The complete opposite to yesterday

It was a pretty damn good day for a Wednesday, and perhaps the complete opposite to yesterday! 👍

Trading: I was totally in sync with the market. I missed a few entries, but even then, I didn’t dwell on missing out, I actually just moved on. I followed my plan consistently probably for the first time ever. If only every day was like today!

Dancing: We worked on Waltz and Quickstep in our lesson today. Even our teacher agrees that our Quickstep is atrocious 😂 Although he would never actually say that, it wouldn’t be very professional! But we can read between the lines… 😉

And then we spent two hours afterwards practising mainly Quickstep and Jive, my two “favourite” dances 😩 I asked for a Jive song that I liked, and so we had Taylor Swift’s Shake it Off on repeat 🤣 It makes such a difference for me when I like the song. It’s like the song gives me energy, and it makes it that much more enjoyable to dance.

Mum’s birthday: Unfortunately I couldn’t get through to her today when I tried to ring her, but apparently they went out tonight to celebrate her birthday, which I thought was really nice. I’m glad that they went out and did something nice for her birthday 🎂

Chinese: A friend replied back to something I asked her on Facebook – in Chinese. I thought it would take me forever to read it, but when I actually focussed and gave it a go, I was pleasantly surprised that I could make out what she was saying, even though I didn’t know each and every word in her message. My basics are getting strong enough that I can start to get a feel for the meaning of new words now! Plus I could read about 90% of the characters! 😲 I was very surprised. Some stuff is apparently seeping into the grey matter, after all 😂

Time out: And we finished off the day with another episode of Game of Thrones. Halfway through season two now.

It was an awesome day 👍