ˜‚

That call took longer than I expected, so it took us a while to head over to TST for afternoon tea. I had a voucher for 20% off at this afternoon tea, so we took advantage of it today 😊 That too took longer than I had expected, so by the time we finished up, it was pretty much time for N to go to karate. Karate is over on that side of Victoria Harbour, so we went our separate ways. I went home via the supermarket, and then filmed my next YouTube video.

Oh, and to top it all off: HK opened up the vaccination program today, extending it to everyone over the age of 30. We logged in to see when we could get a booking, fully expecting everything to be booked until November or December. We actually managed to get a slot at the end of this month!! 😱 OMG! Sooo happy! 😁 I didn’t think we’d be able to get vaccinated until the end of the year, I really thought we’d be right down the bottom of the totem pole. I’m so glad that the HK government is pouring a lot of resources into this massive undertaking #grateful

So that was my awesome day. I wish I had more days like this one!

Category #2: Books! πŸ“š

I read the ‘how to tidy up your books’ section in Marie Kondo’s The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and Spark Joy. And in case you’re wondering if you should read both books, I would say no. The latter has how-to drawings (and the first one doesn’t), but I don’t think it gives you any more insight into the theory than the first book. And her videos on YouTube will give you better instructions than the drawings anyway.

And also, just a heads up, her book is also very touchy-feely. In fact, I think her whole approach is very touchy-feely. So if you’re not like this and want practical tips on how to tidy your home, then this book ain’t for you. You’re not going to get much of that from her! πŸ˜†

The book ‘Outer Order, Inner Calm‘ is on my to-read list, and I think this would have more practical tips, if this is more your style.

But this 8-week challenge is all about Marie Kondo’s approach – the KonMari method – and I’m going to give it my very best. I wonder just how effective this will be after 8 weeks, and whether I will indeed stay nice and tidy, and not relapse and go back to my old ways.

I actually don’t have many paper books, so this category is actually really easy. It’s the next few categories that I am going to really struggle with, in particular, papers and hobbies. These are really difficult categories for me to tackle. And I’m sure a few other miscellaneous categories are also going to be pretty hard. And I’m already dreading getting to the final category: sentimental items! 😩

My Friday reality and weekend expectations

I felt better today, thankfully, almost back to my normal self again πŸ™

N went to a workmate’s place for dinner tonight, so I just stayed home and filmed my next YouTube video πŸ˜† And then I watched YouTube videos on how to level up my colour grading skills. Not quite how one would usually spend a Friday evening, but such is my life now! πŸ˜‚

I think the weather also isn’t helping my mood or my productivity. It’s been foggy and overcast the last few days, with the threat of a shower actually delivering the goods once or twice. But generally, it’s just been grey and miserable. And apparently the weekend is pretty much bringing more of the same πŸ˜’ So neither of us really want to do anything tomorrow. How blah. So I might just stay home and start working on my 8-week tidying up challenge. OK, not start, since technically I started it last week, but continue. And get started on the next category: books πŸ“š

My closet has been great, by the way. Everything has a home (or a temporary home, while they wait for their permanent home – ie I need to go shopping 😊), and I put everything back in its rightful place at the end of each day. I want the same thing with everything else in the house! So if I can achieve that with my books this weekend, that would be so awesome 😊

Positive vibes

If you decided to skip yesterday’s post, I’m glad you did, because I have much more positive vibes to send out to the universe today! πŸ™

I rang my parents today to check up on my dad, to see if he needed help with his new phone. I quickly find out that my mum’s friend’s daughter is over helping. THANK GOD FOR THAT! πŸ™πŸ€£ Doing that in person is sooo much easier than over the phone, especially since my parents aren’t the most tech-savvy people. So I let them entertain their guest and have dinner in peace πŸ˜…

I went to the library today. There was a crowd of people milling around at the entrance when I got there, and I figured they were all trying to either download the government’s new contact tracing app, or they were just writing their details down on paper. You have to do one or the other now. I already knew that you needed to check in at the library, so I had downloaded the app a few days ago and had already scanned the QR code. So I just went straight past the crowd, into the elevator, and off I went to borrow my books. It’s such a good feeling to be back in the library!! πŸ€“

N had dinner with some workmates tonight, so I was mega productive and did a ton of work for my YouTube channel. I’m starting to entertain the idea of making some money off my channel, so I put a bit of extra work on it today. I don’t know how much I can make off the channel, if it’ll even be possible, but I figured why not try? If you remember my one-word theme for the year, it’s to just DO. Give it a go and see what happens. Because why not?? What’s the worst that can happen? That you DON’T make any money from it? At least you tried, and you’re actually bringing good value to your subscribers. You’re learning a TON of stuff and you’re having fun along the way. There really isn’t a downside to it all, apart from just constantly having to be thinking about and doing stuff for the channel! πŸ˜‚